Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Woes of Coast to Coast

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It is a sadness what deep state George Noury has ruined the Art Bell franchise in Coast to Coast AM, and when a real personality of talent like John B. Welles appears, Noury cans him. The data reveals since Noury was ensconced at Coast to Coast the audience has lost around 10 million listeners. It is around 2 million now and that is a disaster that Noury who is the biggest idiot interviewer on the planet and one of the worst hosts next to Connie Wells and he should have been fired years ago.

Instead Coast to Coast had gone gimmick and snake oil.

The gimmick and snake oil is marketing a wacko dating site for people who are the characters of Big Bang Theory without the IQ. This did not work, so Noury has expanded the paid archive listeners to a special group of Noury TV to make people who stay up all night alone feel like they belong to something.

What is the worst sign of how much trouble Coast to Coast is in, is the traveling road show across the country. See Rush Limbaugh resurrected this as did Sean Hannity. It is a way to build audiences by going into demographic regions, hosting events, shaking people who live in their basement's hands, making them feel like they are special and then they become loyal fans.
As you do not millionaire Limbaugh doing this any more, it is a trick to build an audience, not after you already have the marketshare and have lost it. That is the warning sign in this for Coast to Coast in Noury is out in the hinterlands pressing the flesh, pretending he cares, and feeding trolls at lunches where he has to pretend he is not trying to speed dial 911 SWAT for all the freaks he has surrounding him.

It amazes me how Art Bell in his being so non public, that he built a record audience with a group of hucksters and entertained people, but George Noury taking this record audience drove them all away, because there is absolutely nothing entertaining nor new about George Noury.
That is what Jeff Rense complained of years ago, in the saturation of net programs. When this began it was Bell and Rense, were the fringe radio. They hosted numbers of the same guests, but both entertained their audiences. As the years progressed, Bell and Rense had different rotations of guests. John Welles actually had a very good guest base, but that disappeared with his being removed. This though is about the rotations on Rense and Noury, and the fact is Jeff Rense has a much more colorful and dynamic group appearing.  Rense leads with David John Oates in Reverse Speech, Uncle Gordon Duff, Charles Smith and Tim Rifat with Frosty and Devvy. Noury has supplement peddler Joel Wallach, that sex demon deviant of giant reproduction in Steve Quayle, John Hogue whose predictions get edits and that is the nightly boring cast which appears and reappears driving listeners away.
The only thing saving Noury is the rest of the radio night is even more obnoxious and boring than he is. It would buck the deep state, but with the right backing, that night to twilight would be a time slot worth a hundred million dollars to someone backing a John B. Welles.

The fact is talk radio is dying. It has been dying since Art Bell left the midnight hour. There simply is nothing taking it to the next step as no one is having any fun anymore, as the deep state picks minders  and not people with talent, and the problem is no one able to break that ceiling by running their own content. All there are, are local morons with absolutely no talent who quote that Christian hating Matt Drudge.

Look, television never could replace Johnny Carson and radio is approaching that abyss. It is an amazing thing to note Mockingbird in creating mind conditioning media in "stars" and then observe their inheritors running franchise into the ground like Ben Affleck destroying the Batman franchise. George Noury is of that group as his ratings should have gotten him fired years ago, and still he remains signing new contracts, and that points to who Noury  really does work for.

Now the question is, is George Noury this untalented in order to destroy late night audience for a deep state purpose or is George Noury this untalented to destroy late night for the deep state.

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