Tuesday, March 13, 2018

HAARP Rains on Donald Trump's Parade

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I was puzzled after the atmospheric bombs which HAARP had been producing as to how things would track in the mid March storms, as the Lame Cherry highlighted how the central plains without moisture, without storm, would suddenly erupt into these massive snow dumps.

Below you will find the March 10th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord's NOAH precipitation map. This is unique as if one looks at the South Dakota / Minnesota line of precipitation, this line was forecast to move north and track into Fargo, but instead is shifted south and tracked 100 miles off course.
This was the last storm surge which was supposed to drop 3 inches of snow over hard hit areas, but instead it simply phased out.
Remember that Washington state weather bubble? It is gone. It has now though been replaced by a Florida Keys weather bubble, and those massive streams out of San Francisco and Texas simply vanished in a week's time.

Observe though the massive southern California storm. Traditionally a storm of this size, will hit the Rockies and then reform as a deep Lo pressure system, and form a blizzard, which will kill thousands of baby lambs and calves on the great plains. I had interest in this storm as I presumed it should have tracked again into Iowa and raised hell in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Look at this NOAH map and then look what happened by the 12th of March.

The following is the 12th of March, and as you can see the California storm, went instead into Texas, where it did zero harm, went through the south and did zero harm and in basically 36 hours traversed around 5000 miles to rain on Donald Trump's parade.
As you can see, most of the United States after horrific storms for months due to HAARP, has gone absolutely dead, as there is not any weather front moving in from the Pacific......again this is not possible as America should have at least two weather systems on it at all times.

I do not know if HAARP or planet shift has killed the atmosphere, but it appears that if HAARP is not causing monsoons, that the entire atmosphere goes DOA. Weather is generated by the uneven heating and cooling of the atmosphere by the sun, which evaporates moisture and thus you have rain and sun. As you can witness there is not any weather, so that mean there is not any heating or cooling to the extent to generate weather. Again the sun is quite radiant in it's heating on all bandwidths, so something must be blocking thermal waves into the earth.

I am amazed at how nasty these storms are though in being jagged. There is nothing pretty in them, and zero rotation. They just look like atmospheric tears and if you notice there is a Florida Keys line which has developed as a signature to this pattern. The atmosphere though is more like jello in blobs moving and displacing other blobs.

That is the comparison to the HAARP using weather to deal with nuclear fallout in America to now. The weather in America disappeared, and I am interested to see what will be taking place in the next weeks as the Lame Cherry continues to monitor this situation.

It appears to me, that what is in store are droughts, offset by these ball buster storms knocking holes in roofs and denting cars again this summer with flooding. That really gets old sitting in drought and then being hosed down by one of these HAARP fire hose jets as we got like 15 inches of rain in a few weeks after a drought summer.

I used to love rain and not mind snow. Now I prefer drought as I am tired of things turning into ooze.

I am beginning to conclude that we will never have good weather again.

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