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A Murder in Jericho

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How many murders are you as a "judeo christian" on a leash, in thinking keeping your favorite Ben Shapiro around on a leash, are you going to bloody your hands with? Seriously, answer that question as you have blood on your hands in support of Jared Kushner and Tel Aviv policies, which do not have a thing to do with peace, as this is about conflict so those in control can subdue populations and the feudal few can keep power.

This is not about Benjamin Netanyahu and in reverse speech by David John Oates admitting to being in charge of the Islamic terror group DICE nor is this about patriots like Aaron Klein who is one of the few journalists left who tell the Truth. This is not about Jews or Muslims. This is about policies which are designed for murder and how American Christians keep signing off of these murders.

The Israeli state by design is run by the Ashkenaz Rothschild cartel. They keep the Orthodox behind ghetto walls as baby producers, rule the country by the same Mosaad party and the secular elite promote policies which Russian immigrants thug the population into submission with as government rabbi's declare it all kosher.
These Jews hate American Christians as much as  they hate mud folk Muslims as it is all  Talmudic. The Jewry keeps Christians around because they want Christian money and weapons, and Americans to bleed for greater Tel Aviv.

Into this are the Ashkenaz majority of secular communists, who imported these Philistine Islamocommunists into the West Bank, for a Gaza and West Bank terror zone, to be inflated from time to time, to keep the Jews terrorized so they keep marching in lock step.

I will state that this blog solved ALL OF THIS violence years ago, and it simply was taking the billions Jews receive and buying their property in Gaza and the West Bank, in a border shifts of Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Israel, to settle these Philistines on the southern Sinai on farm garden sites. Wall it off, disarm it, keep it under UN jurisdiction and the conflict stops.

I agreed when Prime Minister Begin advocated that Jews from America move to the West Bank, have babies and take possession of the territories by fiat wombs. American Jewry though is all Kushner Kosher in they talk a good religion but are only interested in filling Shylock's bag. So what is left is the situation now of another murder in Jericho.

According to the initial investigation, while troops were operating in Jericho, some 50 Palestinians began rioting by throwing rocks, rolling burning tires and hurling Molotov cocktails at the soldiers. 

The events were simple in the IDF sent in a training mission to rough up the Muslims to keep them in line. If one parades the troops like the Romans did, then the worst of the mob comes out and you can legally beat the bajesus out of them and keep them in detention forever.
There arose a problem though with Yasin Omar al-Saradih, who as the riot broke out, he became caught up in the Arab emotions and charged the IDF with an iron pipe.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in response: "A violent disturbance developed during an activity in search of wanted men in the city of Jericho, in which a terrorist armed with an iron rod ran towards an IDF force and tried to attack the soldiers.

This is all by design, and when Yasin got close, he was knocked down and the Jews beat the bajesus out of him. Here is where the problem arises and the Philistines are in a fury in crying foul.

See into this, the Jews were firing rounds at this Muslim. We know they got him down and bitch stomped him hard, that is on video.

The IDF said that "in response to the threat, soldiers fired toward him but he was most likely not hit." Soldiers then "used force in order to subdue the suspect," the statement added.

Somewhere in this though, the IDF unloaded zyklon....sorry that was Hitler, but the IDF started firing tear gas like the kind  that killed people at Waco Texas in the Branch Davidians. The IDF command thought that this is what killed Yasin as he lay there beaten up as the riot raged, but an autopsy revealed that someone shot him in the guts at point blank range.

The army statement added that the Palestinian's condition deteriorated when he was later exposed to tear gas fired by soldiers trying to disperse Palestinian protesters. The man was later identified as a 33-year-old Jericho man who, according to relatives, did not suffer from health problems.

Again there is a problem in this, as he was taken into custody, and the Philistines say that was a three hour custody, meaning he was alive, and meaning that someone shot Yasin while he was in custody.

So in all of these facts, we are now faced with a Solomon tribe of Judah assessment of what actually took place as bullet holes cause bleeding, and this bullet exited Yasin's back, so it not like anyone around this Muslim did not see blood or smell intestinal excrement while searching him or putting the  plastic restraints on him.

A preliminary autopsy report Friday showed that Yassin Omar al-Saradih, a Palestinian who was killed early Thursday after charging at an IDF force in the West Bank city of Jericho, died as a result of a bullet to the abdomen

 Just so we all are on the same page in this,  we are not going to engage  in any sand nigger propaganda for either side. The Muslims want their own terror state and the Jews want the oil under the West Bank. So in order to keep this from turning into a real uprising the IDF stages these shake and bakes, which are designed to stir up the natives, get them to go violent, and then capture or kill them legally.
So Yasin Omar al-Saradih is all pumped up after doing his allah prayers and listening to the war in Syria and charges the Jews with a pipe, where the Jews fire on him in they apparently were not supposed to kill him, but rough him up, as he was supposed to be interrogated.
So the Jews beat him into submission, one really goes Rambo and puts the boot heels to him, so Yasin is not going anywhere.
Things get even hotter and the Jews gas the Muslims which breaks up the crowd, and the IDF starts picking up their wetware.

