Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Who is pimping the liberal children of the Florida Shooting?

Of Thee American Right

 *Statistic: Planned Parenthood butchered 250,000 children's lives last year and will murder 250,000 more babies in 2018, but only the 17 lives matter in Florida as this has to do with gun control funding for Republicans.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry smells a rat, just like the rat which smeared Sarah Palin in the Gabby Giffords shooting as it was all too coordinated and too assisted by FOX and all of the media, and now it appears that Donald Trump will be assisting in giving a  "listening session" to leftist children in Florida which has a 90% chance of being a disaster for Americans as the media is not going to cheer Mr. President unless he calls for gun control.

Fla. state Sen. Lauren Book announced Sunday that about 100 Stoneman Douglas students will travel to Tallahassee and meet with senators and House members "on both sides of the aisle" and hold a press conference afterward to "share their experiences, ideas, and messages" following the shooting. 

There are things to watch in this, like children with numerous grumpy adults going up to Tallahassee which is a state away from the shooting. Just how was this event set up with meeting the Senators as much as just how did several children just happen to get on all the major media to trash Trump, the NRA and the Founders.

Events like this just do not happen, nor does the multi cultural face of this group of leftist children being pimped.
From the looks in the eyes of these liberal children, they are as scary looking as Nikolas Cruz in having that 1000 yard glare of hurt, rage and vacuous empathy to other humans.

Hogg is a news director at Stoneman Douglas and recorded video of Wednesday's rampage while he hid with other students. As bullets sprayed through the halls, Hogg interviewed his classmates and documented their fear.
A high school has a news director who just happens to be involved in this Trump and American bashing calling for the end of the Constitution.

Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Alex Wind and Jaclyn Corin appeared on a slew of Sunday morning shows, including NBC's "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd, to tell politicians not to let their 17 classmates and teachers die in vain

Observe in these crowds how printed signs just happen to appear in mass. Print shops just do not do speed printings and they do not do this for free. This is being coordinated by some deep pockets of the deep state again.

Watch in this how the march on DC is a month off. Why a month? Do the organizers know that more shootings will appear to assist in this gun control? Are they waiting for the shot kids to heal to pimp them like Gabby Giffords was pimped for gun control? Is just a matter of coordinating with Hollywood perverts and bringing in Nasty snatch Ashley Judd and other Antifa anarchists?

Meanwhile, Anthony Borges, 15, continued his recovery. He's one of four patients who remain hospitalized after Wednesday's massacre in Parkland, Florida. He was shot five times, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

So what is evident in this, is the same democrats who tried to steal the election from George W. Bush, are looking to unseat Marco Rubio for a democrat, in the same democrats who tried to lynch George Zimmerman for Eric Holder and the same democrats who were screeching at Donald Trump over that black Green Beret killed in Africa,have now politicized this shooting in Florida.
Remember now it was the DC FBI which did not alert Miami FBI of a Nikolas Cruz over a month ago, and remember in this that all of this "anti gun pimping of children" has  the earmarks of something which was planned and not spontaneous.

The question in this has to be raised in how many of these reported autistic people in America are not being reported to the local FBI by the Mueller, Comey, Obama FBI so such events will happen, and lurking around in the background of all of this is a Democratic Playbook of signs already printed up and a protocol list of events to occur, because in Rahm Emanuel crisis too good to waste, they are all hopefully waiting for an event because they know these troubled people are out there on psychotic meds waiting to go off by design.

Remember the Obama Holder violence of Treyvon Martin, Ferguson Missouri, Sandy Hook, Maryland, all followed the same Gabby Giffords media coordination and coming out of the DNC.

So you get this, you try and get a Congressman to listen to you about something you think is important and you get blown off. Same with the media in a no reply, yet you have these pimped zombie children in Florida appearing on every media outlet and once again the Hollywood perverts are already auditioning to give this star power as people are creeped out by children who glare at you and are in a rage.

And Alyssa Milano tweeted:

The question needs to be asked in who is really behind all of this, in who coordinated this to use dead children again as the media is censoring that all of these major shootings involved the real danger in psychiatric medicines, and not firearms being the cause.

FOX just as it was against Sarah Palin is pushing this fake news narrative of banning guns.

The announcement of the march comes a day after students and politicians held rallies in Fort Lauderdale and St. Petersburg on Saturday to demand action on gun-control legislation.
The crowd at the rally chanted: "Vote them out!" referring to lawmakers who accept money from the NRA. Others held signs calling for action. Some read: "#Never Again," ''#Do something now" and "Don't Let My Friends Die."

This blog mentioned from Bloomberg leaked stories that the NRA was the target in Russiagate. There is far too much juvenile chant on the NRA in this, and this is an extension of that breaking of the  political gun lobby for American interests.
None of this is about gun control though. There are already gun bans, background checks and thousands of laws, so what this is about is banning guns to everyone who has ever been prescribed a medication which was linked to fighting depression. So you get this, I know of a case where a male who was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate who had an allergic reaction to cipro was given two white pills to take home. He wondered what those pills were and looked them up. They were depression drugs. He was not suffering from depression, but to offset the affects of an allergic reaction in lowering blood pressure, the doctor prescribed that class of drugs. He never took the two pills, but each of you reading this knows someone who has been prescribed sleeping pills or something else and not thought a thing of it, but those  are the medications which will appear to make you hand over your firearms.
That is what this shooting is about. NOT ABOUT BIG PHARM psyche meds, but about marijuana and one time fringe prescriptions which are on all of your records.

The pimps behind this have made a mistake. They are either waiting for a flurry of more shooters to be activated, waiting for the shot kids to be better to be exploited and it is probably all of the above including celebrity coordination. There is a reality that someone already has placed an order for anti gun signs  to be printed up just as in this case, to join with the "spontaneous" children's signs for visual affect.
When the mistakes start being looked  for, they will be uncovered, and when people start asking the real questions, the first sign this is another bungled democratic exploitation will be democrats running from this.

You will  notice that the DC Congressional democrats are not involved as numbers of the like Heidi  Heitkamp of North Dakota will be wiped out in the next election. This is being coordinated again to disrupt money flow which the democrats do not have, but the NRA does for political elections in 2018.

Watch what disaster Trump makes of this. It is key to understanding how this will play out. But for now start asking the question in who is pimping these children in Florida adult democrats.