Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Green M&M's of Economics

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have been reading some information which is fascinating to me from a patterned statistical perspective, in short the content of this post is, what if there was a pattern in global stock markets which predicted how high the markets would rise and when the bubble would collapse?
It would be like having a seat at the cartel table in having the same information the billionaires have. That would be a most dangerous thing, as those in power would not appreciate signs of their activities follow trends and patterns which can be logged and point to exact market performance. It would be the holy grail of stock markets, where anyone could thousands of dollars and convert it to millions over years of investing, divesting and reinvesting.
It is why I am not touching this to protect the innocent, but instead examining this in the part which fascinates poor me in Lyndsey Williams contact from the cartel was speaking of a 40,000 market in America. That fascinates me as in cause and effect, it was concluded here that the market would project to 35,000. As I studied the 40,000 mark, it came to my attention in the revelations of the crimes of Obama Clinton in what the entire Russiagate was about in sanctions being used to blackmail Russia to hand over all their capital to be infused into the US stock markets.

This patterns off of the Cyprus seizure of Russian assets invested there. This is called legalized looting of Russian assets in cartel organized crime. This moved onto the Americans stopping all eastern European investment and making such funds (as were noted in the Manafort files) to be coming out from only select European banks. This translates to only certain banks getting a cut of funds coming out of eastern Europe or Russia. This then sets up a way to monitor money flow and gain control over all Russian currency flowing into America, which is what Donald Trump is engaged in, in this Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchkin money laundering scheme which is appearing in the Trump Junta.
Remember Cohn was in Cyprus running this first scheme of money laundering, and now he has based the entire US economy on Trump tax bubble and that bubble is destined to hit 40,000 when those Russian billions start flowing into the US stock markets.
As the Kushners appeared at the State of the Union, with Ivanka looking like a supersize plaid loveseat, points again to the contention that the Kushners will get a bail out from all of this money, which to simplify this, this will be Putin money, coming in through sanctioned Jewish mafia out of Tel Aviv, with everyone getting their cut, the chief part being  the Nazi conglomerate in America.

So you get this point, those 1000 dollar bonuses are ALL TAX DEDUCTIBLE and you will remember that Trump wrote off his red ink for years ahead. You are paying for those 1000 dollar bonuses Trump is bragging about, but have you asked yourself why all of these companies suddenly started handing out cash?

Ask yourself what they are all going to get for this?

What if Mnuchkin and Cohn told their cronies that if they repatriated their cash, if they handed out cash in tax deductions, if they started building things to make things look Trump recovery, that the golden goose in the room would be Vladimir Putin's Russian coffers being poured into Wall Street making all of their stock portfolios rich.

Think of this as Bill Clinton with Saddam Hussein's Oil for Palaces, where all the elite got a cut from Marc Rich money laundering, Iraq's billions into Europe and American banks. Russia is the goose that laid the golden Faberge egg. That is what this is all about.

This personally disgusts me as this is not honest money. This is more Allen Greenspan in Bushism looting Americans, looting South Korea, looting Japan, looting Europe to create these money laundering bubbles which drive up inflation robbing Americans and bringing the American Genocide. As this blog is the only on writing about these things, the majority are trump clappers not realizing the disaster which is being created again.

In these markets, there is duality according to M&M, meaning the Japanese markets trend in the same context. This would be logical because Tokyo is the gatekeeper to the orient as the market which Asians put money into, as the Yakuza manages the black market flow. It has to be Japan and her trading partner of South Korea, because no one with sense would put money into that shit hole of Peking markets as it is all a paper tiger of fraud. No other markets have the ability to absorb and expand wealth. Japan is a regulator market in Asia, which creates a cohesive governor for the overheated American markets.

Donald Trump is going to spend money like a crack whore. If you are someone who likes living in 500,000 dollar row houses that look out on golf course holes as you look at houses 150 yards away, as no one gets to walk on the grass, then you will get rewards in  this Trump bubble. If you are someone like me who would die being confined in a shit hole like that, the rural people will not prosper, but instead in small America will have to contend for scraps with Trumps Visa Vermin that he announced were the neo Americans  as part of Trump amnesty. It is a done deal and America is finished as a White and Black Race of people.
As this blog reported, these tan skins are taking out almost half a trillion dollars a year out of the west for the 3rd world shit holes by these slaves working for the Nazi conglomerates. That is amusing in Hitler was  castigated for force labor camps and Trump is termed humane for his human traffic of all of his tan skin forced labor.

In forecasting this, the markets could hit 41,000 in America, as much as Asia as money flows out and in. The point in this though is what do you think Russia is going to do when Trump's bubble collapse after the 40,000? That will break Russia and infuriate their leadership. When Greenspan screwed over the Europeans, they collapsed the French markets twice to slam the US markets in two direct hits. Russia does not have that monetary ability, but what Russia does have is nuclear weapons and tank columns.  A Putin who gets Russia robbed by Goldman Sachs will send out the tanks to stop a coup at home, and that will mean a scorched earth war in Europe.
As China will be equally in dire straights over this scheme, it would be reasonable that China would move on Alaska for oil reserves and a war to pin down the United States.
It would be reasonable to project 200 million Americans and European Caucasians dead with 10 times that number of concentrated Asians.

By God's Grace I wrote the Trump time line to place him into the White House. I did not construct this time line for nation rapists and global war. I constructed it for peace and the prosperity of all with the protection of Christians east and west. What is taking place gives me a sick feeling inside, as it disgusts me. If I were a fool in my illusions it would not matter, but I see things in these projections and I will have absolutely no part in this, as none of this is what any of the Founders would have agreed to, nor would Andrew Jackson or Ronald Reagan.
What is taking place is filth and I wash my hands of this, as there is absolutely no excuse for any Christian American to ever be tied to support any of this.

This is dishonesty in what is being carried out. It is nothing of John Adams working his farm for production and profit, Benjamin Franklin producing media to educate and entertain or George Washington as a planter managing a wholesome business.  What is taking place is wickedness and wars are generated to cover up the looting and to defeat other nations to steal their gold supply to line the elite's vaults once again.

At least in the least, sites like Liberty Daily are posting headlines of those publications who are not sucking the Trump green kook aid in gulps, in people have begun to realize that they are being suckered by this Junta and that they no longer believe Donald Trump.

President Trump: We Repealed the ‘Core’ of Obamacare [Individual Mandate] But Doesn’t Pledge to Repeal the Rest in 2018

Liberty Daily is growing by leaps and bounds in visitors. It will suffer in counter suppression by those who control the internet tallies, but it is moving upwards and after people instead of being sullen in Trump having played them, begin to reform as a group voicing being fed up with this Kushner media planted stories, Liberty Daily's numbers will once again rise as the People will require a voice and a place to direct their looking for information.

With filthy lucre flowing, people begin to feel guilty and look for unrighteous things to scorn. That would be the Junta as Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan.  The propaganda queers can praise his state of the union speech as poetic, but it was flat and had no Reagan beauty nor Mussolini flair. It was a speech by three Ashkenaz in Miller, Cohn and Mnuchkin who have the cartel's black magic to insure that everything is already agreed to. Donald Trump was not speaking to inspire, as the deal had already been cut and Americans were cut out of the deal.