Saturday, March 24, 2018

How to be an MPEG Hero

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is going to explain the producers secret in how you can become a rock star, or how you create a rock song which is one for the ages.

Obviously you need a riff, all that usually is 4 chords and then a shift, which is what is called an instrumental, which is a break in the song.

Yes that is easy, but now I will tell you the secret and give away the store of classic scores by letting you hear the secret in 3 rock classics.

Eric Clapton Layla Original - YouTube

Derek and Dominos( Eric Clapton( Layla ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

In Eric Clapton in Layla, you hear the power riff which is it's signature, but what you do not realize what Eric Clapton is doing is replaying the original gritty deep chord, on a several octave higher chord. It fools the ear, but in the human emotional embrace, it is the high and low, which stimulates.

John Cougar Mellencamp I Need A Lover - YouTube

John Cougar Mellencamp I Need A Lover. John Cougar Mellencamp I Need A Lover. ... John Cougar Mellenkamp - I need a lover • TopPop - Duration: 3:25.

In John Cougar's I Need A Love Who Won't Drive Me Crazy, he simply replays for five minutes the same power chord which you are drawn to, but what he fools your ear with is he plays it with various lead guitar structures, so it sounds different and does not become old.

HEART - Magic Man (1976) - YouTube

HEART - Magic Man (1976) WarmerMusicVideos. Loading ... Heart - Crazy On You (live 1977) - Duration: 5:37. Pure Rock N Roll 17,645,129 views. 5:37.

Lastly, Heart in Magic Man, has the girls doing fine work as they have real talent, as they have the power chords, all through the song, including the instrumental, but they move beyond Clapton and Cougar in not just changing octaves and  guitar sounds, but add piercing pauses which jerk the listener in a new direction.

Yes there is work to a classic song as it just does not happen, but what you have to understand in good songs, you are hearing the same chord and an instrumental, a shift, but in a great song, the rockers take it to the next level in playing that chord at different octaves with different lead guitars, and in something like Magic Man the girls change the chord just enough from the gritty low to the high piercing chords that it really is a thrill.

In some songs like Led Zeppelins Stairway to Heaven or Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine, one can not even hear a semblance of the original blues chord it progressed from, unlike Blue Oyster Cult in Don't Fear the Reaper which keeps returning as a signature throughout the song.

See there is not anything to it, and perhaps you understand now why all this current clanking is not music and none of these people have any talent at all. There is zero time spent crafting the song in different sounds and the producers have zero ability to stick in sounds which reverberate as in Heart, in the fantastic work of Heartless.

I have zero talent in playing music or I would be doing that. I can write, but now I have not any time to craft music or I would be wealthy doing that. You at least understand what a song is supposed to be and why music sucks now in the 21st century.

PS: Neil Diamond was a great artist, but he never employed any of the  above. You have no idea how huge he would have been as big as he is, if he would have just added the above to his music, but he was from the era of 1:30 songs for radio playtime

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