Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Retarded David Hogg would excel as sex change Darcy Hogg

Aerosmith - Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - YouTube

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In sympathy David Hogg has been rejected by all of Jerry Brown's California universities in the UCLA genre. The fact is Hogg is too white as everyone hates white people, as California is full of swarthy skinned scholarships and of course those for profit foreigners, so David Hogg just is in the way.
Yes David Hogg, 17 and life to go.

The Lame Cherry wills to assist David Hogg to get into UCLA and suggests like Chelsea Manning, he gets his penis and testicles removed, puts on lipstick and takes tit grower meds and reapplies as Darcy Hogg.

Hogg's SAT's score was 1260. Florida runs at 1418 average, so unfortunately David Hogg is not only a male, but he apparently is retarded too. It gets no better in California as that SAT average is 1476.
All the more reason to get a sex change and get a special scholarship. He certainly has the little girl body for it. Not like he has muscles and doctors would probably give him a discount on the sex change part as how much of that could there be.

So that is the reality David Hogg becomes Chelsea Manning or Chaz Bono, or, David Hogg applies to go to the Virgin Islands where they accept anyone around 1100 in a score. Perhaps he could get some melanin and fit right in with the natives.

It must be a blow to Michael Bloomberg to have chosen a mental retard as his anti gun spokesgirl. Perhaps though with makeup, sex change, hormone therapy, Darcy Hogg will become the graduate of Harvard that Barack Obama did of for that matter Michelle Obama did ok as a black man in college.

Sex-change treatment for kids on the rise - CBS News

Growing number of children - as young as 4 - who think they were born wrong sex getting support, sex change operations

You know it has never been established, but is David Hogg really Darcy Hogg in there has already been an operation as he was born a girl, and maybe David just needs to reapply to UCLA as a transvestite and then he will not have to go to the Virgin Islands and become black, not that there is nothing wrong with being black as the Sharpton brothers have done quite well with that in have they both now been arrested by the FBI?

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