Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dictoria Principal: An Oscar for Her Penis

Once upon a time there was an actress named Dictoria Principal

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

That's Victoria not Dictoria....

Dictoria starred in the CBS television series, Dallas, 
as Victoria Principal.......


 My name is not Dictoria, it is Victoria.
Here let me show you.....

Dictoria often claimed her name was a typo, 
but after leaving the cast in a lurch, the rumors continued
to the computer age of spellcheck.


My name is Victoria, here let me show you again......


 Patrick why do people make the mistake in calling me Dictoria?


Maybe it is because of your penis look.

Don't be shocked Victoria as mine looks just like yours.
It is all scientific in it is called the Penis Principal. 


 Yes Dictoria, you do walk like you have a penis.
It is only confirmed by your manboobs.


Everyone is so silly, as I do not have a penis!!! 

Why is it when I do things girly, that people
focus on what I'm hiding behind the sheet....... 


Victoria dancing like a girl to the Bee Gees 
in you're a woman's man, no time to talk,
sort of proves the Dictoria thing...  


 Maybe that Dictoria wasn't really a typo....
Maybe that cat was the only pussy in the picture.......

........a penis


Patrick, I have to confess, it was not a typo.
I found a penis.......


But then I had to kill you to hide my secret!!! 


If only Dictoria Principal's career had come during the Obama years
then she could have been recognized for her real talent.