Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sorbo Bachmann 2020 - The Restoration of the Reagan Revolution

 President Sorbo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Only a fool would continue from this point to continue to look to the Trump Junta which is nothing but WWE stage theater in the betrayals which have done nothing but establish Barack Obama's 3rd term. There is nothing but Trumpcare, Trumpflation, Trump tax  and Trumpnesty. The promises of 2016 are gone.

Donald Trump has overseen the sodomization of the Republican Party, is bankrupting America, selling our energy to foreigners and allowed innocent Christian Roy Moore to be branded a pedophile, along with all those who stood against baby butcher Doug Stone.

There is in this eclipse of MAGA a man who is standing up, who in clarion call is speaking as concise as James Woods on Twitter, in Kevin Sorbo is having his Ronald Reagan moment of lucidity.

There are the perfection of political prose as mastered by John F. Kenned and Ronald Wilson Reagan. This is the voice of the American People from 1776 to this day, who voted for MAGA in 2016 and have been betrayed in the entire period afterwards.

“Someone arguing for more immigration to do jobs ‘we will not do’
“‘That was the argument of the slave owners 150 years ago’”

I have been searching since the deep state demise of Roy Moore which Mr. President colluded with for a leader of Americans and that voice appeared in February of 2018 AD.

Kevin Sorbo is out of Reagan central casting in being handsome, accomplished, a nice guy, a man of morals  and principles, and a champion of thee American Dream.
He is James Woods in Twitterwise, but without the age factor or baggage, with no slight meant to Mr. Woods, but America needs a youthful, handsome, rugged individual like Ronald Reagan to primary Donald Trump in his broken promises, and to give all the Americans who voted for Donald  Trump a candidate who actually believes what he is promising and will follow through on those promises.

The Lame Cherry is floating this idea, as like Howard Hughes surveyed the shattered political landscape of 1968 AD in the year of our Lord, there is an entire Corey Lewandowski, Ed Rollins and Roger Stone group of loyalists who once convinced would plug and play with Kevin Sorbo. Once the Trump base of Americans in Christians, Gun Owners,  Hunters / Trapper, Veterans and Reagan Blue Collar figure out they have all been snookered, there is not a Mercer computer program which can steal this primary from Kevin Sorbo.

I advocate political outreach. The two voices in the Senate in Rand Paul and Ted Cruz should be promised the positions of Secretary of the Treasury and Attorney General, as the American financial and legal system must be fixed as Mr. Trump is failing at that.


Vice President Bachman

In this time line, the Lame Cherry advocates for Michele Bachmann of Minnesota to be Vice President. Congresswoman Bachman has proven legitimate in her entire time in Congress for Christian American values. Perhaps she has not heard the call from the Lord to run for the Senate to replace Al Franken, because her destiny is to replace the fraud of Mike Pence.

The entire Alt Right storm troopers banned from Twitter after misused by the DIA minders who elevated them would provide the firewall to allow Mr. Sorbo to remain above the fray.

I have not heard  anything from God on building a new time line yet. I place this here for the hope of each of you who has been frustrated by what 2017 put all of us through emotionally. There must be a bridge built to a positive space, so that no one becomes despondent and brings harm to themselves. There is always a positive option and moving to primary Donald Trump is that option with Kevin Sorbo the solution to Make America Great Again.

I  will provide you the hard facts in this in voter numbers. Kevin Sorbo speaks for the 95 million forgotten Americans. Into that is a mix of 90 million Christian Americans who he speaks for. Add Veterans, 2nd Amendment Groups and that tally is a group of 100 million voters. That would include the 30 million vacuous Trump clappers removed as Christians as a block have not voted, and by having a candidate who would move them by a Kirk and Chelsea Cameron, this becomes a political movement  which is why  Roy Moore was destroyed as the cartel does not want this group united and ignited to elect people across the board.

This is doable  and is victorious if blessed by God. The Lame Cherry built peace with Russia  and prosperity for Americans in 2016 by God's Grace, that has all been bastardized now, and I will not be suckered into writing about this WWE arena theater of what Pissgate is or is not while amnesty is passed and the country looted.

You will know if this has traction if you start getting appetizers from the Junta in things you want which will be a shined apple that is rotten underneath like Trump tax and Trumpnesty. If this is a threat to those in power, then  Sorbo will be promised things if he plays along or be warned if he does not shut up, he will be smeared as a sex pervert.

Richard Nixon and Howard Hughes looking at this political fray would see the perfect political wave to be initiated and Kevin Sorbo with Michele Bachmann are the perfect leadership in being the vision and voice of America.

Do not forget that there are 15 million nasty #NeverTrumper with deep wounds and they will jump at the chance to humiliate and primary a sitting president. It is all there and once voters on the right and left figure out there is an American alternative to Donald Trump, they will not settle for an Obama blonde out of New York in Krissy Gillebrand to lie to them some more, but will pick the leadership which will restore the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

President Sorbo provides the vision and Vice President Bachmann provides the inner workings of government to make America Great Again.

Think about it and discuss it.

Kevin Sorbo is the John Kennedy of 1960, the Ronald Reagan of 1980 and the President that Donald Trump promised Americans he would be in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.