Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Adopted Son

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As a child I always had a fantasy that I was really some Kennedy or Rockefeller baby who had been mistaken in the hospital for another cur, and I had instead ended up in the wrong home, and one day a Caddy would drive up and rescue me and I would never look back.

My dad was a small man inside and a large frame outside, who was a child, who bullied everyone, and did his utmost to make certain that I never rose above him, or else he would not have anyone under him. My  siblings possessed that same trait.

That is why when I witnessed fathers like John Wayne or Ronald Reagan, I yearned to have a parent like that who actually cared enough as men about their child to make time for them, and how disappointed I always was to see the children of men like this to be such utter disappointments.

That is how I view Michael Reagan, the adopted son of Ronald Reagan. Everyone has been a witness to his charade of doing all he could to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016 and then in 2017 becoming and advocate for the criminal invaders of America. His father who adopted him, and gave Michael Reagan the world, tried to solve illegals by amnesty and it was a disaster which created a greater mess America is in, and Michael Reagan has no excuse in desiring to repeat the mistake. Especially as these illegals in Trump Amnesty will end thee American Race in thee American Genocide.
If Michael Reagan wants to end his Whiteness, then there are suicide forms to abort himself. He does not have the right to bastardized his father's legacy nor destroy America, just because he has the silver spoon when 95 million Americans do not have jobs, and foreigners have those American jobs.

The known politics and betrayal of Michael Reagan compare nothing to the small man he is.  He is a man who once screamed at Ronald Reagan on the phone, "I wish you had never adopted me!". The President took it, as the President took all of Michael's outbursts, but it is just the evidence of Michael  Reagan has never been Ronald Reagan's son, but only a pretender looking for an excuse.

The history of Michael Reagan is he lived in terror of being a bastard, as he was adopted by Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman, from a woman who got pregnant by a Sailor,  and gave him up. It was not enough that Ronald Reagan wanted him, and Nancy Reagan bent over backwards for this kid in back rubs, it was Michael just had to be wanted by his real mum and his real dad just had to have been a victim of circumstance.  The only victim was morality as fornication took place and it is why moral people are not sexing each other before marriage as it produces  appendages moral society is stuck raising, who never fully appreciate Ronald Reagan, kick him when he least expects it and in death, thinks they can mould the President into what he really should have been.

Michael  Reagan is a fiction. The reality is he betrayed his father in 2016, betrayed his father in 2017 and is still milking the Ronald Reagan front tit for a life of luxury and comfort, while attacking the Ronald Reagan base in thee most sadistic aborticide of a nation.

Amazing psychopathy of Michael  Reagan. He is a bastard phobic, so his pysche is to displace Americans with these illegitimate Americans, so that Michael Reagan can convince himself he is not alone in the world. That kind of nuttery needs Jesus long ago, and a leather couch in psychiatric counseling, as Michael  Reagan's  phobia of being illegitimate seeks to surround himself in a sea of illegitimate Americans.

Michael Reagan is a  political bastard. He is the illegitimate consort of the Reagan legacy in his lewd and immoral policies corrupting the America Virgin by all of this foreign rape cock. It would have been better if this old man had just wasted away, but instead he had to tarnish his father's reputation with the ultimate disrespect, but then Michael  Reagan when  the chips were down, never did respect Ronald Reagan.

Michael  Reagan was abused by a pedophile as a child and posed for nude photos. The Reagan's made excuses for Michael in this, but Michael knew the consequences as he kept the story hidden as his father rose to power, as Michael knew those pictures were going to surface and destroy his father's career. Yet Michael Reagan kept quiet to protect himself as his father and an entire American political movement to save the world was in jeopardy because of Michael Reagan.
It is one thing for a child to keep quiet in being Kevin Spacey raped, but it is another thing for an adult male to keep quiet protecting himself as his father is in jeopardy, as Michael  Reagan is screaming at the President about not wanting to be adopted by the President.

If I would have had  the love and opportunities Ronald Reagan gave, I would have relished that protection and comfort and never did anything to jeopardize my father. I know this, because I never did that to my old man, and he was a son of a bitch six ways past Sunday.

It is time to define this fake Reagan for what he is, not his father's son, because he has betrayed America and his father's legacy time and again. Michael Reagan has zero talent as mic head, writer or for political progression.  He is there like Meghan McCain in taking up space in their parent's affirmative action while real talent is kept in the fringes and their abilities are pirated, as these offspring whore for the political left.

Michael Reagan has done enough political damage to the Reagan name and to America in  these perilous time. His actions have uncovered what a bastard he is, in the illegitimate political son of Ronald Reagan.

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