Friday, February 2, 2018

Where Devin Nunes Needs To Go In Russiagate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Some of you may be aware of another Russiagate Dossier, referred to as the second dossier, but the Lame Cherry will construct for you an explanation that the Cody Shearer Dossier was the original Pissgate Dossier and British MI6 was induced by the Obama and Clinton contacts with Theresa May to feed this material to the willing US intelligence and security community to destroy Donald Trump in the 2016 elections, with full anti Putin, Mosaad, Australian, Canadian and British intelligence cooperation, along with East Block Baltic State operators.

If I were to mention Dan Quayle snorting coke, John Tower burning down a hotel with a cigarette, Serbian slaughter of Muslims, the mass murder of Colonel Khadaffi, bimbo eruptions and Donald Trump, there would be one name lurking in the background, and that would be Cody Shearer.

In his syndicated column, Thomas Oliphant traced the popularization of the cocaine smear to Cody Shearer’s contact in the DEA. "I've known him for a long time and like him, but that wouldn't stop me from looking out the window if he told me the sun was shining," the columnist wrote.
Cody Shearer is also the author of another Russia-Trump dossier used by the FBI, a memo that Steele, the author of the better known dossier, passed along. How did Steele come to possess Shearer’s memo? Shearer was one of Bill’s plumbers, notorious for spreading and circulating scandals aimed at Republicans. He’s also been accused of targeting and intimidating Bill Clinton’s victims.

Shearer was a sleazy muckraker at Parade magazine where his father was editor, before he broke into the big smear of politics in going after Republicans and graduating with his brother in law at the State Department Strobe Talbot to overthrowing countries around the world.

When one has a zealot like Andrew McCabe, who went insane against Jewish Bush cabinet official Ari Fliescher after Flieshcher went on television  explaining that James Comey had not done things appropriately at FBI in handling information. and cancelled a info talk that Fliescher was to present to the FBI, American intelligence, including the BIG FIVE EYES, who you will note are a number of nations involved in spying on Donald Trump after the Shearer dossier appeared.

On Monday, June 12, McCabe called me and said bluntly that he heard about what I said on the news and he made the decision to cancel my keynote speech. He said it was a particularly sensitive time for the FBI and, knowing what I said on the air, he thought his agents would be too upset to have me at the event.
I told him I thought his decision was “inappropriate.” I couldn’t believe he could be so thin-skinned that my mild remarks would lead him to cancel a counterterrorism training event. I also had a hard time believing his agents would be so upset by an opinion.

the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. These English-speaking countries are called the Five Eyes nations.

Cody Shearer was part of a network of his brother in law Strobe Talbot, hatchetman Sidney Blumenthal and a former CIA operative turned DC Private Dick in Terry Lenz
This expanded outward to Tyler Drumheller of the CIA in Europe, attorney Danny Murray and the general counsel to US Capitol Police, John Caulfield.

This is the known associates file of Cody Shearer, and how this spread out to influencing foreign states for Clinton Obama political reasons (Cash donations) in why the Clinton server was first created, and why Birther Hussein was mailing that server under an alias to hide direct White House knowledge.

Indeed, though they were sent under Blumenthal’s name, the reports appear to have been gathered and prepared by Tyler Drumheller, a former chief of the CIA’s clandestine service in Europe who left the agency in 2005. Since then, he has established a consulting firm called Tyler Drumheller, LLC. He has also been affiliated with a firm called DMC Worldwide, which he co-founded with Washington, D.C., attorney Danny Murray and former general counsel to the U.S. Capitol Police John Caulfield. DMC Worldwide’s now-defunct website describes it at as offering “innovative security and intelligence solutions to global risks in a changing world.”

