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Donald Trump forgets missing Americans in Korean War

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We are learning something of Donald Trump in making disasters, foreign and nuclear, that with North Korea fiascos, it was not spur of the moment, but instead Mr. Trump had thought this through.

For a recap in this, the United States since the Korean War has refused to acknowledge North Korea, for the simple reason it would legitimize the regime. It was why the United States refused to validate North Vietnam until Bill Clinton appeared and why the United States refused to validate Cuba, until Birther Hussein came along.
Now Donald Trump is joining the worst political disasters by meeting with North Korea, and obtaining absolutely NOTHING.

See in times past President Nixon only met with China when there was reason to play the China card against Russia and President Reagan only met  Russia when the Soviets had agreed to real nuclear reductions. See you only have meetings with belligerent foreigners when your State Department has already worked out the details so you look good. Donald Trump instead has nothing worked out and North Korea is the only one who wins as the United States legitimizes that regime, and then it can go back and work on it's nukes, and fire off one just before the 2018 elections to make a fool out of Donald Trump and meddle in US elections.

Oh yes this time Donald Trump is colluding with North Korea to help  democrats take both houses of Congress.


Mr. Trump accepted on the spot, stunning not only Mr. Chung and the other high-level South Koreans who were with him, but also the phalanx of American officials who were gathered in the Oval Office.
His advisers had assumed the president would take more time to discuss such a decision with them first. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, the president’s national security adviser, both expressed caution. If you go ahead with this, they told Mr. Trump, there will be risks and downsides.

Mr. Trump brushed them off. I get it, I get it, he said.
Where others see flashing yellow lights and slow down, Mr. Trump speeds up. And just like that, in the course of 45 minutes in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump threw aside caution and dispensed with decades of convention to embark on a daring, high-wire diplomatic gambit aimed at resolving one of the world’s most intractable standoffs.

In all of this what makes zero sense in this, is intelligence, meaning CIA Pompeo, NSA McMaster and Defense Mattis all had prior knowledge to this offer from Kim, as America was spying on South Korea, and no one told the President the facts of proper US policy to make it to the top of the skyscraper.

An American official said they had learned about it from intelligence agencies, so on Thursday morning, before the arrival of the South Koreans, Mr. Trump talked by phone with Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, who was traveling in Africa, about the possibility. What he did not tell Mr. Tillerson was that he would accept.
Mr. Trump was eager enough, however, that once he said yes, they discussed a meeting as early as next month. The South Koreans suggested it would be better to wait until after Mr. Moon’s summit meeting with Mr. Kim in April, which led to a target of May.
Not only did Mr. Trump surprise the South Koreans by accepting immediately, he even suggested that they make the public announcement right there and then at the White House.

This was even a larger disaster as Mr. President put fines on Japan and South Korea for steel, failed to inform them of what he planned with North Korea, and as Mr. Trump has been telling Japan one thing, Japan has now discovered it has been betrayed and can not trust thee Americans in the least.

“I have an impression that the Japanese are not quite well informed,” said Yoshiki Mine, head of a previous Japanese delegation seeking normalized relations with North Korea. “What we have been told is awfully out of tune, I should say.”

The only person though that Donald Trump rushed to share the news with, was dictator Xi of Peking, but Xi was not taking Trump's phone calls, so Donald had to wait around to cuddle with Xi, the dictator who nuclear missiles pointed at the United States and has infiltrated all of the United States.

This is an unmitigated disaster in foreign affairs and it is only going to erupt into the worst of situations for the United States. Literally North Korea in one positive move, has moved Mr. Trump to ruin relations with Japan and South Korea.
So you understand this, Donald Trump is going to be grinning with a leader who uses a cannon to blow up his Uncle, and used nerve gas to assassinate his half brother, because the brother was a stooge to replace Kim for "outside" interests.

Trump administration officials said Sunday there will be no more conditions imposed on North Korea before a first-ever meeting of the two nation’s leaders beyond the North’s promise not to resume nuclear testing and missile flights or publicly criticize U.S.-South Korean military exercises.
No more conditions from Donald Trump as why would missing Americans for 60 years matter to Donald Trump, as he forgot about them in his fixation on trying to impress the Peking girl, Xi.

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There is absolutely no art of the deal in this, as America's two best allies in Japan and South Korea, no longer trust America, and once Kim Jong Un is elevated to the standing of an American President, Kim has everything he wants, will keep his nukes to keep his head, and then be the same astute political manipulator he always has been.

I had thought there was potential with Donald Trump, but there is absolutely none. He tried being a Conservative and failed at that and is now back to his liberal democrat roots and he will  fail at this as Kim Jong Un has outplayed Donald Trump at every turn.

To make the point in this as Mike Pence blew his opportunity with Kim Yo, the sister of Kim Jong at the Olympics, Trump would have been better off to counter offer a meeting with Kim Yo and Ivanka. Ivanka Trump is not match for Kim Yo, but it would have shifted the negotiations to their proper point in if Kim behaved until May with no nuke tests, then in behaving with Ivanka, and making Kim Yo the issue to corrupt, the United States would then have Kim Yo at friction with Kim Jung under the bright lights of Tokyo.

This closes with the reality, that all of this is AFTER DONALD TRUMP THOUGHT THIS THROUGH.

Kim Jong Un is more skilled in Americanisms than New York valued Donald Trump.

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