Tuesday, March 13, 2018

American Christianity's Best Political Chance Is A European Anti Christ

I lead the Sodomite Socialists of America

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With the disappointment that Donald Trump is just another feckless manipulative socialist like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a reality must now be faced as the Lame Cherry time line constructed to place Donald Trump into the White House for the safety of Christians East and West is null and void, as Donald Trump has become the leader of the American SS, the Sodomite Socialist Party to replace the Republican Party and return it to a 3rd rate political movement in marginalizing the American majority to the 21st century Whigs.

Just as Birther Hussein Obama was a shadow signature of the anti Christ, history has proven that when world wars are upon the horizon, great leaders begin to appear. In World War I, it was the Kaiser and the Czar. In World War II a host arose in Tojo of Japan, Mussolini of Italy, Hitler of Germany and Churchill of Britain. As is the case now there is the dictator Xi of China seizing power for life, has become the Asian balance to the legend in the making of Vladimir Putin, who has been the greatest political leader since Ronald Reagan.
In America, it was necessary for a balance to the great Eurasian powers should arise, but Donald Trump in a Jehu role has proven himself incapable of leadership as his Junta does his thinking for him. Kim Jong Un has literally mopped the floor with Trump as Kim did incessantly with Obama, another feckless preener of 1600 Penn Avenue.

The world is faced now with the initiated friction of trade wars and nuclear wars with Russia and China, over Donald Trump's trumptopian muddling along, and in that the world will have to look after itself as Washington DC is the problem as it has no leadership.

In that, someone has been arising in Europe to fill the Trump void, and this is Sebastian Kurz. It is an interesting situation that a Christian may have a future anti Christ before them, but for the security of Europe and American Christians, the short term solution is for someone in Europe to rise to be an effective balance for Vladimir Putin. That man is the leader of Austria in Sebastian Kurz.

Kurz has already made major strides in putting the mad cow of Angela Merkel into here stall and in engaging in energy deals with President Putin for European energy. In this, a policy examination must be put forward as to  what would be best for American and European Christians at this point to stop a Russian invasion of Europe and American involvement in that nuclear war and the solution would be Sebastian Kurz.

Kurz must though gain standing, and his next steps must be the necessity of annexing Germany to save the German people from Merkel. An Austrian German empire would then require expansion to include Italian finance, and the necessity of peoples as Spaniards and Slavs to provide the military and labor, with the addition of Greek shipping and this 10 nation union would provide a proper military and economic bearing to keep the Russian bear at the Volga.
In this, Kurz must arise and tell NATO to go be the toy of the faggot Anglo Americans, as NATO will bring an invasion by Russia of Europe.

There is economic basis and security in history for such an association of German Russia as Hitler and Stalin concluded a non aggression pact. Kurz and Putin could engage in the same non aggression, with both trading with the eastern Slavic nations in Kurz would provide the commerce and Putin the energy. This would provide the necessary distance of NATO to be Sweden England and the lowland nations where fat little soldiers molest children.
As for Poland, Germany must re annex her Prussian lands stolen from her after World War II, and if America under Trump desires to eat Russian nuclear weapons over it's grande alliance of the powerful Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belguim, then she will have to face this reality in absorbing the costs of invasion and destruction on her motherlands.

Putin's Newest Ally Supports Russia's Move to Dominate Europe ...

Russia wants to build the pipeline to maintain its monopoly on European energy markets while bypassing Ukraine, ... Putin and Kurz also discussed the conflict in ...

In this a German and Russian led Europe, must look forward to contend with their real problem of Islam and Peking. China is a gaping cancerous orifice whose Xi intent is to rule the world by consuming it. China will not be able to solve the technological leaps to gain space and ascendancy their in mining, so China has only one option and that taking Russian Asian lands, taking Australia and either acquiring Alaskan oil fields or assisting Russia in reacquiring their Alaska.
It is not in Russian or German interest to have an advancing China with control over Muslim and American oil fields. Russia must have the Slavic numbers of breeders and for military purposes in order to neutralize China as an America which is Trump led will lead to global war and America will cease after several weeks or months in ability to project her might as technology ceases.

In that, the only projected salvation now for Europe is an anti Christ, who can muster enough military might and become a non aggressor to Mother Russia, to save Europa. Sebastian Kurz removing thee American chess pieces of central and western Europe, produces a vulnerable America which will be humiliated and learn to roll back in it's conflict status.
The United States grande alliances are sodomite contrivances of degrading ability. Sweden, England, Australia, India, Japan are all nations of zero or inconsequential support for America. In a future study, the United States will require in the next world war, to draft 70 million to fight this war. That is to fight it and still lose it. Of that, snowflake and sodomite group, they will offer zero ability to fight against the hordes of Eurasia.

Those are the projections and the realities. Thee only salvation that Europe has is the rising up of an anti Christ to ally with Russia and remove NATO and America from their midsts. If Europe fails to accomplish this swiftly then the trumptopian wars will begin with the scorched earth of Europe. This is what Mr. President has squandered away and endangered all over in his 2016 globalist policies in violation of everything George Washington.

The anti Christ is looking as the only solution, as Hitler was the only solution for Europe. It is the most bizarre twist of fate that in the short term, American Christianity's only political recourse is if Sebastian Kurz arises to the potential he has in him, joins with Vladimir Putin and produces a stability to Eurasia and so weakens the United States that Americans by bankruptcy and humiliation will be forced to stay out of Armageddon.


Together we will lead Eurasia for Peace and Prosperity

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