Friday, February 16, 2018

Alfalfa from the Little Rascals Leads Justice Department

You really mean it, I'm the smartest 6 year old at the Justice Department!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nom de Deus!!!!

Seriously we have spent tens of millions of dollars in Robert Mueller witch hunts, have ruined innocent people in Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn and Rob Rosenstein took over a year to come out with that under Barack Hussein Obama, the Russians were funding both Republican and Democrat rallies in the United States.

Who with any intelligence was not aware of that?

Who was not aware that George Soros was funding the same groups. Who was not aware that Bush fam was not funding both sides in Hillary and #NeverTrumpers. Who was not aware that the Jews were not funding Kushner and Hillary Clinton in playing both sides.
Seriously who did not know everyone from China to England did not have their dirty dollars dumping into American politics, just like ISIS laundered money was flowing into democrat and GOP coffers?

See Darla was getting money from the KGB and Spanky was getting money from the FSB.

The Russians are getting the blame, but it was not the Russians, it is the same globalist Tavistock Nazi conglomerates who have been dividing America to conquer her, that is why things are broken down to moral and immoral behavior, to create the friction as racism failed to start the Civil War in America.

After hearing Rob Rosenstein, and yes it is Rob as he robs all semblance of integrity from Justice, two things require taking place.
First Robert Mueller and his coven need to be put out to pasture in this all shut down in Russia collusion and the investigation of the coup plotters begin and second Rob Rosenstein needs to be retired to some 5 million dollar a year job in a law firm as it took him a year to figure out what the CIA and FBI told Ronald Reagan 35 years ago that the KGB was funding the American left in the anti nuke movement.

Nom des Deus, what else can be said but Nom des Deus.

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