In one exchange in March 2013, Blumenthal emailed Drumheller, “Thanks. Can you send Libya report.” Drumheller replied, “Here it is, pls do not share it with Cody. I don’t want moin speculating on sources. It is on the Maghreb and Libya.” Cody is Cody Shearer, a longtime Clinton family operative—his brother was an ambassador under Bill Clinton and his now-deceased sister was married to Clinton State Department official Strobe Talbott—who was in close contact with Blumenthal. While it’s not entirely clear from the documents, “Moin” may refer to the nickname of Mohamed Mansour El Kikhia, a member of the Kikhia family, a prominent Libyan clan with ties to the Libyan National Transition Council. (An email address in Blumenthal’s address book, which was also leaked, was associated with his Facebook page.)

One has to understand that Pissgate just did not happen. It has it's  roots in smearing Dan Quayle and John Tower. It was built upon monetary rewards, BRIBES, to individuals to provide evidence, leverage inside governments and testimony to aid Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama.

Encapsulated, the hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to Andrew McCabe's wife for political office, is typical of what the Clinton Obama fringe operate as, as evidenced by the operations in Libya for George Soros with Libyan anti Khadaffi groups.

A May 14, 2011 email exchange between Blumenthal and Shearer shows that they were negotiating with Drumheller to contract with someone referred to as “Grange” and “the general” to place send four operatives on a week-long mission to Tunis, Tunisia, and “to the border and back.” Tunisia borders Libya and Algeria.
“Sid, you are doing great work on this,” Drumheller wrote to Blumenthal. “It is going to be around $60,000, coverting r/t business class airfare to Tunis, travel in country to the border and back, and other expenses for 7–10 days for 4 guys.”

After Blumenthal forwarded that note to Shearer, he wrote back questioning the cost of the operation. “Sid, do you think the general has to send four guys. He told us three guys yesterday, a translator and two other guys. I understand the difficulty of the mission and realize that K will be repaid but I am going to need an itemized budget for these guys.”
“The general” and “Grange” appear to refer to David L. Grange, a major general in the Army who ran a secret Pentagon special operations unit before retiring in 1999. Grange subsequently founded Osprey Global Solutions, a consulting firm and government contractor that offers logistics, intelligence, security training, armament sales, and other services. The Osprey Foundation, which is a nonprofit arm of Osprey Global Solutions, is listed as one of the State Department’s “global partners” in a 2014 report from the Office of Global Partnerships.’
Among the documents in the cache released by Lazar is an August 24, 2011, memorandum of understanding between Osprey Global Solutions and the Libyan National Transition Council—the entity that took control in the wake of Qadaffi’s execution—agreeing that Osprey will contract with the NTC to “assist in the resumption of access to its assets and operations in country” and train Libyan forces in intelligence, weaponry, and “rule-of-land warfare.” The document refers to meetings held in Amman, Jordan between representatives of Osprey and a Mohammad Kikhia, who represented the National Transition Council.
Five months later, according to a document in the leak, Grange wrote on Osprey Global letterhead to Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro, introducing Osprey as a contractor eager to provide humanitarian and other assistance in Libya.

Into this we have introduced Defense Intelligence whose former operators are then contracted with to accomplish Obama  Clinton political policy in Libya in the Obama Clinton mercenary army.
Now you know why Blackwater was destroyed by democrats, as it was a competitor to Obama Clinton mercenary groups.

Cody Shearer was born to this and has been sowing scandals for 30 years. The operations always follow a perfect line of some insane charge which can not be proven. The charge is then filtered to a "willing" DOJ source who attempts to open an investigation, which then activates the FBI and all hell explodes.
Sounds exactly like the Russiagate Dossier, and that is what it was.

Though often described as a journalist, Shearer hasn’t written much since the 1980s. His work, like that of his father, Lloyd Shearer, the former editor of Parade magazine, was often gossipy and reputation-ruining. A series of columns the younger Shearer wrote on the sexual proclivities of former Texas senator John Tower sank his nomination for defense secretary in 1989.

