Tuesday, February 13, 2018

John Sears

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John Sears is a man who is lost to history, but in his day he was the Karl Rove and David Axelrod of the Reagan coming revolution as the top political adviser.

What is strange in this, is Sears engineered Reagan's almost toppling of President Gerald Ford in bring in genius and salvation at the darkest of times in 1976 in a unity unmatched. But by 1980 John Sears emerged as a completely different man. In 1980 Sears let it be known he was the puppet master and Reagan was the puppet.
The infighting was horrendous and nightly Ronald Reagan would have to go around to rooms and meetings in hallways, trying to bring some sort of unity to the campaign in New Hampshire. When push came to shove, Sears shoved out Ronald Reagan's image adviser in Mike Deaver. It did not end there though as one night Sears started trashing Ed Meese for leaking to the press, to which Reagan erupted,  "You got Deaver, but by God, you're not going to get Ed Meese!. You  guys have forced me to the wall!!"

Nancy Reagan honestly thought her husband was going to punch Sears, so she grabbed Ronald Reagan's arm and said it was late and everyone should get some sleep.

John Sears, Jim Black  and Charlie Lake were summoned on February 26th, 1980 to meet with Ronald Reagan and that is when he gave them the axe. Black and Lake would leave with Sears, and this  was how the Reagan Revolution began with a bloodletting.

Nancy Reagan never could figure out the change in Sears, but it was not long before Lyn Nofziger, Mike Deaver and John Anderson appeared on the Reagan staff.

It was a gutsy move by Ronald Reagan to pull the trigger at that moment and at a time which could have destroyed his campaign. The fact is if he had not done what he did though, he never would have made it to the White House and would have been consumed by the same intrigue which hijacked Donald Trump.

If John Sears had not gone scorched earth like John Kelly did, before the victory and power was cemented, he would have established his vision for the world, instead of Ronald Reagan's. Obama was able to jack step in line, because his zealots led by Val-erie Jarrett were all lock step. Bill Clinton had a coup take place inside his regime which set him onto success. Ronald Reagan produced American success, because he had Americans working with him. Mr. Trump's success is not for Americans, but for Obama's 3rd term, because that is all Donald Trump has working for him is globalists.

The picture of Ronald Reagan ready to throw a punch is so out of character for the President. Those who worked with him instead knew he was mad when he took his glasses off. That was the first sign that the President had been pushed too far.

It is one of the lost things of character of Ronald Reagan, because he fought when someone tried to hijack his campaign.

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