Sunday, February 18, 2018

The 5000 Pound Gorilla in the Room on the Florida Mass Murder

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a 5000 pound gorilla in the room in the Florida mass murder perpetrated by Nikolas Cruz which no one is focusing upon, as the distractions are all meant to produce the debate about Gun Control again to divide the public.

Instead the Lame Cherry wills to produce a thought in your minds as the focus comes on FBI Director Chris Wray, and now Donald Trump defending his choice, as it has been Wray's FBI stonewalling on the Russian fake collusion investigation and Wray's FBI which did absolutely nothing concerning Nikolas Cruz.

 What I desire each of you to ask yourself first in this demand of the FBI to do something, ask yourself if you want the FBI banging on your door for you posting something on Facebook or Twitter?
We have all read the accounts of the cops showing up at this kids home and yet he was never arrested. So Cruz was doing nothing wrong. Do you want to be arrested just because the cops show up at your door?

We have to tread carefully in this lynch mob attitude of what is legal and what rights you have, because you give away Cruz's rights, you give away your rights.

The fact is in this, that until Nikolas Cruz fired shots at that high school, he had not engaged in anything criminal. He even paid his Uber driver and did not stiff the driver for the fee. You have to understand that he even purchased his weapon legally and after the shooting, he behaved himself, surrendered to police and was absolutely polite to the Judge arraigning him.
Cruz's attorney defined it best in Cruz was just a shattered soul.

None of that is an excuse for the violence he unleashed, but turn this around in, "Do you want to be placed on Homeland lists because of things you post online in venting or do you want to be denied a firearm or any other rights,  just because you are having a bad time of it, because if everyone is honest, we all have hard emotional times in life where we make the right decisions and move on. Nikolas Cruz though having his parents die, being isolated and despondent made a wrong decision for which he is now going to pay for in a legal trial.

With that understanding, I desire you to remember Jared Loughner, the shooter of Gabby Giffords and how Sarah Palin was smeared by the deep state over that. The Lame Cherry will remind you that Loughner was stopped by the authorities leading up to the shooting and they did absolutely nothing to stop him. In that, I desire to make the following points for each of you to consider in Chris Wray's FBI.

  • Robert Mueller turned the FBI into cult following of himself and James Comey where a Mueller following received the promotions.
  • The FBI is not one bureau, but has numerous offices, meaning there are different people politically running the Las Vegas division, the New York division, the Florida division.
  • The FBI has been politicized and as Eric Holder proved had contaminated the ATF to run Fast and Furious in giving guns to Mexican mafia to spike an Obama political agenda for gun control.

The points above reveals something of the reality of a politicized FBI. We know under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch that the Las Vegas FBI was drawing bullseyes on the Bundy photographs in a most dangerous breach of ethics.
We know in Oregon that the FBI there brought about the murder of LaVoy Finicum by Gregory Bretzing. So in reviewing the above points, what happens if the Florida FBI has people employed who were intimidated by the Obama regime to make it hands off of Muslims which all the FBI and Homeland was. What happens if some of those 5th column types like Andrew McCabe understand that if a slaughter is allowed to take place, that they will be later rewarded for this when a democrat takes office, because everyone understands in the Obama wing of the party that gun control is the deep state agenda to disarm Americans.

No one is asking the question, because they are too moral to ever engage in this, but what if Florida was a case of Rahm Emanuel not wasting a crisis, but the FBI there creating a crisis by allowing people on the edge to keep operating as the Obama party knows sooner or later one of these psych med people is going to go postal.

The gun control agenda is not driven, unless the left creates zombies who slaughter people in numbers. So who benefits from this, but the people who want societal gun control. This is not being brought up nor is it being mentioned to be examined, in what if the Florida division of the FBI, was like Oregon and Nevada in having gone rogue in a political understanding?

I realize that Ann Coulter and Donald Trump have political hay to make in stating the FBI was too wrapped up on Russia collusion to look at Nikolas Cruz, but that is not the case, as the FBI an the federal police state has more than enough employees staffing every division to deal with Nikolas Cruz a hundred times over, and they do that job every day. So the issue is not FBI resources, but what was the Florida division of FBI engaged in, did they assess Nikolas Cruz was just another crank not worth the time of a visit to feed his ego and bring him to the next level, or did the Florida FBI figure that leaving an unbalanced kid out there who might go off would bring them a promotion when Joe Biden was president as Uncle Joe rewards his 5th column.

 That is the issue in this, as the reality is the Florida FBI did not drop the ball on this. They had a reason they did not act and each of us has to come to the reality that if we are going to rant for something to be done, the something which is intended is to throw a kid into a psych ward for the rest of his life for posting rants online. What happens when it is your rant and the FBI under Joe Biden hauls you away, the way John and Bobby Kennedy tried to put a US general into the nut house for challenging the in speeches.

And now as you have been led to the Florida not dropping the ball, this Wiki quote provides you a stunning reality about the Mueller Comey FBI.

On February 16, 2018, two days after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the FBI released a statement detailing information the organization's Public Access Line had received a month prior, on January 5, from a person close to Nikolas Cruz, the suspected shooter. According to the statement, "The caller provided information about Cruz's gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting." After conducting an investigation, the FBI reported that it had not followed protocol when the tip was not forwarded to the Miami Field Office, where further investigative steps would have been taken

The Florida Miami office NEVER RECEIVED THE ALERT on Nikolas Cruz, because those political operatives appointed by Mueller, Comey and Obama, did not alert the Miami office there was a potential problem.
Remember the Texas Church shooting in those criminal records were not forwarded to ATF by the military. There is a deliberate reasoning behind this, and that reasoning is to allow unbalanced individuals to keep degrading until they act out in violence.

The laws have changed but unless one is making terrorist threats, Americans for the most part can still engage in free speech, unless they are Paul Nehlen and the Shapirio Nazis are out to #NeverTrumper a White Christian.

For almost a decade on, the FBI from Hutatree on has had a horrific record in certain divisions. That is why what took place in Florida is suspect in it appears the event was allowed to take place to set off another gun control fury, just in time for Charles Grassley to join with Diane Feinstein for gun control talks, as this all just is coincidence, again.

Think about that, as your review the Liberty Daily headlines below as they are doing a very good job of following this, and as you are not now being drawn into the gun control debate which has appeared again, you can ponder the real question of what was taking place in Washington DC again, because the key element involved in Oregon, Nevada and Florida is the DC office was appointing these people or not forwarding information to field offices, EXACTLY as was the case in the Clinton FBI before 9 11.  Director Wray is now reviewing this situation, for the President, and the President says he has full confidence in that review.

After watching the Director stonewall Congress though, I do not have the same confidence, but with that   review even taking place, means something is amiss as something was amiss in Nevada and Oregon.

So do not make the mistake of lumping all the FBI into the same political barrel. Your regional offices are probably not politicized as New York does a very good job as do most localities and is why one never hears of them in the news.

The question needs to be asked in if there is another secret society in the DC FBI which has decided not to warn field agents of problem individuals, in order to drive a political agenda, and in this case the anti gun debate.

That it the 5000 pound gorilla in the room

In the above, there is exposed the deep state political operatives who are on the payroll to go out and make this another gun debate issue, another call for ending your rights and diverting attention from the reality of why did the DC bureau of FBI not alert the Miami office of FBI?