Friday, February 23, 2018

Why was a Brown Shirt at CPAC?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry happens to be a popular girl who never forgets, like the Jews who were sold off by their elders to Nazi forced labor camps, I believe when words ares spoken as in NEVER AGAIN, that things like that should not happen again.

It is why when CPAC the Conservative action committee holds a meeting, and Donald Trump appears with Sean Homo Hannity throwing footballs around, that as Conservatives one does not allow themselves to be on the stage with those who tarnish and sully the Conservative ideals, as Ronald Reagan would never have set foot on a stage where someone like Ben Shapiro was invited as it discredits everything a Conservative is.

For a review in this, Ben Shapiro has been stalking certain political groups in America, and recently had a hand in getting an American in Paul Nehlen banned from Twitter which has set off a scorched earth there again in a second rounding up of Alt Right individuals and banning them from that site, in silencing their freedom of association and speech.

This was compounded in the Florida massacre where Ben Shapiro with the ADL deliberately tried to stoke murderous violence against White Christians by labeling Nikolas Cruz a "White Supremacist" when Cruz is eastern European Jewish, by Shapiro smearing the Alt Right and 4Chan as they were just like Cruz.

That was absolutely reprehensible, and worse the Texas Wilks brothers who are supposed to be Christians did not fire Shapiro and Shapiro has not been made to apologize as he was the first one to weaponize an orphan Jewish boy with psychological problems for political gain.

After noting the above, CPAC allowed Ben Shapiro to speak, as the face of Conservatives, along with Donald Trump and Sean Homo Hannity, and no one at that conference said one word in protest nor walked out over what Ben Shapiro did.

Instead Ben Shapiro was sowing anti government rhetoric and the ludicrous propaganda  that the FBI is demanding Americans forfeit their right to self defense. No one has even mentioned anything this incendiary, but Shapiro has now sown it in, in smearing the  FBI as he smeared a Jewish orphan as he smeared the Alt Right by creating a false narrative.

This bait and switch by Shapiro is relevant as he is a statist, and advocate of statism, which is the ideology that the government should control aspects of society. This has all been explained by Mark Levin who uses that world more than God in daily conversations.

Levin hammers 'neo-statists' Jeb Bu | The Daily Caller

On his Friday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin challenged support from for this current of immigration reform coming from prominent Republicans ...

Control is what Shapiro is all about, the dictatorial control of using the machinery of the Nazi conglomerate state to silence opponents as he engaged in on Twitter against Christian Paul Nehlen and the dictatorial control of manipulating the police state to crack down on political opponents.
What Ben Shapiro did when he linked Donald Trump, the Alt Right, Christians to Nikolas Cruz, was designed in that charged situation to have an emotional parent or an unhinged person to attack the Alt Right, as another event where Shapiro and the ADL then could say, "See we told you so!!!".  Those same tactics were what the Brown Shirts engaged in, in Krystalnacht, the night riots were broken out and shop windows shattered in Jewish stores.

There are those who keep promoting this Neo Judeo Christian chimera as an alliance of a higher order, but Christ is never a part of a movement where the Neo Statists like Ben Shapiro deny Who Christ is. One might as certainly ally the KKK Black Panthers as that union is just as ludicrous. Christians are incessantly taken advantage of in their ignorance as they think if they keep a pet Jew  around that God loves them more.

There are social Conservatives like Mike Cernovich, another Slavic Jew, who did a splendid job gaining attention for the Alt Right, but then attempted to guide them to sodomy, and the movement turned on him, as they turned on another Jew in pedo Milo who went NAMBLA.
There  is though a vast difference in the Conservatives of Mike Cernovich and Mark Levin, in they never engaged in trying to weaponize Nikolas Cruz. They never crossed the line, but Ben Shapiro with his one brow incessantly crosses lines and foments a propaganda which is incendiary and fake news.

18h18 hours ago
Immediate calls for gun control, but now we’ve learned 
- FBI did not act on tip.
- Local police called 39 times.
- School officer HID when shooting happened, listening in safety the entire time. 

Will there be town hall to confront these failures by police at all levels?

Ben Shapiro is not as Conservative as Adolf Hitler and that is a fact politically. Shapiro was one of the first called up in the #NeverTrumper triad of William Kristol and Jonah Goldberg. You will notice in this my children that the White people like Erick Erickson and Glenn Beck who went gonzo on hating Trump were removed and brought to ruin, but these intelligentsia Neo Statists are still employed and working their upheaval.

Keeping silent is what the Mockingbird employs these minders to do, to tell you that gun control is  what everyone wants and to steer you from remembering what Ben  Shapiro engaged in this past week in a political operation which was as sadistic as anything that Joe Stalin engaged in or Adolf Hitler responded with. There were 17 dead people in Florida, there were that many families affected, there is the issue of a mentally challenged Nikolas Cruz, a Jewish orphan who was under State of Florida treatment, and into  that Ben  Shapiro deliberately threw an emotional detonation device by yelling fire in a crowded theater. That was a criminal act and that was  a civil suit smear, and, after all of that, Ben Shapiro is is invited to sodomite CPAC as the face of Conservatives.

That is reprehensible and wrong. It is troubling that this had to even be stated.

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