Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ivanka's True Calling

 Reichmaiden Ivanka Drumpf


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Now that my father has come out in favor ending due process in seizing people's firearms first and then throwing them into concentration camps and declaring everyone mentally ill who does not agree with us, I feel emboldened in my slave labor imports, taking money from Muslims and promoting the holocaust womb, to tell my true story in Ivanka SS.

My first and fondest memories were being drafted into the Brustlager as my true calling where the chosen few were destined to breast feed 100 kinder, as our true calling, in freeing Aryan women to breed the master race, as they fought for the Homeland in all fields from finance, education and military.

wunderbare Brüste, um das Vaterland zu füttern

It was after graduation from Brustlager that I first was employed in the bund, to help win the broadcast air war, where I oversaw the production of National Socialist Apprentice and my special project, "Last Man Standing" as my true calling, but somehow Tim Allen was cast in my role.

Werbung für mich ist meine Sache

It was then that I found my true calling in die stellung. In posing as I discovered that the cause could be furthered in my striking a pose wherever I went. I was a natural at this and some people said it was my true calling.

Mein Spitzname ist Bär Frau

Unsatisfied and unfilled in that vocation which lasted 4 days, I founded the Muschi Macht as my true calling. Most of the manifesto was in German, but we advocated castrating all males, turning little boys into girls, and declaring that only women could think, speak, vote and serve in office.

vater sagt muschi grab - Ict sage Muschi Macht!!!

Lastly, after the great success of Muschi Macht, I was appointed the role I was born for as my true calling, in I now am a cartoon character of myself starring as Ivanklocks, the Golden Princess of Trumptopia.
Here I frequently take credit for everything, leak to the liberal press, plant propaganda about me to further my power, leak to the press  about people I want to destroy who daddy listens to more than me, and I am about to have my husband Jared indicted and my brother Don jr indicted, whereby I will soon become my own husband and my father's favorite first born son as Ivanka jr.

bringe meine beste Brust nach vorne

I am now the Reichmaiden and it is liberating to finally reveal my accomplishments as others have stated that I have none and only made it to the White House by my daddy's coattails. I have reached my true calling. Bombing Syrians over fake chemical weapon attacks. Smiling for Chicom bankrolling my inlaw's business, smiling for Muslim money for my women's groups and accomplishing the excruciating vocation of, being Ivanka, Reichmaiden now and forever.

Meine Wahre Berufung