Shearer’s career took a strange turn when the Clintons entered the White House in 1992. His entrĂ©e into the first family’s orbit was Strobe Talbott, Shearer’s brother-in-law, who had been a friend of Bill Clinton since the president’s days at Oxford. Talbott served as a deputy secretary in Bill Clinton’s State Department; his brother-in-law took a different route, allegedly working with Clinton enforcer Terry Lenzner to investigate and, at times, intimidate women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment.

What is fascinating in this is Cody Shearer's original Pissgate, which was paid for and linked to a single Russian FSB source (KGB) which Christopher Steele was paid to market to American Intelligence with the blessing of Theresa May as head of MI6, could not just be handed over as a Cody Shearer creation, but instead an arrangement was reached with MI6, and it was linked to Mosaad and Australian intelligence, in order to produce an effect that this was coming from "different intelligence sources" as confirmation.

Once that point was reached, this mess was dumped in John Podesta and John McCain's lap where they both scurried off to dump it onto the desk of FBI Director James Comey to begin the FISA spying on Donald Trump and his associates.

In disassembling this, it appears that Director Comey was aware this was bogus, but it was driven by Andrew McCabe and later by Rob Rosenstein at Justice. It was sown wholesale to the media to characters like Kurt Eichenwald, leaked to saps like Evelyn Farakas, and disseminated to John Kerry which flowed into democrats in Congress. The reason one never hears Loretta Lynch as  AG or Barack Obama's name coming up, and this resides in back channels with Clapper and whatever refuse of the Obama scum machine to Samantha Power, is image Obama and Lynch knew this was a Clinton operation and were not about to touch it as they knew how toxic it was, as illegal warrants were being obtained by the zealots using FISA, and soon Robert Mueller would appear to skewer the President not on collusion, but on what Andrew McCabe was floating to get Reince Priebus on OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, which is what this was all about.
It is why that nasty Anthony Scaramucci keeps resurfacing going after Prieubs, because Priebus is key in this, and the last thing this group wants is Reince Priebus taking back control of the GOP operations when he can unleash on  these conspirators.

Do not be distracted by the Nunes Memo in what it points to as it is damning. The real trial in this is Cody Shearer and the Clinton group which generated this fake file, as what Nunes is mostly focused on is Fusion GPS and Andrew McCabe's cabal inside Justice. These people were all dupes and straw men to be a front for this like Eric Holder's Fast and Furious. Obama  and Clinton created five degrees of separation from them in this with Cody Shearer being the operational 3rd degree of separation from Obama and Clinton.

What you are witnessing is the nasty under currents of this group, as Terry Lenzner's associations are into the MK ULTRA operatives which doped, raped and murdered it's way across America which erupted in things like Charlie Manson and the Omaha pedophile sex rings.

I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun.
… Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal,
rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest,” George White wrote in a letter to Gottlieb.
White had come into the CIA from the Office of Strategic Services, America’s wartime intelligence agency.
For years White was in charge of MK-ULTRA’s Operation Midnight Climax, a
project set up to study the effects of LSD on sex. CIA-run brothels were
maintained in San Francisco, New York and Marin County; drug-addicted prostitutes were paid $100 a night to bring their johns to these “safehouses,” where they spiked the drinks with LSD.

In  the above, Gottlieb was the manager of MK ULTRA and was a client of Gottlieb.

As one can understand this is a group that one does not antagonize, and is why Andrew Breitbart was assassinated as it was a like group protecting the investment in Birther Hussein who ended Breitbart's life after he threatened them.

This is the place to watch as the corrupt zealots at Justice and Intelligence accepted the files as legitimate, knew they were fake due to the source, in order to protect themselves from investigations of past abuses of power and then presented the information to US Courts for surveillance of Donald Trump.

These are High Crimes, and as you noticed that Andrew McCabe is expendable and Cody Shearer is still not a prominent feature, you can understand who are the skeleton masters of the bones in the closets as the deep state is protecting this group to throwing FBI Directors under the bus.

Until you witness Cody Shearer being spoken of by the media and the FBI arresting him, and his associates for what they have been engaged in for 30 years outside the US government, this investigation has gone nowhere.