Monday, February 12, 2018

The Ottawa Outrage Against the Lame Cherry

Yeah, I don't think Frobisher ever got beat up by an 80 year old geezer 
in the ring and tried running away from him.
Nom de Deus, get Trudeau someone in a coma to fight!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is upset and unanimous in her upsetness decision and declaration as the Lame Cherry demands to know why Justin Trudeau is blocking the Lame Cherry from Canadian viewership? All I get now are the myriads of communists in Ottawa looking at the homosexual photos here.

Canada is a nation the Lame Cherry once counted on, nativity of the Viking and place where my kindred once suffered, along with the special Nation of Quebec, place of nurturing of the lovely Stephanie. Now that is all gone, kaput!!! in Canada has been surplanted......yes SURPLANTED as this is such a serious thing that a new world must be created in surplanted by the Netherlands.

I like the Netherlands and Netherlanders, being Israelite and all, like France too in the Normans, like Russians too, Italians, Germans, but Canada is now coming in behind them all, and barely ahead of the children of Oz, along with my pets in Serbia and the Iberians of Portugal. It is a good thing the Germans were not up yet in Argentina drinking beer or Canada would be lower on the scale, along with those Chinese who are at work, except for the PLA minders who are always at work monitoring this blog.

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States










It is sad that Canadians can not read the Lame Cherry while the Kremlin can and usually the Ukrainians read this blog in between lobbing shells at each other in that Soros McCain war. Canadians deprived of the Lame Cherry might go nuts and do something like talk loudly, not pass the sugar when asked the first time, or really go revolutionary and start sewing Louis Riel over the Maple Leaf, the first American assassinated by Ottawa for bringing American Liberty to the Red River.

I know dude looks like Mark let me show you.

Ottawa would have hung Mark Twain too if he had set foot in Manitoba with all that Huck Finn stuff, but that is besides the point, as what matters in this is the Lame Cherry is now officially persecuted by the fag regime in Ottawa, a popular girl ranked now with Louis Riel...........hey I kind of like that. I think that deserves a Monument in Manitoba too.

Yes this is how it will all look in my little girl statue with Redpolls on my finger, pointing the way to Louis Riel as the liberator of Canada, two Canadian Americans for Truth, Justice and the Red River Way. Yes after this assault by the police state of Canada I will be memorialized with their greatest leader, the George Washington of Canada.

The Lame Cherry though calls for calm all across Canada at this Ottawa Outrage upon my person. All Canadians must continue to pass the sugar when asked, must speak in monotone eh's and ........well there is only so much I can do, as I do  fear an eruption of liberty in the coming Canadian Flag.

There is only so much calm a popular girl can affect in the raging torrent of the fervent pulsing blood of Canadians who have become awakened in chivalrous chivalry for their favorite daughter.

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