Friday, February 16, 2018

The Mueller Pogrom

I have indicted Jesus for raising Himself from the dead too....
does anyone know how to serve a warrant for His arrest on the right hand of God?

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I wonder how absolutely deluded Americans are from their leaders to their bleaters in none will note what the Lame Cherry will in the Mueller indictments of 13 Russians in connection with influencing the American 2016 elections.

 Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued an indictment for 13 Russian nationals affiliated with three Russian companies suspected of interfering in the 2016 election. The goal of their campaign was to sow discord in the U.S. political process.

The point in all of this is the absurd nature of this in an American, with only jurisdiction in America, went to an American Grand Jury with only jurisdiction in America, and an American Judge with only jurisdiction in America, indicted 13 Russians in Mother Russia.

Mueller and the US courts in calling these Russians 'defendants' reveal how insane these mega maniacs are in Russia these people are defined correctly as HEROES, because it is their job to disrupt competitor nations who are at odds with Russia, just like the United States is always breaking the law in overthrowing other people's governments from Libya, Ukraine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen etc...
To indict a Russian protected by a  thermonuclear arsenal is worthless, and it is criminal by these United States mega maniacs as they  are declaring war on foreign powers by attempting to incarcerate their Citizens under US laws.

This all started with HW Bush indicting President Manuel Noriega of Panama, over bad drug deals, and hauling him into US courts, where Noriega never broke any US laws, because he was in Panama. This is ridiculous as in 2016, there is evidence of the State of Israel, Australia, England, Canada all meddling in United States elections, but because George Soros wants Russian oil and gold, Mueller is indicting the Russians who have ever legal right as a people to meddle in elections just like the United States declares it can pick and choose who rules some shit hole.

Robert Mueller in his witch hunt and kangaroo courts has the authority to indict Americans or even Russians who are inside America, but indicting Russians in Russia is beyond ridiculous as it opens the quid pro quo that North Korea can indict Herbert McMaster on war crimes while ISIS can indict Mad Dong Mattis on war crimes in Syria.

Robert Mueller typifies what is absolutely wrong with America. You have an investigator committing an act of war against a nuclear power and the entire American population is to dense to comprehend the dangers in this, until of course nuclear missiles start striking American cities as Russia has had enough of being pushed.

Gladly Donald Trump has now informed the American public by leaking that Russia began  this in 2014, so at least we know that part of the situation, but when did the English, Jews and Chinese begin their we know the Clintons were taking Chicom money in 1996 and we know Obama took 300 million dollars from Muslim terrorists in 2008 which Americans got stuck in TARP bailouts in paying for that money laundering off credit cards.

It is bizarre historically that Russia in order to save herself instituted the pogroms to rid herself of subversive leftist Jews in their nation in the late 1800's after their royals were murdered, and it was New York Ashkenaz who promoted the "give us your poor" prose to let all these radicals into the United States, and in 2016 their grandchildren were still raising hell in Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg as #NeverTrumpers, and now their Robert Mueller is running their own pogrom against the Russians from American soil to holocaust the Russians and as of this week the Shapiro Pogrom was targeting White Christian Americans by fake news connecting those innocent groups with the Florida shooter.

It is worthless to indict Russians, unless of course your purpose is to start a war. In that though, it would be wonderful if Robert Mueller would explain if indicting Russians is legal, then he could explain why:

He has not indicted Benjamin Netanyahu for collusion with Jared Kushner in supporting Trump.

He has not indicted Xi of China for attempting to bribe Jared Kuhner over beautiful chocolate cake.

He has not indicted Theresa May of England for her Christopher Steele dossier.

He has not indicted the King of Saudi Arabia in collusion with Jared Kushner.

Those are four known foreign powers meddling in US elections with proof. Netanyahu, Saud and Xi are guilty of bribery, but May is guilty of an act of war. Yet it is only the Russians who bribed no one nor did they commit an act of war, because Russia was engaged in an INTELLIGENCE OPERATION doing thee exact same disruption that George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bush family are guilty of.

See in America if you are billionaire, you get to break the law, but when you are a billionaire in Russia like Vladimir Putin, you are indicted, because you have not like Bill Gates handed over all of your billions to the cartel so you obey their orders.

That is what all of this is about and it is again too bad that Mr. President has not informed the public of what this is all about, as this is the same blackmail Obama was engaged in, pressuring Russia with penalties to get a hold of Russian investment.

Russia Warns West Continued Election Meddling Will be Met by Hard Measures

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, it has facts showing attempts of the West to meddle in Russia's internal affairs amid presidential election campaign.
"In contrast to the unfounded accusations about almighty Russian hackers and some Russian influence on elections in other countries, we have the precise facts of the attempts of destructive interference of a number of Western countries in our internal affairs in the context of the presidential election campaign," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.
She also warned that if such activities do not cease, Russia "will have to take tough countermeasures, including a public reaction."

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