Monday, March 5, 2018

Trump Employs Battered Base Syndrome

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I mentioned  a few days ago that if time permitted I would explain exactly what Donald Trump is engaged in, in the behavior of Donald Trump one day is grabbing guns, the next day telling the NRA that he is not a gun he refuses to pass National Right to Carry, just like all of 2016 Donald Trump attacked Conservatives in the Freedom Caucus, and still kept Obamacare, and picked Luther Strange and then baby butcher democrat Doug Stone over the innocent Christian, Judge Roy Moore.

I have already written of this and hinted at this, so will begin again with the name Webster Griffin Tarpley of the American Left, and insider, who stated that 2016 was about destroying the Republican Party into a 3rd rate party, and then divide the Democratic party into the Clinton Socialist and the Obama Communists, so Americans would either be led by community organized comrades or nazis in the organized conglomerates.

Do you think that all of this was set aside, just because Hillary Clinton was defeated by you? It has not and everything which you have been jerked around by in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, and the strange behavior of Mr. President are the proofs that the Republican Party is being set up to be shattered by Donald Trump, and for those who think that Trump would never do such a thing as it would be political suicide, just consider that Donald Trump was backed by the Defense Intelligence Agency, and that is why he has all the junta boys around him. Donald Trump is the insider's man, and for the record of his actions, he has signed off on this removal of Christian Conservative America, for the Communist and Nazi parties.

For those who do not think once again that I do not know what I am talking about, the Clinton crony Chris Ruddy confirmed this, this past weekend in the insider reality that Donald Trump is going to be a Democrat.

Longtime Trump Confidant Chris Ruddy Says Trump Could Find His ‘Inner Democrat’ If Dems Take House

From David John Oates in Reverse Speech on Rense, the facts have been proven that the Donald Trump of 2016 is gone. The We Love You America, became Forgive Us America in 2017 to FU America, as Trump is profane, constantly is talking of nuclear war and how he is scamming people.There are realities which are told incoming Presidents, to greater and lesser extents in the great deception. Donald Trump has never been a man of Faith, so the weak sign off on what they are told the master agenda is for the common goode and Donald Trump is the public face of the junta.

There are several scenarios in this from Mike Pence being canned from the ticket and then tearing off a loser share of Republicans.
Then there is the Ben Sasse and Ted Cruz 3rd party crusade.
Forget that fossil John Kasich, Trump is so far left of Kasich looks human.

See when one is the drafted conduit of the new world order, you can be engaged in any number of scenarios and the Mockingbird will sing your praises and crucify your contenders.

Donald Trump is poised to become the leader of the National Socialist Party of America.

The Alt Right, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, notice how all disappeared in these leftists and who they backed in common was Donald John Trump as an operation sustained them and promoted their actions from the deep state to divide the democratic party and balkanize the Republican party.

For those who think this is once again too much  Lame Cherry to believe, return to the Likud party in the Jewish state which was ripped in two by Ariel Sharon for the farce of Kadima which was this same cartel ripping the Prime Minister's job from Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kadima | History, Politicians, & Facts |

Kadima: Kadima, centrist Israeli political party formed in 2005 by Ariel Sharon following his split from the Likud party.

 Do you really think you are above all of this Americans? You are the same fleshbots who Wilson and Roosevelt sent you to die in world wars as you were robbed of your money and liberties. Ronald Reagan was your last President and the cartel twisted all of those policies to rob you in dotcom busts to the bankrupting of South American Republics.

That is what is behind all the political abuse by Mr. President, it is Battered Base Syndrome. Donald Trump has sign on to the Jeb Bush playbook of winning the presidency without the Republican base and then dragging Americans to the globalist agenda which they hate.

Donald Trump is building a global wartime shattered political hostage party, exactly as Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt won off of, looted America with and started two world wars.

Donald Trump no longer needs you nor wants you around as Mr. President is auditioning a new role in this reality television of Democan Don, the leader of New Democrat foreign vermin and Realistic Republicans as the fossilized Joe Biden takes a dive to give Birther Hussein a 4th term as Donald John Trump leader of the National Socialists of Amerzika.

Who do you think locked the doors on the Christians who elected him on election night? Who do you think pulled the plug on the Alt Right and has moved to censor Gaytube of Alex Jones? Who do you think got rid of Reince Priebus on leaks to his friends at the New York Times? Who do you think fired Mike Flynn and kicked him to the curb? Who do you think but Veterans, Evangelicals and Gun Owners on a leash.