Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Trump did tell Steve Scalise FUCK YOU at the State of the Union

When I was in New York I would take a bullet and go home
and rub some dirt on it and not be a pussy like you in going to the hospital

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There was something puzzling in the reversals from David John Oates on Donald Trump in his state of the union, which had little to do with the forward speech.

It was in this that Trump was talking at Steve Scalise, the Republican who was shot while at the Congressional baseball charity event, and this came out in reverse.

 Toughest people to serve in the House - So fuck you

Lame Cherry: Latest Trump Reversals from State of the Union ...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti ... Congressman Steve Scalise. (I have no idea if Trump is saying this to Scalise or those who shot ...

Trump is saying in forward that Scalise was the toughest person in the house, and out pops SO FUCK YOU. There was a great deal of F word in the reversals on Trump, but I thought perhaps Trump would not unload with an F bomb on a cripple.
That was until Breitbart posted this headline today.

What Steve Scalise was putting on the agenda, was a Trump promise of National Reciprocity,  and for that Trump attacked Scalise and told him to take a hike........telling a man who can barely walk to take a hike.
Then again Mr. Trump has been calling the mentally handicapped Nikolas Cruz who now has evidence that he was set up in this as a "sicko".

Trump the Gun Grabber: Cedes Dems’ Wish List— Bump Stocks, Buying Age, ‘Assault Weapons,’ Background Checks…

…Tells Scalise to Take a Hike — After Surviving Assassination Attempt


Interesting in how Jehu is manifesting in Trump apparently really has a hate on for Steve Scalise.