Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Epitaph of Nancy Reagan: Good or Bad, She Never Gave Up

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I forget now how much I paid for Nancy Reagan's memoirs in My Turn, but it was not over a dollar and probably in the 80 to 60 cents price range at the thrift store, but I mean at the Lame Cherry to explore and expound upon her assessment of her time with Ronald Reagan and her life.
To say that Nancy Reagan is off putting is a fact. I do not like the woman as she name drops celebrities, had absolutely no loyalty to people when it came to her husband's Presidency as in Ray Donovan who was smeared she wanted him to just resign and go away, instead of fighting for his reputation as it hurt the Presidency and caused the Administration great harm in astrology readings  and not being able to control her own fears.
Nancy Reagan is summed up as a California woman, entrapped in the nuance of psychology and the sum of her made an off putting personality for people with problems who did not live in ivory towers.


None of that is to say that Nancy Reagan was not on the whole a good First Lady. She was a good wife to the President in being the woman he needed, and if I would never have wed her, does not mean that she was not the fit that Ronald Reagan desired. With her California nuance, she was still a good mother and step mother. She did try. One does not have to agree politically with Ron jr., to not appreciate that he is a good man, of sound judgment and in the memoirs, he often shines through as the Reagan on stable ground with common sense in every situation.
Ron jr. though did try and hijack his father's legacy as the surviving Reagan children did, which has always been my Christian Right Wing difference in the betrayal of Ron jr. of his father. Patti though was a different sort who I may in time post on a forensic psychological profile. She never was there for her mother, father, brother or step siblings. What appears in her, is a spoiled boy who wanted to be the center of his mum's world, and she was never pleased until her father was dead and out of the way, so she could take possession of her injured mother, and with both Nancy and Ronald Reagan in the grave, it allowed Patti to dominate finally and become the good and caring soul which was always there, but she refused to allow to be as she was at war with the relationship of her parents.


All of that is a reflection of Nancy Reagan in her legacy of who she was. She was a good woman with driven bias for the center of her world which was the validation that Ronald Reagan brought her, as she was abandoned as a little girl and become the step daughter of Dr. Davis when her mother remarried. There is nothing at fault in Nancy Reagan in being that person as it did serve Ronald Reagan 65% of the time quite well. That marriage was one though of Ronald Reagan putting in 135% effort to make up for his wife. Again, it worked for the both of them as Ronald Reagan had that same life saver need, which again served America and the world well.

I admire Nancy Reagan for what she brought in her strengths in being a dependable wife. I am disappointed in Nancy Reagan for her neutralizing the Conservatives who elected Ronald Reagan in her softening the President on Soviet issues. In her children were the strengths of Ron jr. in his father. and the weakness of Nancy Davis in Patti.
It is more the pity considering the cesspool that America is politically, where if Ron jr. had been his father's son, instead of his mother's California nuance, America would have the President she desperately needs in the White House in Ron jr.

I appreciate the honesty with which Nancy Reagan wrote her memoirs as she held little back and stated things as she experienced them, felt them and judged them to be without flinching. This provides a window not to real history, but to her soul with strengths and flaws.

Ronald Reagan was a man who had walls, walls which not even Nancy Reagan could penetrate as he was a real American male. His children were always discontented about not being let in, but of that era, no one was Ward Cleaver, except on television, as Ronald Reagan was a loving and concerned father, but that did not ever mean, even in friendship that every conversation with the President was a psychologist baring of the soul. Mr. Reagan was guarded from his past hurts in family and his first marriage, and Mr. Reagan did not come with trespass rights as no man would who was born American.

This is not the first post I have authored in Nancy Reagan as she was examined in her support and betrayal concerning gun control almost a month ago. It is hopefully going to be though following an examination of the historical Nancy Reagan, now that the Nancy Reagan who lived in that history has been noted.
It is a point that one does not have to like someone personally to admire them, or respect them. I would term Nancy Reagan as shallow, but then most women were of that era who had a good life, but she had her depths in her experiences of childhood, which she never allowed nor was allowed to be an excuse for her to give up.  The woman never gave up and that is her epitaph, for good decisions and bad, Nancy Reagan never gave up.

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