Monday, March 12, 2018

For those still Huffing the Trump Kookade

Oh look at the little bottle in my big nuclear hands


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This Kushner press for Trump is like Goebbels telling Germans a little rape will be good for them from Russia, in the Kim Jong Un fiasco that Donald Trump just unleashed.

Kim Jong Un Wants Peace Treaty From Trump, U.S. Embassy In Pyongyang

The worst of it is  this Stream article by Fred Lucas which is still quoting the Art of the Deal in Four Points Trump will beat Kim Jong Un with.

So you get this, Donald Trump has already lost the deal, because Donald Trump destroyed globally the US Reputation for TRUST, when he blindsided South Korea and Japan. Herbert McMaster has been bitch slapping these Asian allies for a year to make them nuclear targets from North Korea, and in a whim Donald Trump changed his mind and left them hanging without consulting with them first.
Every nation from Latvia to Jordan just saw this shit for policy and knows that the United States will throw you under the bus like Obama did. Putin and Xi witnessed this and realize now that they can offer Trump grandeur and he will betray and ally every time.

Get that point, in no matter what kind of con job that Kim Jong Un offers Trump, the United States has already lost and will continue to lose, as thee preeminent thing that Kim wants is to be legitimized and then take over South Korea to unite the Koreas. Donald Trump has just given Kim the first position and all Kim has to do is wait around for the number two to drop a load, as Kim Jong Un will NEVER disarm from nuclear bombs, as that is all he has to keep his head from Putin, Xi and Trump.

Let us look at Trump's negotiating points as if Kim Jong Un is unaware of all this bullshit and has been outplaying Trump for 15 months.

1.  Walking Away

In 2011, Trump paraphrased his own book in a tweet.
Trump did this and it brought more nuclear tests. Trump rewarded Kim with a meeting for detonating hydrogen bombs.

2.  Flexibility

In 2012, Trump also said flexibility is a key to success while negotiating.
Flexible like Obama, flexible like betraying South Korea and Japan, as Kim Jong Un has artfully dealt with Donald Trump.

3.  Leverage

Trump spoke with Xi of China on Friday, according to a readout from the White House, which said: “The two leaders welcomed the prospect of dialogue between the United States and North Korea, and committed to maintain pressure and sanctions until North Korea takes tangible steps toward complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization.”
Trump tired this tweet loudly and send in nuclear jets and carriers, as China played Trump for a chump and Pyongyang is playing Trump in round three of this.

4.  Confrontation

The announced meeting comes less than a year after the leaders appeared to threaten each other with a nuclear attack.
 So Trump fails, and he threatens confrontation, as Russia says it will not use nuclear bombs to confront America over North Korea, and China will react the same way. So Trump wins, and Kim changes his mind, and again, all Trump has is confrontation which will kill millions of people in Asia and America.

So you see Trump has nothing to bring to the table, and once Kim extracts what he wants, he will go back to being Kim, and Moscow and Peking will provide the shield and laugh at the fool Trump is, as Trump becomes the Jimmy Carter of foreign policy.

There is already major blowback from the adults in the room in CIA Director Mike Pompeo issued this warning to President Trump.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo: ‘There Will be No Concessions’ to North Korea During Talks

The problem in that warning is Donald Trump already conceded to a face to face with Kim, which is 90% of what Kim desired in making North Korea a legitimate nation which America could not deny as a rogue state any longer. The minute that Donald Trump sets foot in a room with any North Korean, North Korea is elevated to an equal of America among nations, and Donald Trump legitimizes the regime in North Korea, including assassinations and death by cannon.

And for the reality of how Donald Trump is being played, Pyongyang has not on state media mentioned the talks with South Korea or the United States, because "talks" would mean that Pyongyang had yielded to Washington's human rights mandates and an admission that Pyongyang was wrong and a criminal state.

This blog laid out exactly how the United States should have proceeded in negotiations with Kim Jong Un, but was ignored and now the United States is facing a nuclear disaster as Mr. Trump keeps the Iran deal, means that two nuclear states will soon be arming terrorists with tactical nukes to soften up the United States, as Iran already has expanded commerce and North Korea will have billions in trade once Donald Trump signs the deal.

Of course Kim Jong Un wants the US embassy in Pyongyang, as it will be easier to spy on America and America will not nuke Pyongyang as long as it's embassy and hostages are there.

As a closing note in this, the New York Times quoted the Trump Junta yesterday as Donald Trump betrayed Japan and South Korea, but you missed the classified information leak.

Mr. Kim’s invitation to meet was not a complete surprise to Mr. Trump’s team. An American official said they had learned about it from intelligence agencies, so on Thursday morning, before the arrival of the South Koreans,

So you understand this, the Trump Junta informed the New York Times, that it has either the North Koreans bugged, a mole next to Kim Jong Un, or has the South Koreans bugged or moles working in the South Korean Government, as that is how one learns about meetings. Admitting that in public, alerts the inner circle of Kim Jong Un or the South Koreans, that they will be executing or imprisoning an American asset. If not a traitor, then these two governments now know that their inner security communications have been breached, and can leak false information to America as they use other non compromised systems.

Trump Junta was kind also to provide Pyongyang and Seoul the exact US departments who are breaching their systems, so they know exactly which Americans to focus on.

General McMaster and Gina Haspel, the deputy C.I.A. director. The four then got together and were soon joined by other American officials, including Mr. Pence, Mr. Mattis, Dan Coats, the national intelligence director, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, and John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff.

One of these seven people leaked to the New York Times, if not Donald Trump himself, and should have their persons indicted as they just put US assets in lethal jeopardy.

So for those still taking the Big Gulp on the Trump seminal fluids, perhaps you should focus upon Donald Trump just destroyed trust with American allies. Donald Trump is about to be made a fool of again, and then Donald Trump goes into a rage, and in this case, the end result is Eurasian nuclear missiles landing in your cities as EMP fries your bank accounts of all you well to do, as you are not donating here as you should be.

Kim Jong Un is not going to change. His succor is Peking and Moscow. He will weaken America and South Korea to his best ability for when war does come. He is at this juncture the most astute leader in the world, due to his precarious situation, he surpasses Putin and Xi.

So in review, just a few days into this, Donald Trump has accomplished this:

  • Mr. President betrayed trust of all US allies
  • Mr. President has compromised US surveillance in the Koreas placing moles in death jeopardy.

 Donald Trump sucks at this and is going to blow this