Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Weather Mod to Create Nuclear HAARP Hot Zones

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Only by a continued progression of the posting of this HAARP weather in patterning it, will people ever be convinced that the system is not working. This morning while doing chores, I was watching the mid level stratus clouds moving northeast, while the lower level wind clouds were moving south as the wind has been blowing here for several days out of the north, but this Weather Stream has been pushing WITHOUT ANY LOW PRESSURE COUNTER CLOCKWISE ROTATION an over 2000 mile stream of clouds over America churning out rain, ice and snow.

The first photo above is the Saturday Sunday weather stream projection, a 2250 mile river of air, which quit at the Canadian border as it began over San Francisco.

The next photo I had to recreate for what Monday's storm line was, as out of nowhere this second front line appeared from Texas to the Northeast.

The original front line from Monday over the Great Plains though kept flowing northeast, and this snow disappeared  at the Canadian border. Wave after wave of snow burst clouds kept tracking northeast without moving this front line toward the east as it should.


 That was during the night of Monday into Tuesday morning, when this front had not moved for THREE DAYS, suddenly jumped 500 miles to the southeast smashing into this Texas to New York arc of storms which appeared out of nowhere Monday afternoon.

Now here is a startling manifestation in this, as look at the red corridor lines below and note the different angles from Monday overnight.
 In what was an air flow for three days of about 75 degrees, overnight became a front line which changed to about 30 degrees as it smashed into the Texas arc.
Note in this, that the Texas acr was a wall and this Great Plains stream did not move it in the least. It simply aligned itself to it. There is not even a bubble of clouds boiling backward. It simply melded without affecting  the Texas arc.

So you understand this, This does not ever take place in two fronts piling on top of each other, and none of them showing the effects of the other.
It projects out, that like my odd clouds of different levels moving in different directions, that these two streams were created at different levels in the atmosphere. It would be concluded that the Texas arc would be  higher and of more substance, while the Plains snow arc would be lower and sliding under the Texas stream.

 I still conclude that this weather modification is associated with concentrating nuclear fallout to super poison 150 mile strips with radioactive fallout while leaving the majority of America "safe" providing additional strikes do not take place, and of course there would be lesser degrees over wider areas, but this appears to be creating kill zones as this is not natural weather and there is absolutely no reason to create these storm bands about obliterating areas  as Pennsylvania was buried in snow earlier this year.

It is a reality that from Texas to Minnesota that one day the furnace is off and the next day  the air conditioner is on as there are 50 to 70 degree shifts in temperatures. This has been a very hard winter in my  location in numerous animals have been dying and I am listening to the obits in hearing volumes of 80 to 90 year olds going tits up.

Yes Big Oil is raping Americans in energy price gouging as this cold is costing Americans, but if this is the Trump Wars solution to dealing with a nuclear war in bottling fall out in hot zone lanes, perhaps this is something the People should be  voting on, as does any nation have the right to once again obliterate all life in 150 by 2250 mile zones, so the rest of the pretty people can live?

If this is HAARP weather mod for NORAD, you are witnessing the kill zones where people will die in mass.

This is not MADD, but CAD Complete Assured Destruction, and from the people,  pets, livestock and wildlife dying from this weather mod which has been going on since Obama wilded the Missouri River in Republican States, this is not protecting America, but destroying her.

Maybe this is something that really is a priority in needing to be discussed and examined.