Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How the Russia Dossier Began and it was not Russians

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This is a revisit to real history in the epitaph to Conservatives which arrived from the Bush family on America. Most of you have never heard of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, who was pro gun, pro life, pro fur, pro Conservative in one of the men that Ronald Reagan could always count on.

What you probably have forgotten was in the last year of Bush41 in office, his justice department took it upon itself to indict Senator Stevens as he was seeking re election, and it caused Stevens to be defeated.
If you recall in 2008, another Conservative Senator who was Jewish name Norm Coleman had his Minnesota seat stolen from him by the pervert Al Franken who was just driven from the Senate for multiple sexual assaults.
Norm Coleman who stood up against Bushisms, was brought down, along with another Jewish Senator in George Allen of Virginia who was wiped out by  Bush and Rove, because he would have defeated Jeb for the nomination in 2016 as the Bush's were plotting.

There is a long list of Conservatives destroyed under Bush43 which included Larry Craig, set up in a Minneapolis bathroom by cops there for "toe tapping".

The reason this matters is the Ted Stevens case has come up again in connection with the the vendetta against the innocent Mike Flynn, who is now under the protection of Judge Emmet Sullivan.
The  reason Sullivan matters is after Stevens was convicted in a Bush kangaroo court, Sullivan from the bench threw out the conviction, because the Bush Justice Department had deliberately withheld evidence from Ted Stevens which would have cleared him.

As a note to how crooked the trial of Ted Stevens was and without merit the charges, the king of crooks in Eric Holder refused to retry the case against Stevens as it was so bogus. The damage was done though as Bush fam had handed over to Obama a super  majority for the Nazi conglomerate state to make Obamacare  the rationed death of the land.

Do not forget that it was another sodomite Bushman in Chief Justice John Roberts who is now under the Nunes Committee investigation for conspiracy to remove Donald Trump appointed to the FISA court, the Obama appointee in Rudolpho Catreras, who signed the warrant to spy on Trump as the fake dossier as the basis for it.
Catreras was removed after forcing the innocent Mike Flynn to a guilty plea, something which Catreras should not have been involved with in the first place.

By the above one can see this war on Conservatives has been taking place for sometime and it came from the #NeverTrumpers in Bush fam colluding with the Obama crooks, all wrapped up in Robert Mueller's witch hunt.

Judge Emmet Sullivan. Sullivan is well known in legal circles for having been the judge in the case of Ted Stevens, the Republican senator from Alaska who was prosecuted for corruption by the George W. Bush Justice Department. Stevens was convicted in October 2008, causing him to lose his bid for re-election the next month. But it later came to light that the Justice Department had improperly withheld exculpatory evidence. In April 2009, Eric Holder, the Obama attorney general who inherited the mess, dropped the case.
What Flynn watchers are noting today is that when all that happened back in 2009, Sullivan ripped into the Stevens prosecutors with an anger rarely seen on the bench. Sullivan was furious that the federal government had repeatedly withheld evidence from the Stevens defense and has been known ever since as a judge who is a stickler for making sure defendants are allowed access to all the evidence they are entitled to.

If you remember this same hiding of evidence appeared in the Bundy kangaroo trial in Nevada from this same bunch of appointed frauds. It is a reminder for all of you who think your voted for friends or  those media types who coo at you things you want to hear and then stab you in the back as Ben Shapiro did on the Florida high school shooting, of what is involved in all of this

All of this has a rather Andrew Breitbart solution in this as Ted Stevens got himself buried the easy way in death by plane crash.

In 2008, Stevens was embroiled in a federal corruption trial as he ran for re-election to the Senate. He was found guilty, and eight days later was narrowly defeated at the polls. Stevens is the most senior U.S. Senator to have ever lost a reelection bid. However, prior to sentencing, the indictment was dismissed—effectively vacating the conviction—when a Justice Department probe found evidence of gross prosecutorial misconduct. Many have argued the prosecution was unfair and politically motivated.
Stevens died on August 9, 2010, when a de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter he and several others were flying in crashed en route to a private fishing lodge

Plane crashes do have an interesting way of showing up in Bush fam, in John Tower who was Bush41's pick for Secretary of Defense, got himself buried with his daughter into the same grave.

On April 5, 1991, Tower was aboard Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 2311 when it crashed while on approach for landing at Brunswick, Georgia. The crash immediately killed everyone on board, including Tower and his middle daughter, Marian, the astronaut Sonny Carter, and twenty others. An investigation determined that the crash resulted from failure of the plane's propeller control unit

All perfect coincidence really, just like Bush cementing in a super majority for Obama rapine by wiping out Conservatives, just like Bushman John Roberts making Obama illegal rationed death legal and just like Bushman John Roberts put Obama's man Rudopho Catreras into the FISA courts for a coup against Donald Trump in his defeating Jeb Bush.

Just like the Obama's pretending to hate Bush fam, until out of office, just like Bush43 pretended to be born again until out of office, and now it is one big guy on guy cuddlefest.

Just something to remember.

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