Monday, March 5, 2018

2 Million Men on the Russian Front and 2 million Graves

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The proper recognition of the Israelite German who peopled America from the German provinces, from 1776 to 1886 has never been signified for the accomplished master race these Josephite Peoples were. In them were the Russian Germans, the Prussian Germans and the Oldenburg Germans, who conquered, settled, built and created America. Mocked by the English Josephites as Jahn Cheese for making and eating cheese, their very name became the name of Americans in the Yankees.

Most have no idea that when Kansas was opened to settlement, the English appeared, but soon abandoned the prairie as it was too cold. Who followed were the Germans who tamed that land, and would later tame the American interior in the beast conditions there of storm and heat, cold and drought. These Germans know how to survive from sod huts to pounded earth homes to keep out the North Dakota Arctic conditions of 60 below as they faced this in the Crimea in Russia.

When Hitler's Wehrmacht reached Mother Russia, the Germans had absolutely no comprehension what to do with the America of Asia as it was a mud and weather beast that the pleasant Black Forest dwellers could not comprehend anything this brutal, as they are not the Russ, the Goths of Sweden in more Israelites who gave their name to this place and settled there.

The Wehrmacht attempted to gain winter clothing for their 2 million Soldiers of Army Groupe Center facing Moscow, but the high command sternly refused as they deemed hauling winter clothing to Russia as a waste of resources and defeatest as the war was to be won before winter set in.
Where the American Israelite Germans learned to thrive in Arctic muck of America, the Assyrian German instead was dumbfounded as to what to do in this swamp hell of cold on earth.

The Center Command tried to get anti freeze for their vehicles, and this they were denied like clothing. They issued a pamphlet to the Soldiers about not overcrowding hovels they threw the Russian peasants out of, as the places were catching fire in the clay stoves the Russian slept on to survive.
That information was helpful, but when the command told the Soldiers to cut their extra pair of socks to make mittens, the Soldiers in disgust replied that their socks were all in rags, so who had socks to make mittens out of.

Instead the German Soldiers confiscated sheepskin coats and wore them. They were freezing to death and desperate for anything dry and to keep them warm. Soviet POW's bore the brunt of clothing confiscation in instances of POW's were stripped of all clothing and then the commander would have the nude Russian shot, as it was more humane than having him freeze to death.
There simply was not food in the country because the Soviets were burning everything, so even the German horses were starving to death trying to move the Wehrmacht forward.
Russian military clothing was used to insulate the walls of German bunkers, and in numbers of cases the dead Russians were stripped of the thick flannel gloves the Russians had, along with their heavy overcoats, in which some Germans looked more like Russians, and often enough they were shot at in being mistaken for Russians.

In quatering realities, the Germans would throw the peasants out of their huts, and the Russians would howl like dogs, have pistols waved in their faces and they would disappear. The Russian was capable of surviving in this cold by years of education and instinct. In that they were superior in the uncivilized world as the Russian proved time and again capable of living in the forest in the dead of winter constructing shelters and surviving.

Sometimes things were not so good for the peasants as the Germans already in a foul mood in their suffering and Soviet war atrocities, that they simply shot the peasants as they were tired of looking at them. In one case two officers got drunk, said they were tired of the Russians, shot the husband, as the wife and children howled in the corner, to which they got tired of listening to that, shot the wife, and in between drinks shot the three children.

What has been a previous plague of lice, fleas and rats the Germans refused to come into contact with in peasant huts, became the German castles in which they survived against the rasputitsa of the Russian early winter.

Such was the harsh place of Mother Russia, that the same land which created the butcher Stalin soon was converting the civilized Germans to the same acts of survival, as all was expendable as long as the ones with guns survived.

That is the lesson of the Israelite Germans, and their tribal brothers in the French of Quebec, the Scandinavians and the brothers of Scotland, Ireland and England. They were the peoples who first went through the Caucasus and appeared on the other side a threatening force to the Roman Empire. It was in their pioneer genes that God settled them into America, Canada and Australia, where no matter the disease, weather or land, they soon were reproducing a race which thrived in lands that Europeans would die in.

It is in the Israelite nature to not quit. In reading the German experience on the Russian Front, I have concluded a plan for victory the Wehrmacht should have embarked on. I have solved in land trains, a type of tractor with wide tank tracks, along with trailers with wide tracks which would have moved supplies all over Russia in the rasputitsa, As quartermaster of the Wehrmacht given the proper authority that Speer was granted, I would have rebuilt the Wehrmacht on the move, laid down metal grate landing strips for the Luftwaffe and made certain that every convoy had trailers which would be heated with wood, that Soldiers would have had 12 hours on and 12 hours off shifts, where they would have slept warm, been dry and not become sick.

If Hitler would have had American Germans, he would have driven Stalin to the Sea of Japan in Siberian winters, and I know this because General Nelson Appleton Miles with his buffalo coat wearing troops destroyed the terror Sioux and Cheyenne in 60 below winter warfare, because the Americans learned how to adapt in thee worst possible fighting conditions as that is who they are, in a race now about to be Amnesty Genocided in being replaced by the Trump Visa Vermin of Latin America and Asia, peoples who could not win a revolution with only one side having guns.

That is the story of the 2 million men on the Russian Front. It is a warning to those who are moving the President to begin a war with Russia, as Russia will force the Americans to enter into wholesale war crimes as the Germans were forced to begin in order to save themselves and limp home in defeat.

This is why the Lame Cherry wrote the time line by God's Grace to put Donald Trump into the White House, so that there would be peaceful protection of Christians and not war. There is a history in this of the greatest military minds in Napoleon and Hitler being crippled in Russia, and America is no longer special as her Germanic Israelites are no longer her fighting force, as America now has shemales who can not even throw a grenade as they are that sodomite pansy.

The point is to not litter the Russian mire with American dead to be eaten there by wolves and crows. This DC junta is not capable of comprehending what Russia is and are entering this as Napoleon and Hitler entered that theater. Patton would have won with his 3rd Army of Israelite Americans with the Wehrmacht, but those same powers which are exterminating Americans for foreign vermin are today assassinated that General of the United States Army, and there is not an army to be led anymore and nothing but political officers who have no God given Inspiration how to deal with Mother Russia.

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