Thursday, March 1, 2018

And now a moment with Trumpcare of Retired Americans

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Yesterday I went and picked up the mail and it is getting so in my existence that I cringe at everything. In the box was something from Social Security, addressed to Mom, so I thought, "Must be some tax stuff" so I was not paying attention, and when she opened it, I asked to make sure that everything was ok.

She said, "They cancelled my Social Security for February".

I thought, yeah now what the hell is this about as with Mexicans sucking off Social Security like native borns, I wondered what was up now, as awhile back Mom tried to get SNAP or whatever that was as she is below poverty level in benefit, that she was assessed to 13 dollars every two weeks to feed herself.
I have no idea how they figure that shit, as when I looked it up online for her, it was better than eating air.

So Mom did what she usually does in these situations in she went to lay down and take a nap. I figured this was important as the more I read the letter, it was as TL noted in the benefits were done which is impossible.
So I checked the letter and phoned the Social Security office, put Mom on the phone after we got to the human end and told her, that if she needed to, I would do the talking to figure it out. For those of you who are going to have retired parents, you had better get this figured out, in you are going to be the one getting signed off on dealing with things, as a great deal of this is too complicated for them to understand and the various agencies have the main party sign off a representative to sort things out, when the rat bastard siblings are all shirking the responsibility.
Again, so I was listening to the call and waiting, and the Social Security rep finally said that she had to put Mom on hold, as she had to read the letter and figure out what the devil was going on. Yes it made zero sense to the people there.

Finally, she came back and started explaining that nothing had changed, that she would still receive her benefits, but that all that had changed was the party who the benefits were allotted to for the filing category.

See, about complicated, but thankfully by God's Grace I knew what she was talking about, as there was one sentence in the letter which said something about benefits ended due to benefits which would be paid by another person in the category.

Here is your lesson in this, so pay attention. I remember my dad went on partial disability. He had an enlarged heart, diabetes and was a dead man walking. He never paid anything into Social Security, but was receiving 200 dollars a month which again is worthless. He died fortunately, and in this Social Security provided a widow's benefit, which was like 200 dollars to stick him in the ground, which is what I think everyone gets. I think it is to burn them up to ashes to get rid of the body.

When Mom retired from work a few years ago, I remember the questions concerning Social Security. See for married people, there were for her two categories. The one category for the husband's benefits and the other for the wife's benefits. It was allowed at that time for the wife to draw in the husband's Social Security if it was higher. As Mom's was higher, I know she chose her benefits.
When she got her Social Security, I thought, "Well that sucks like the old man's benefits sucked", as for most people in America, what Social Security covers is Medicare and enough to freeze to death on.

If this is too complicated to follow, too bad as that is what life is for the elderly in America and the children who stick around to look after them. You need to know this chit.

Remember now the above Social Security sentence about two parties and no benefits being paid, and a greater beneficiary, that translates in English to Mom signed up to receive her benefits, but somehow Social Security signed her up on the lower benefits of my dad's account.  I have no idea how long spousal benefits last, but apparently the do have a length of time allotment, in other words if your parent is widowed and is drawing off of a dead spouse at a higher rate, it apparently can be shut off and they will be then put on the lower rate. That is important to you, because if your Mom has been living it up and buying your brat kids nice gifts, she might be in a future tense a monetary debt for you, as you are going to have to kick in for her bills or she is moving in with you.
I thought that would get your attention.

All I know at this time is Mom should for the first time be receiving the benefits she should have been getting for several years. I have considered making a stink about this in her getting back benefits, but the way this government is f*cked up in signing widows up for lower rates after they told them to sign them up for their own benefits, I figure that I would get a letter we would need to be paying them money for some asstard reason.

Mom is not going to be getting HW Bush's six figure checks, but I do hope that it is not 13 dollars as a 100 bucks would help with Trumpflation robbing her and everyone.

I know Mom did this all correctly as I was there and paying attention. For most retirees, it is like my Beloved Uncle where they have to work a bit, figure on military disability, Social Security or a 401k or some property rent.
I was just snooping online on my relatives who are 81 and living in California and their real estate taxes are over 6000 dollars a year. The old women who were in the apartment complex that TL was at while in the metro were running 750 to 1000 a month. The one gal who actually had a job to get some spending money was moving out when we left as she could not afford 12,000 a year on rent and the other old bitch, her daughter was kicking in money to keep her there as she did not want the old biddy around her.

I figure the government cheated my Mom, and there is nothing that can be done about it as that is the way it always works. In this, perhaps there is some information to keep you from having your own "of course this is not happening" moment.
It is just the way it is, old American getting screwed over again as Mr. President brings in more ebola vermin for free care.

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