Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dip and Deal

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My Gram used to say, "Dip and deal, save a bit for every meal". The reason for that is if you did not ration things, you would starve.

In that I have a tip for you children and brats. Whenever I make home raised chicken, I always fill the roaster up with about half water. The purpose of this is bones are full of protein and baking renders it into gelatin, which if one saves it, I end up with 3 quarts of high quality bouillon.

I use this in all sorts of thing from Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Soup to the recipe I share in Potato Soup.

All of these things are peasant foods, but it does not mean one has to eat stuff that tastes like watered down cow crap. In all cooking it is what is at the base that makes things taste wonderful.

This recipe has no spices in it and yet it is a lovely flavorful soup which is easy on your system and it will feed you for sometime and your family.

I started out with a 5 pound bag of Russet potatoes which were on sale for 1.89.

Those are diced.

The chicken bouillon was "free" from another dish.

I cooked this in a Revereware 8 quart kettle from the thrift store at 1.50

I cup shredded carrot, which is 1 large carrot.

2 stalks of celery, it was on sale 1.89 a few weeks before.

1/2 red onion, again on sale. 88 cents.

Evaporated Milk was on sale 2 for 3 dollars.

2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper.

4 slices or 1/2 pound ham, another 1.50.

So I will get 16 meals out of this, 5.39.......2.77......sorry adding it up 7.16 was the cost and if I add the pot it was 8.66.

I made this potato soup for 44 cents a serving.

I make croutons for this in poultry seasoning, salt and pepper, on diced bread, about 10 slices, another 1.50.

The question is how many meals can you get out of one chicken? I usually in enjoying a starting meat meals, using the bouillon, in Shepherd's Pie and Potato Soup, average around 30 meals.

I come from a people who had to learn how to stretch things, because the alternative was starving.

This is the perfect season for Potato Soup. This is lovely peasant food. Food is in every case the only comfort there is in the days we live.  It is one reason people are so stingy, crabby and cantankerous is because they are non stop eating food which tastes like shit, like crude oil or chemicals. I warn every one of you that those Mexican slaughtered chickens you are buying in Walmart cheap that if you take them home and boil them up, you will discover a smell that you will want to gag over, as you are smelling chemical rotting shit.
Eat good food for a month and you will be astounded how everything processed all tastes like chemicals or worse.

I watch people in check out lines, buying the worst instant foods and they all complain about how they have these medical conditions, and it all stems from what they are eating as it is rotten poison. It does not take a great deal of effort or expense, if you just keep in mind about a dozen recipes and then wait around for the sales. You have to though start with quality foods as that affects everything.

A meal should be something you look forward to with delight. Do you look forward to your meals with delight or with dread?

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