Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Cubs of Mother Russia

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As  no one else is addressing this and the reality is no one has a historical understanding nor comprehension of Russia, as the Junta continues to move Donald Trump to war with Russia in the scorched fields of Europe to leave their rivers bloody and their cities rubble, an introduction to the Russian People is required, from the verse of those who knew them best in the French Grande Armee which Russia consumed and the German Wehrmacht which Russia consumed.

The reality of this understanding is based on the reality that the French of 1800 and the German of 1900 were civilized peoples, and the land they entered was a wilderness and overflowing with an uncivilized people, made that way by extreme deprivation by nature and authority.

It is difficult for the modern mind to comprehend that savages, brutes, barbarians and backward peoples do exist and are not the least like them. Americans forget that World War II, witnessed a million back street and back woods ignorant who were no more insightful than the rats and trees they cohabited with.  The US Army pulled thousands of teeth and treated numerous medical conditions to create the US Army to fight Hitler. These were people who were unschooled and in many ways just capable of taking care of themselves. They were the backwards nature of the liberated Russian serf who was still in bondage to the Orthodox Church and who were little above the stock of the fields as William the Conqueror so designated the English peasants he defeated.

Hans Roth, a Wehrmacht Soldier recorded this on noting the Russian People.

Bolshevism has consciously destroyed everything soulful, everything individual and private that makes up the character of the value of the human being. What is left is the animal in the Bolshevik, who, however, does not have the finer instincts. Humans in the state of animals are much lower than the actual animal. That is why the animal Bolshevik is so hard and bloodthirsty, cruel and stubborn against the enemy and against himself. This is how to understand the demeanor of the Soviet in this way, "What looks braveness is brutality".

What Roth was noting was what the Wehrmacht was experiencing. It was as General Washington sat aghast in the surrender of Lord Cornwallis, as the French and English sat down, victor and vanquished to drink wine and eat together after the battle. This is what Europe had been civilized by in warfare, in the French, Austrian, German, Purssian, Spaniard, English, all obeyed rules. Yes their soldiers were barbaric, but disciplined in once surrender occurred the victors would never mistreat the enemy, but that is not what the Germans were finding in Mother Russia.
In Russia, these ignorants were murdering Germans. In Western Europe, an army or group which was facing overwhelming odds, would lay down their arms and surrender as civilized Christians. In Russia, the Soviets refused to surrender when unarmed or facing certain death, and this forced the Germans to kill them to the last man, or these Russians would rise to murder them again in being prisoners.

That is what Roth was explaining in those on the outside would in America note this as Bravery like Custer at the Little Big Horn or Crockett as the Alamo, but those were civilized men who treated their captives with Christian care, in Russia, there was nothing about bravery in what they were doing, as they were like animals defending their den in absolute ignorance if they came out  the Germans would allow them to make their own way again, so it was not bravery in the Russians but an animal fear of Germans and Stalin.

Russians would dress up as Germans, infiltrate and murder every German Soldier they engaged, surrender or not. It was the Bolshevik animal marauding against that which was not his kind in the Nazi human.

This is the basis of all the propaganda about the savage German. The German in order to survive matched the animals they were facing. They were the people of Gothe and what they were meeting were animals with fleas and lice, and who lived with rats.

General Kliest of the First Panzer Army summed it up succinctly in his actual contact in knowledge of Germans and Russians:

The Russians are so primitive that they won't give up even when they are surrounded by a dozen machine guns. I would say the difference between Germans and Russian bravery in the sense that the former is logical an the latter brutal".

Russia was a poverty stricken and dying country. There was nothing there worth defending and to fight so intense for. Albert Neuhaus diagnosed it as a condition of stupidity or organized hate.
It was exactly the reaction of an animla.

Hitler in describing Greater Germany, Lebenstraum, made this statement:

We shan't settle in the Russian town, and we'll let them fall to pieces without intervening. And, above all, no remorse on this subject!
We're not going to play at children's nurses; we're absolutely without obligations as far as these people are concerned.
To struggle against the hovels, chase away the fleas, provide German teachers, bring out newspapers - very little of that for us!
We'll confine ourselves, perhaps, to setting up a radio transmitter, under our control.   For the rest, let them know just enough to understand our highway signs, so that they won't get themselves run over by our vehicles!
For them the word "liberty" means the right to wash on feast days. There's only one duty; to Germanise this country by the immigration of Germans, and to look upon the natives as Redskins.

The Lame Cherry states none of this in hatred of Russia. I love the Russian People as they are a good people, but there is a grave mistake from this Soros led cartel being foisted upon leaders like Donald Trump and NATO in thinking that a war with Russia will be a war which is won, for the same Russian cubs live and breathe in Russia. These are a people who still worship the butcher Joe Stalin. They understand the need for Vladimir Putin's authority and control. They are people of the Vodka bottle and the Bible, with the cross beating them on the right cheek and the state baton on the left. They are still a suffering, emotionally charged and resolute people, that if you wrong them or bully them, they will remember and they will keep coming back until you kill every one of them, or they kill every one of you.

If NATO invades Russia, Russia's climate and people will destroy NATO. If NATO can pull the bear out of her cave into Europe to kill her, she will still retreat and NATO will have to go in and die their to kill her or hope for a revolution in which the bear kills herself.

Whoever touches Russia will have to deal with the cubs, who will come out of their houses, out of their farms, out of their villages, and just like against Napoleon and Hitler, will kill that army one by one, until attrition shatters thee invader.

Put a Russian animal into Afghanistan and they will go home in defeat. Put a Russian animal in Chechnya and they will slaughter that nation at all costs. Put a Russian in Russia though with nowhere to go, and any invader will discover an animal which will not surrender and which will kill the invader at  all costs.

Let the bear loose in  Europe and she will shatter the nations and pick them clean before retreating. Go into the bear's den and she will pick your bones clean as she sacrifices her cubs with the tears the suffering Russians so enjoy.

There is a Russian proverb which goes like this, You are born, you suffer and you die. Until you understand the soul of Russia, it is wise to not try and stop her heart, because the greatest powers the world has known have attempted it and returned defeated to their own coups.

Mr. Trump has dealt with one coup. If he allows his junta to begin a war with Russia, the history shows the Russians survive and those who begin the war are the ones who are removed from power.

Leave the bear in peace and speak kindly to it as her cubs are the same animals as it is who these people are. They survive in a land where none could live and they survive through the centuries as empires attempted to rid the world of the bear in the cave.

There have always been enough bullets to defeat Russia, but Russia wounded would never surrender when beaten. There has never been enough bullets to kill all the Russians, as that is the only way any invader will ever defeat Russia.

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