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Blitzkrieg Bringt Langsomer Tod (Lightning Warfare Brings Slow Death)



Field Marshal Gunther von Kluge with der Fuhrer 

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The defeat of America in the Great Eurasian War and invasion of America, can be found in the friction of the German Wehrmacht in the Panzer Corps and the Infantrymen Corps.
Up until December 1941 AD in the year of our Lord, the German Blitzkrieg or Lightning Warfare, had prevailed supreme against the French, English, Poles and Russians, because the wars were quick victories which overwhelmed the enemy so it did not have time to recover.

This was the field of the Panzers, the mobilized attack corps of tanks  and artillery. The Panzers were moving 50 kilometers a day.  When the Wehrmacht struck at Russia, the Germans penetrated so far behind Soviet lines that the Russians were startled to find the tank columns they thought were their own, were in fact the Germans rolling up entire armies of hundreds of thousands of men and material.

The two groups were typified by the Panzer in Hoepner, Guderian and Schweppenberg who were always promoting the advance and the attack, to the Infantry in Kluge, Ruoff and Sinnhuber knew that the problems the Germans were having were due to the successes in the Panzer advance was leaving too much non controlled territory in the German rear.

This came to a head in the end of October in Operation Typhoon, where euphoria met with the Russian mud of the rasptutitsa, attrition and the German advance having slowed and was having to deal with Soviet counter attacks.

In this period,  the General Staff were plying Hitler with advance while the Wehrmacht was stuck in the mud for weeks. It came to the point that Hitler met with General Kluge for a complete assessment of the situation in the facts. Clever Hans did just that in spending 3 days with the Fuhrer, impressing upon him that lightning warfare had it's place, but it was making itself vulnerable, had ruined the horse drawn supply columns, worn out the mechanized units and was unable to hold the ground the Wehrmacht had taken.

After listening to Kluge's counsel, Adolf Hitler issued this assessment that the German advance had to match the speed with which the infantry could march.

In a campaign, it's the infantryman who,  when all's said, sets the tempo of the operations by his legs. That consideration should bid to us to keep motorisation within reasonable limits, Instead of the six horses that used to pull and instrument of war, they've taken to using an infinitely more powerful motor engine, with this sole objective of makin possible a speed which is, in practice, unusable - that's been proved. In the choice between mobility and power, the decision in peacetime is given too easily in favour of mobility.

Adolf Hitler
Chancellor of Germany
October 29, 1941 AD

 Field Marshal Fedor von Bock
Commander Army Group Centre

Field Marshal Gunther von Kluge
der Klug Hans (The Clever Hans)
Commander German 4th Army

The loss of the Russian Front is a testimony concerning the disaster that meets any army when it deploys with speed, but has not the heavy forces and infantry to hold what has just been won.

For a reality in this, the beginning of American defeat, began with the violation of the above, when in Korea on the Yalu River the Americans lost and were pushed back by hordes of Mao's Chinese.  105 Howitzers were put into play as there was not enough airpower nor infantry to repel the attack.
It is always about that reality, and the reality  that General Custer reaped fantastic victories in all of his battles until the last one, where his lightning cavalry of pack mules and saddles were overwhelmed when he was betrayed by his own forces not arriving in the slaughter of the Little Big Horn.
In cavalry 1/4 of the troop strength was necessary to hold the horses. A 300 man group would immediately lose 75 men and be down to 225 men. Compared to the Colonel Richard Irving Dodge with his infantry boys in blue who appeared always in force to the last man as  they were on foot.

General George Custer
7th Cavalry 1875

Vietnam was another disaster in the pioneering of the American air cavalry, which could deploy in hours to remote locations and strike, but the problem again was what depressed troop morale, as they came, conquered, left and had to return because the enemy took the non occupied fields.
The United States was too big and fast, so it could not control the guerilla warfare.

American Air Cavalry Vietnam 1969

The same disaster awaited the Americans in Somalia in Black Hawk Down, where Les Aspen as Secretary of Defense for Bill Clinton, refused to deploy heavy armour to obliterate terror mobs who appeared against hummers and choppers.


American Black Hawk Landing Zone

This is thee American military. It wowed the world in Gulf Wars, but it was the Abram's tanks which destroyed the less technical Saddam Hussein Soviet tanks,  not the air war. American mobility was allowed due to air cover and it's snakelike supply columns following behind.
This is what Russia and China began developing in rapid deployment warfare as the America model, but warfare of this means can strike less sophisticated targets, but the IED and uprisings begin destroying that light force.

America has proven it can fight and gain victory with rapid deployment. It can not though hold onto that victory in long term. In long term warfare, America has not since World  War II produced a sustained warfare of heavy and technical munitions, and in that the United States was never attacked.

The American supply line now is inferior Chinese parts and an assemblage of coalition warfare parts, all having out front these rapid deployment forces and strike forces, which in sustained combat will through attrition lose airpower superiority, lose supply, lose morale and in the end again lose  battles, because what Adolf Hitler understood in 1941 AD in the year of our Lord that power trumps mobility every time.

The German infantry often had Russian tanks crashing through their lines and ripped them to shreds, because they were lightly equipped. The American advance in 1945 had the same problem with German panzers, but Americans had the advantage of the Thunerbolt fighter bomber in air support. This was a General George S. Patton achievement in the German Guderian radio communications, but where Guderian had tank radio, Patton employed air radio with ground radio to coordinate attacks.
One can get by with this until the Battle of the Bulge has weather grounding air support and then the Americans who were not Patton's 3rd Army were rolled up just as easy as Patton rolled up the Wehrmacht.

It is a reality that America has massive firepower. Then so does Russia and China.  Russia though will have the terrain and China will have the hordes to consume American firepower to attrition the Americans.
When I hear these American number of 300 Americans deployed, the lessons of General Norman Schwartkopf in Gulf War I have been ignored in his combination of air, heavy munitions and infantry in rapid deployment, for General Tommy Franks  "get it done on a Bush budget"
When there is nothing there, any army can take ground. When though heavy armour meets light armour as at Stalingrad, then defeat is the result.

I have stated when Donald Trump starts his Great Eurasian War it will require 70 million Americans to be in the military, and in order to supply it, America will become the complete Nazi conglomerate state which Franklin Roosevelt began with the foundation of Woodrow Wilson. It will require that many boots on the group to occupy the space on these massive fronts as the rapid deployments will strike, conquer, but be consumed through attrition.
Even with 70 million, that would leave perhaps 25 million White Christian of Anglo Saxon able forces, with 45 million malcontents. The difference is though that those 25 million facing Trump Genocide in the Visa  Vermin might not fight, and in that what would happen if these trained and equipped forces did what Patton envisioned in joining Russia (Patton was Germany) and conquer Moscow, but in this case what if these Americans join Russia to invade the United States to liberate it, and restore the Republic.

The assessment is if America goes to war again, it will face the same failures of the Mideast of perpetual war and will face an epic defeat in a long term war as rapid deployment will be obliterated by the hordes of China and the heavy munitions which Russia has in storage. as Europe is Russia's home ground and it's heavy tanks are there, and NATO has zero force to stop Mother Russia.

These are realities which must be discussed and not Twitter ranted about. America needs a Clever Hans and none is to be found in McMaster, Mattis or Kelly.

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