Tuesday, March 27, 2018

It is time to put Kurt Eichenwald and Meghan McCain into a Movie

Milton Selzer, the Greatest Guest Star Ever


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I never know what kind of sexual proclivities people have, as the internet was all a buzz in Kurt Eichenwald liked kangaroo sex or something a few weeks back, but now it seems Eichenwald is sort of something like a Meghan Crasher in he apparently likes rough foreplay with daughters of fathers who claim to be dying of cancer like John McCain, but he is writing Trump Trasher Books and seems that cancer agrees with him, like Jimmy Carter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and I forget all their names, but you know who they are.

Personally, I do not find Megs McCain attractive. She is fat and greasy in most instances, but one does not in these times judge people in what they are attracted to whether it be kangaroos or Megs.

I did notice something though in the Eichenwald foreplay,  that Kurt Eichenwald looks a great deal like one of my favorite actors in Milton Selzer. If you watch oldster television, you will see Milton in about every role there is. In fact, he is the most prolific guest star actor in history.

My favorite is Milton on Hogan's Heroes. It is one of the most odd things that most of the Nazi's on Hogan's Heroes were Jews, Europa Jews to be exact.  In fact, the most bad ass, scary Nazi on that Bing Crosby production filmed on Desilu Studio lots were Jews.
Milton Selzer was really creepy. He had that chewing mash potatoes in your face Yiddish thing going on so his words just spit out venom and made you want to puke. He simply was incredible and that is why he was cast so many times in roles, as in one of the strangest roles on the Twilight Zone, Selzer has to put on a mask with other family members that makes them look like pigs, and oddly enough Selzer does not look that different from how he always looks.
That is the odd part in Kurt Eichenwald reminds me of Selzer more and more. No it is not just those Himmler spectacles that Eichenwald wears or how he Twitterplays rough foreplay with fat blonde shiksas, it is just that look in his eyes that Milton Selzer perfected in perfect hatred as a Nazi.

I mean just look at that face. That is a natural for Hollywood Nazi movies. Kurt Eichenwald can be the new Milton Selzer. Imagine what Spielberg could do with that face in Saving Private Ryan part two or Shindler's List part two. That is an Oscar winning face and after Harvey Weinstein makes his comeback the academy will be looking to gain favor with Jews, and Eichenwald will be a sure Oscar winner as like Oberfuhrer Adolf von Evilmeir.
The thing is in comparing Selzer an Eichenwald, Eichenwald is much more sinister and lacks the warmth of Selzer, as Selzer always had hot women like the gorgeous Marj Dusay.

See Marj is hot, nothing like Meghan McCain.


The interesting thing is Marj was on Hogan's heroes, and on Star Trek, and Colonel Klink who is a Jew, starred with another Jewish legend in Leonard Nimoy.


Spock liked dressing up as a Nazi on Star Trek, as did William Shatner who is Jewish too.


See Jews either make hot Nazi, funny Nazi or creepy Nazi and Eichenwald  has that scary part going on as  the look in his eyes, maybe it is from brain seizures, but I think Eichenwald should get the next starring role in Hollywood's next Nazi movie as my favorite guest star actor is no longer alive.

Oh wow, could you imagine Eichenwald in the remake of this with Meghan McCain. I don't know what the movie is, but this is the role of a lifetime.


It is time Kurt Eichenwald went boldly where Milton Selzer, Leonard Nimoy and Bill Shatner have not gone before.......at least with Meghan McCain on screen.