There is a quick weapons check and the plastic cuffs and the Muslims are loaded in the cattle cars, sorry buses, where it is official policy to not really care how much hurt has been put on these Muslims, so they can suffer for three hours in a bus before anyone checks on them as it softens them up for questioning.
Remember what I have told you  that these thumpers are Russian Jews. They unleash on Orthodox Jews at Gush Katiff or Philistines. They are the enforcers of the Jewish state and why they were imported in numbers to fight and die for Tel Aviv.

Somewhere in this Yasin died and was found dead it is assumed on the bus. Now whether it was a Jew who showed up later and gut shot him because of earlier interaction to send a message or whether Yasin was shot in the gut deliberately, then wailed on by the IDF in the street, gassed to really take the starch out of him and then left in a bus untreated for 3 hours is sort of like what Gregory Bretzing did to LaVoy Finicum in the FBI goading others to fire on Finicum and then leaving him to bleed out in the snow for 20 minutes to send a message, it is all state run murder.

That probably needs repeating in Yasin Omar al-Saradih was murdered. This operation was designed to hide murder by stirring up the Muslism in Jericho. What is different in this case is the IDF got too overzealous and were caught on video stomping on this Muslim and then he died later.
The difference is, that the IDF command was being told no one shot this Islamist,  so they thought it had to be tear gas, while the Philistines were saying he was beaten to death, to which the IDF was saying, "We did not beat him that hard to kill him".

See that is the rub in this in what the  troops were telling command, what command was assuming and what the Philistines knew. The Muslims knew Yasir was savagely beaten in the street, so they assumed he was beaten to death. The IDF command knew he was not beaten to death, so they assumed it was tear gas. The troops knew they had not shot him or beat him to death, so they were thinking it was the gas too.

Look at the last piece of evidence from the Philistines who were at the autopsy:

The Palestinian agency for prisoners said al-Saradih "was killed by a bullet fired from point-blank range that struck him in the lower abdomen, causing internal bleeding, and that the bullet exited through his back."

Point blank range means powder burns. Point blank range is not a Muslim with a pipe charging troops firing at him as he was still far away. Point blank range means someone stuck a weapon into this Muslims gut deliberately and put a bullet into him, as they wanted him to suffer before he died. A head or heart shot is to kill. That shot indicates AFTER the beating, after the  gassing, that this Muslim was gut shot, and the shot being so close, the body was the silencer.

The explanation and conclusions above is all the light of day that this is ever going to be see. There is not any way Tel Aviv is going to open this firestorm, as one just can not piss off the Russian thugs who are in the Jewish state to mind the store, or they start minding you.

In any scenario, this was a murder and everyone knows it in that holy land. Want to know why Ben Shapiro smears the Alt Right and Paul Nehlen, sets up the Jewish orphan of Nikolas Cruz? It is because it is what is expedient as he has the deep state backing. It is what he was taught in he is a Russian Jew and his wife is an Israeli citizen, as Shapiro sojourned there too.


Yassin Omar Saradeeh
a real human and not just a shadow on the street in security footage

Another murder in Jericho took place for the money changers, and you American Christian have the blood on your hands as you are bankrolling it and continue to be led around by this judeo christian fake news. There is not going to be peace, because there is not profit in peace, and there is not going to be Truth in American media, because there is only profit in lies.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) called for an immediate and impartial investigation into the circumstances of his death, expressing concerns that the Israeli forces might have tortured and beaten him while in custody, leading to his death.
According to PCHR’s investigations and eyewitnesses’ accounts, at approximately 04:30 on Thursday, 22 February 2018, Israeli forces moved into Jericho. They raided and searched a house belonging to Khamis Hattab in the center of the city after breaking down the main house door in addition to damaging some of the house contents. His nephew, Yassin ‘Omer al-Saradih (33) headed to the house to figure out what was going on. However, immediately, a number of Israeli soldiers severely beat him up throughout his body and then fired a tear gas canister on the spot. They then pulled him on the ground to a military vehicle and later to an unknown destination.
At approximately 09:30 on the same day, the family received a phone call from the Palestinian Military Liaison telling then that the Israeli Liaison informed them of the death of their son, which the army claimed was due to gas inhalation and seizures. A video captured by a surveillance camera showed 6 Israeli soldiers attacking Yassin and brutally beating him up using their riffles’ butts and feet.


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