Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Universe In Jeopardy


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am disconcerted. I do not mean to project that I am alarmed, but perhaps I am a little bit troubled as  this discovery quakes to the entire core of all the time space continuum, so perhaps disconcerted might not be a strong enough word for the end of the universe, but I can not really speak to this as I would have to look up the word disconcerted as I am not certain of the meaning, as the end of the universe might require a more precise word, than one I am not certain of.

I will present the evidence, but please do not be disconcerted or something which might cause you to spend all your money, run up credit card debt and tell people who you really are, as there is not a definite date to thee end of the universe, only this definitive sign that the universe has repeated itself and in an echo created a shadow signature on an original signature which means a prior and later event, of the same event.

That means that two events are occupying the same space which should not be possible and yet I have proof such an event does exist.

Here is my proof.


That is Lisa Peluso. Yes you may have seen her in watching soap operas and movies, as she played Wendy on Search for Tomorrow and appeared in other venues and she fooled me as the time continuum had my miscalculate my time orientation.

Here is the proof.

That is Kat Dennings or Katherine Litwack. I do not know when you have a name like Litwack, that you change it to Dennings as Litwack is a really Anglo Saxon name, even if she is not and was born in Pennsylvania on June 13, 1986 AD in the year of the Lord.

This is most important as the same vulvular opening took place for Lisa Peluso in her birth in Pennsylvania July 29, 1964 AD in the year of our Lord.

Ok, look at these two and see if they are not the same women born 22 years apart.

They are both with long black hair in volume.

They both have Germanic blue eyes, and pretend not to be German, one apparently pretends to be Jewish and the other Italian, but that proves like Jacob in the Bible pealing sticks could change colors on animals, that these two women born in Pennsylvania Dutch country, took in the womb, the absolute identity of German maidens with blue eyes and black hair!!!

OK they both have the same fair skin. They both have the same ruby lips, same nose, same chin and same ample mammary system, yet they were born 22 years apart, and they both are actresses who arose from nowhere to wonderful success.

Obviously there is something scientific going on here and it involves the cosmic signature of Pennsylvania as the focal point of the universe and all we know. Why the universe produced two women 22 years apart who are the same woman, is an issue which we do not have enough structural evidence to project a reason or conclusion. We can only be thankful that the universe does not repeat ugly like Michelle Obama or big butt like Hillary Clinton, or it would disprove all correlation of order in the universe from chaos. Ugly reproduced in like models would mean perpetual chaos, while beauty means that order prevails.

I had considered offering the Lame Cherry as a neutral zone, a sort of cosmic buffer where these two like women could appear in complete safety, like on Star Trek in that Lazarus thing of anti matter Lazarus and positive matter Lazarus, and if they met everything would cancel each other out.
Granted these two attractive German appearing DNA looking women are like matter, so no danger is in any of that, but we simply do not know what may happen when two like positive matters occupy the same space. I mean what if there was a gravitational melding and they had like 80 ZZZ breasts in one woman. Yes that would be alluring and quite comforting to those viewing such scientific metamorphosis, but the Lame Cherry feels, no the Lame Cherry in disconcertation believes we must protect these two women who are the same woman, but protect them from being one, as all of us are recorded live past, present and future, and we are protected in that........and I just thought of something what if there is a 3rd one of these two out there.

My work is not finished, I must stop this white paper and begin the search for the discovery of the 3rd Lisa Peluso and Katherine Litwack. I simply am perplexed in do I look for someone 22 years older than Peluso or 22 years younger than Litwack.