Saturday, March 17, 2018

HAARP the Baby Animal Murderer

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In observing HAARP weather modification, it really is a matter of wringing out the atmospheric rag of water which is being torn and squeezed.

The most recent example this week is the baby calf and lamb killer storm which HAARP created over the northern great plains. See on the range they have calves and lambs in March, and on schedule this blob of death appeared on the range to kill American livestock, which impoverishes farmers and ranchers, which is what this is all about in keeping money out of Conservative's hands and to get them off the land.

I am going to run this back from March 16th so you can understand what is taking place, as HAARP generated a massive high pressure system over Minnesota to block this storm surge and drive it backwards, hence the appearance of "rotation".

March 15th, witnessed little moisture with this HAARP blob and a pattern had manifested in this blob was driving north and east for a number of days out of the Rockies. Again an impossibliity with a counter clockwise lo pressure system.

This the is the original of March 14th, as this started out of California and was pushing into Idaho. Pay attention to this, as it literally was pushed back southeast to  appear over Nebraska.

The March 13th line of weather is what began all of this. You can judge how a line of Pacific moisture disappeared on the Sierra Nevadas, reformed over Idaho, and then exploded with zero moisture content again over the Nebraska region, where all of these storms went super cell, again no moisture to feed them.

This will produce run off. Snow does nothing for soil moisture or growing grass or crops. It is a wet slush, and nights will be cold, so it will hypothermia thousands of calves and lambs. That is not to say that blizzards are not common in March on the plains. What is the point is those storms ALL formed over Trinidad Colorado, rotated counter clockwise, dumped volumes of eastern type snow, and killed livestock. What you are witnessing in the above is not normal, as there are not any pressure systems rotating and this is about killing livestock in this particular HAARP function. This is not new, as Obama had HAARP dumping snow into the Missouri River basin to flush it out in "river wilding" which destroyed Republican property deliberately by the Army Corp and no one is in prison over that crime either, just like no one will be in jail for murdering these baby animals by storm.

This ends with the March 16th evening weather in once again you can see this weather blob of HAARP being torn in two pieces like liquid cloth in one part over Montana and another over Iowa. This simply can not be as a weather system should have the energy to hold together, but this one again is being ripped apart.

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