Saturday, February 17, 2018

Donald Trump's Bubble Butt

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I could waste the time to inquire if Donald Trump is an adulterer, but Marla Maples proved that. The issue in this is Karen McDougal or Bubble Butt as her friends called her or as Donald called her on the phone as Melania was still looking like a wife that just dropped a Barron out of her uterus.

    During the Playboy party, which was thrown after an episode of The Apprentice was filmed there, Trump took an immediate liking to McDougal. They exchanged phone calls and started having regular phone conversations. They eventually went on their first date.

    “We talked for a couple hours – then, it was “ON”! We got naked + had sex,” McDougal wrote. Trump tried to pay her afterward, but she denied it. She also says that all of their encounters were consensual.

McDougal was Playmate of the Year and it went nowhere. Each of us goes our separate ways, and instead of marrying some farmer or truck driver who would have idolized her, as she surrounded herself with a family, Bubs did the plastic, hung around with that old leftist Hefner, and that is where she disappointed her mother.

According to the Wall Street Journal, McDougal sold her Trump affair story to National Enquirer for $150,000 but they never ran it. The payment meant that they owned the rights to her story and she couldn’t contractually share it. American Media Inc. who own’s the National Enquirer claims that they have “not paid people to kill damaging stories about Mr. Trump.”
The CEO of AMI, David Pecker is good friends with Trump and the National Enquirer supported him throughout his campaign. Trump’s office says that McDougal’s claims are “fake news.”

The thing is you don't pay 150,000 dollars for fake news. McDougal tells the tale that she regrets signing her non disclosure as being a homewrecker is a six figure salary while being a nation wrecker would have gotten her a ten figure payout.

Rebecca Ferrati like most of Hefner's exploited women related enough of her life to make people sad, like the part about being married to some baseball player, being in Church, getting scoped by a faithful member who later tied her up and went psycho, before or after the Sultan of Brunei paid her for a Trump kind of date.

These women built a billion dollar empire and for the most part were kept on comicon rations to make them pliable for the rich men and powerful lezbos. I have stated this before in most of the women who were the early centerfolds were from broken homes or military brats, that Hefner became a daddy figure to validate them and exploit them.

For national security reasons, it is time that the FBI assess Mr. Pecker's portfolio in if there is a legitimate problem here in what if terrorists kidnap this growing portfolio of women to make an issue of them or if the Chicoms start blackmailing Mr. President in being a higher bidder. The point being what is the US response in ISIS posting naked American women online, telling the sex secrets of  Donald Trump and threatening violence, which would be a nightmare for US policy.

This is now a problem for the United States of America. It is now a growing problem for the laying on of the hands preachers and Tony Perkins as Evangelicals will primary Donald Trump, as this blog stated for a Kevin Sorbo who actually does not have women with protruding breasts all over the place in New York Valued.

 This blog's best political advice is for Donald Trump to lie as he has been engaged in that for all of 2017 to his base and say something like, "My Christian walk is personal. I have made regrettable mistakes in the Hollywood and 5th Avenue lifestyle which I am working to put behind me and never repeat. Who I was in Saul, I am not the same Paul now in my road to Damascus conversion in 2016 with Evangelicals praying over me."

Mr. President has one chance to get this right, because if he does not sell it like George W. Bush sold he was born again, he will not get a do over. Granted the Evangelicals would be more ready to believe him, if Mr. President had not booted all the Christians in the ass out of Trump Trans. It would have helped if Donald Trump had not been reading Stephen Miller and Ivanka Jew speeches calling Jesus handiwork. Kind of hard to convince Faithful Christians you are one of them when you keep talking denial of Jesus and making Him out to be embroidery.

There is a reason the #NeverTrumpers are on Bubble Butt. Trump knows he needs Evangelicals at all costs and they know they will bring him down by shattering Evangelical trust in the Donald.

See the Lame Cherry has been bitching about this for a year, but no one paid attention to the Christian perspective as they are just Christians. But now Ben Shapiro with Texas billionaire Christians smearing Trump to the Florida massacre in just waiting to impeach him in the revenge of Ted Cruz.

I can tell you right now that the fraud Mike Pence has no way to dig Trump out of this, and the moneychanger preachers Trump has tagging along with him, have no way to sell the message that Trump is in need of without sounding like Jimmy Swaggart fake.

And for your sake Donald Trump do not let the Marionette spew out that she let you cheat as part of the Catholic mass.