Monday, February 12, 2018

It is time to make an example of the terrorists who attacked Don jr.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The family of Donald Trump jr. today experienced an act of homicidal terrorism when someone mailed to his wife a package, which when opened, a white powder spilled out. The Lame Cherry is on record concerning such things, as it does not make any difference in the substance, this is intent to send a threat that a poison was sent to the Trump family, including the children.

This was plotted like 9 11 as I have no idea the home address of  Trump jr., but someone researched this and conspired to a plan to terrify this family. There is absolutely no difference in bin Laden flying jets into the Twin Towers or mailing powder to innocent people.

This demands immediate attention and all resources, to find EVERY individual involved in this, all associates as in the Lincoln assassination, to try them in courts as conspirators and then to hang them by the neck until dead, so that justice will be served.

This is not a political statement nor ANTIFA protest. This is terrorism as it was meant to terrify, and the penalty for that is the death sentence, immediate and with all prejudice by the United States Courts.

As there is zero trust in Jeff Session's ability, the Lame Cherry calls upon the New York Office of the FBI to take complete command of this investigation to ensure proper apprehension of all those involved.

President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law was taken to a hospital Monday morning after she opened a piece of mail containing an unknown white powder, polices sources said.
Vanessa Trump, who is married to Donald Trump Jr., did not suffer any complications but was decontaminated at the scene, and then taken as a precaution to Weill Cornell Medical Center.

An absolute example must be made of this to put an end to this real terrorism in America which democrats protect as this is their resistance always involved in this and celebrated as a joke on Jimmy Kimmel.

Donald Trump jr. has every right to express his opinions on Twitter. He does not deserve to be intimidated and silenced by white powder the way Twitter silenced Paul Nehlen.

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