Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Return of the Immortals

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The immortals learned they could kill each other, after attaining immortality by the mystery knowledge.

Epirus Bow, made from the sacred tree. It is a bow which when drawn back shoots a light arrow. Translation they could not describe a weapon with that visible presence.

This appears a weapon which comes from the basis of immortal life, and it generates a form of destruction, as in the Lake of Fire able to destroy both body and soul in that cutting off from God.

Tartarus a prison for the defeated immortals, the titans who lost to the "gods".

The Minotaur is as stated is the product of pagan sex rites, on volcanic soils, which broke down the barriers of semen and egg, to produce the human bovine creature imprisoned in the Labyrinth. The Minotaur came from "Zeus" the immortal in the sex act, meaning the "genetics" were produced there in this experiment.
This was the beginning of the study of DNA hybrids.

Hyperion released the titans by the bow. Hyperion was one of the 12 titans of earth and sky, who by joining Cronos or Time in becoming immortal, they then moved to overthrow the sky or Uranus which is Heaven.
He understood the knowledge, and his children sun, moon and dawn, brought that knowledge to earth.

Zeus with the 'gods' or immortals in Tartarus fought the battle in prison, and pulled the foundations which held up the immortals down.......the building blocks of the tree which made them immortal.

They went to the stars to continue the fight.

Conclusion, while Adam and Eve were banned from the Tree of Life, that Tree which was destroyed on earth in the Deluge of Noah, but it appears that in this period of legend before the ancients, it was reconstructed and produced a group of immortals, who created the not understood artifacts.

They will return in the deception and are of the knowledge which is alien, which is what the longevitarians are to resurrect by satan.

There is no angel reproduction with humans. There is the immortals with altered DNA which mingled with the daughters of men.

This is what appears to be generating again, and will provide the great deception that you are children of the stars, by the power of forces which they worship.
It was by these before the earth was divided were the "giants" of yore.

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