Monday, February 19, 2018

When they want another President

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On the night that President Gerald Ford accepted the Republican nomination in Kansas City, it had been a world where America had been ripped apart by Vietnam, the coup against Richard Nixon and the battle for the nomination of the Republican Party in President Gerald Ford and the real contender in Ronald Reagan of California.
By hook and crook Gerald Ford leveraged the nomination,  and it was his last victory as the heart and soul of America was with Ronald Reagan, and not the sitting President.

That night in Kansas City was electric. The Ford people had torn down all the Reagan banners, and the Reagan people put them back up. When Ronald Reagan entered the arena, the entire place went wild. The band was playing GOD BLESS AMERICA, but could not be heard over the din of the delegates screaming, WE WANT REAGAN.

Jerry Ford had created this disaster, along with his wife Betty, by dividing the convention to take the nomination. Florida's delegation held up signs, WE ALMOST MADE IT.

Every few minutes Ronald Reagan rose to accept the cheers and attempted to quiet the crowed, but the crowd would not be quieted.
Frank Reynolds of the press came to Reagan and asked if he was going to speak, because the crowd was screaming for him to address them, but Reagan deferred and said it was someone elses night.

As this continued on, Ronald Reagan arose again and thanked the crowd. Order finally came to the arena and President Ford began speaking. It was then that Bruce Harlow, the elder statesman of the GOP asked Mike Deaver if Ronald Reagan would agree to speak.
Reagan never dreamed Ford would allow that, so he said, if Ford invited him down, he would go.

As Ford ended his speech, the balloons fell and President Ford then looked up the Reagan skybox and said, Governor Reagan come on down and bring Nancy with you.

Reagan was stunned and wanted confirmation that he had been asked, and Mike Deaver said, "Yes,and you better get moving".

Ronald Reagan had no idea what to say, he had prepared nothing and expected none of this.

As Reagan began to speak, all the delegates were on their feet, for his entire speech. Kemper Arena had become completely quiet.
What Ronald Reagan told those Americans was he had been asked to write a litter to be opened 100 years from then, and that what he would be saying to them, was not about the problems they faced, but if the nuclear missiles of the Cold War had been launched.
It was a question of would those people in 2076 look back and thank the people of 1976  who headed off the loss of freedom and kept the world safe from nuclear destruction.

We know now that by God's Grace Ronald Reagan appeared when he was meant to, to save America and the world, without profanity and the ability to govern meetings in the White House where vulgarity was not ever accepted.

Unfortunately America has had nothing but failures as President since Ronald Reagan left America nuclear safe, enjoying a coming 30 year economic expansion and with secure borders. All of what Ronald Reagan spoke of in Kansas City in 1976 was by God's Grace accomplished through His servant Ronald Reagan.
We are alive today because Ronald Reagan was blessed and understood foreign and domestic policy, he trusted Americans and American trusted him, as a man of his word and a man of honor.

It all reminds one when one wants another President as the people did in 1976, one who held the people's heart and soul, and understood Americans from New York City to small farms in Nebraska.

"As he saw it, he lost the nomination in 1976, because God had other plans for him. Four years later, we would learn what they were."

- Nancy Reagan

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