Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hitler's Crusaders

The outstanding German Wehrmacht well equipped to liberate Europe
and Civilize Eastern Europe

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry strives to eradicate in your minds all vestiges of propaganda which has brainwashed each of you. Only by giving you frequent brain slaps will you ever start thinking, questioning and stop being led around as bleaters as you are being lied to by everyone but Jesus and that includes the propaganda which has you being robbed of your heritage across the West.

We begin with the propaganda that the Nazi's were pure evil as all Germans are, so that you will be comfortable, so the effect of Truth will have more of an impression on each of you.

The picture below is your first lesson. Know who that Soldier is? He is fighting willingly for Adolf Hitler and Germany, against communists and Bolshevik Jews, and you can check his insignia, as he is a French Patriot under German command on the Eastern Front.
Gee you are not told about that now are you.


Now remember that Hitler conquered France, and here are the French fighting to protect Europe from British Empire and Soviet communists.
 As you can assess there were a large corp of Frenchmen fighting for Germany as they should have as the Soviet communists were the real enemy.


There were so many Free French fighting for Germany, that they had their own place in the 7th Division. This is the 638th Regiment.

Then there were the Russians. They just hated Germans. Ooopppss here are Russian women desiring civilized German men who did not beat them and rape them.

 As you are now more pliable to the Truth after seeing is believing, here are Ukrainian Volunteers proudly serving Germany after the Germans liberated Ukraine from the Soviets in the magnificent victory at Kiev.

 And here are Russian Tartars joining the Germans to fight against the Soviet communist enslaving them.


Let us review now, French  serving with Germans willingly, Russian women loving Germans, Ukrainians joining the Wehrmacht and  Tartars. That would include Spanish, Finns, Romanians and hosts of other free peoples joining the German liberation of Europe and fighting against communists.

But let us continue with this photo of White Russian Cossack, joining Adolf Hitler in the fight against Franklin Roosevelt's friend the murderous Joe Stalin. Proudly flying their flag next to the German Reich's flag.

Adolf Hitler had not unleashed a war, but a crusade and all the modern Peoples of Europe joined this crusade against the satanic communists and shylock Jewry which had enslaved them.


I desire you to look at the free Cossack above, and know what his end was after being free in the German Reich. The British captured these surrendered crusaders, at over 35,000 of them, along with their families of Leinz.
Joe Stalin demanded the British to turn them over to the Russians, which the British did, citing how the Cossacks had raped women. At that point, the British and Americans were overseeing the Russian mass rape of every female child, woman and grandmother in East Germany by Stalin's hordes, but the victor's rape is spoils and the vanquished is a manufactured excuse for wholesale murder.
ALL OF THESE WHITE RUSSIANS met the same fate the Ukrainians did under Stalin, in they were frozen to death. None survived.

Now ask yourself what could be so dangerous to the powerful democrat Franklin Roosevelt, and the profiteers of the fakery of he Jewish holocaust, in hiding the fact that Adolf Hitler was leading a modern crusade and myriads of free people chose to liberate themselves from tyrant Stalin as Americans did from King George in 1776 AD in the year of our Lord.

Perhaps that is the dangerous point in this, in millions of Americans suffered and died because of world war, and their leadership had them at war against the liberator warring against globalists, instead of fighting to liberate Europe from international finance and global communism.

Hitler's Crusaders and now it might make more sense why General George Patton was assassinated, as General Patton was going to join his 3rd Army to the German Wehrmacht to liberate Europe from the communist menace, as Adolf Hitler intended.

If Hitler Nazism was evil, then why did all Europe convert to socialism and America socialism is now converting to Obama community organized communism?

Now for two more photos, in a German Soldier brutalized while in allied custody after he surrendered.


And the photograph of unarmed SS officer Ernst Fick and his driver, murdered outside their vehicle by Americans.


Before America gets propagandized into another world war, perhaps Americans should figure out who is the bad guy in the next one, and then follow George Washington's mandate to STAY OUT OF FOREIGN INTRIGUE so Americans stop turning into the butchers they claim they fought against.