Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Left's Weaponized Children

The Political IED's of the Democrat 2018 Election Strategy

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In reality there is nothing the left will not weaponize and corrupt for political advantage. In 2016, we witnessed  the Obama regime for Hillary Clinton weaponizing the IRS to go after Tea Party groups, weaponized the FBI, Department of Justice  and State to go after Donald Trump in Russiagate.
The media has been weaponized against Christians, Veterans, Blacks, Whites and Conservatives for years.

What took place though after the shootings in Florida by Nikolas Cruz though was something new, but built upon the Bill and Hillary Clinton mantra of their tenure of "for the children".
Everything the Clinton's did was followed by "for the children".  America ripped Elian Gonzales from his American family for Castro's Cuba, for the children in terrorizing that child by gun point.
The Branch Davidians had their children incinerated as the Clintons with Eric Holder were doing it for the children.
A mother was shot while holding her baby by ATF in Ruby Ridge Idaho, for the children.

Unique though from the haven of hanging chad Florida which tried to steal the election from George W.  Bush came something new in Rham Emanuel fashion of not wasting a good crisis, in democrats assembled children as weapons, not to protect them, but to go after the Second Amendment, President Donald Trump, Republicans and law abiding Citizens, based upon the Val-erie Jarrett mantra of racism for Obama, but in this case liberal children were weaponized to destroy the NRA political funding, so that democrats could gain both houses in Congress for the 2018 elections.
In reality as the Lame Cherry first reported, children were weaponized, exactly as Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama weaponized the 2016 elections on the false narrative of Russian hacking.
In Florida, these angry liberal teenagers are again preaching a false narrative of gun violence, when the fact is Nikolas Cruz was triggered to attack the school which invalidated him by throwing him out, for these rich liberal angry children, because he was on psychological medications. These medications time and again have been shown to be the root of the violence in school shootings as they bring about an intense peer group anger, and then turn of the reasoning switch to keep a child from acting out in violence.
No one chastises these liberal children though when they unleash verbal terrorism against the parents of these slain children.

This is the reality of this entire weaponizing of children, in a mentally ill child was triggered by medications, and now liberals are triggering their children to the same violence against Americans, the Constitution and the President.
When the Constitution has a 2nd Amendment which is misused by a child  in Nikolas Cruz in weaponizing it, it is the same misuse of liberals to weaponize children in the First Amendment in the Press and Speech.

This is not the first time the democrats have engaged in abuses use  of  people with emotional issues. Nancy Pelosi exploited Cindy Sheehan as a weapon, a mother whose son died in one of the Bush wars in order to gain the House and Senate from Republicans.  That is what 2018 AD in  the year of our Lord is about again, the weaponization of a death  for democrats to destroy a political adversary in the NRA and Donald Trump, in order to gain political power and control again.

This is another Lame Cherry exlusive in matter anti matter as no one else will explain this reality to you. That is why children were weaponized as liberals knew there was no any way to attack a child without looking abusive. There is a way with the Truth to expose the pedophile politics of the weaponization of children, as that is what is behind all of this marches on Washington DC.
If one more attack or a series of attacks takes place to jin up the politics of this, then you will know that the DC FBI controlling division has not been alerting FBI offices for the deliberate reason of spiking these attacks, endangering society and the agents.

This is absolute child abuse which liberals have been involved in, and it is time for a federal investigation by the Department of Justice in just who is colluding in Florida in being behind all of this weaponizing of children.

And now these Political IED's have inspired  billboards in America calling for the killing of the NRA, in effect, the murder of NRA members.

Gun Control Hysteria Leads to ‘KILL THE NRA’ Billboard in Kentucky

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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