Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Go Figure who the Florida Shooter looks like

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was looking at the shooter in Florida, and my first thought it was Ben Shapiro or his twin brother Len, as it is hard to tell the difference between them.

See here is Ben Shapiro or maybe Len, and the Dreamer Donald Trump wants to replace Black and White Americans with.

See, looks just like Ben Shapiro went postal and took all that Texas billionaire money, well enough for a pistol and went and shot up a high school, after joining Muslim resistance groups.

Now Ben can be as stealth as he likes, pretending to like Christians, taking Christian money, as he goes #NeverTrumper 24 7, but I wonder in the grande game of doppelgangers, just how is it that wacko in Florida, looks just like Ben Shapiro.

I mean what are the odds of a shadow signature of two people looking like each other, in one being Ben Shapiro and or Len his twin brother, and the other as raging maniac who shoots up high schools as he hates Donald Trump.

Go figure.

Who knew Ben Shapiro, and or his brother, Len, were breaking into comedy to lead the Alt Right by putting Sam Hyde on the unemployment rosters, like 95 million other Americans.

Go figure.

Maybe it does have something to do with the Ben and or Len Shapiro look.