Sunday, March 11, 2018

Krystal Trump: The Shattering of Reagan's Republican Party

der Fuhrer of SSA
Sodomite Socialists of America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry will keep telling you, in necessary repeats, that Donald Trump has the same Webster Griffin Tarpley agenda to shatter the Republican party and make into a fringe party, while he implements the Jeb Bush strategy of winning the White House for 2020 by finding his inner democrat.
America has entered Krystal Trump as politically line in the sand as Adolf Hitler's Krystal Nacht.
You have to get this as Donald Trump is not an idiot and all of this is by design, including humiliating the South Koreans over the North Korean meeting announcement, and then Mr. Trump shattering all Conservative foreign policy by validating Kim Jong Un with absolutely nothing in return.

You will notice the Kushner shill, Sunprancer over at  Cuckservitude Treehose has not been defending any of this in the usual spin. It is a reality that Donald Trump is in the process of destroying the GOP, and leading the  SS  (sodomite socialists) against the Obama communists in 2020, as the majority in Christians, Veterans, Patriots and Gun Owners are marginalized to the modern Whig.

Just review what Donald Trump now is in 2018 in he is not Trump of 2016.

Trump Calls NBC’s Chuck Todd ‘Sleeping Son-of-a-*****’ During Pennsylvania Rally 

That foul language was in 2018, but in 2016 Trump promised to never use foul language again.

Trump on foul language: 'I'll never do it again' | TheHill

Trump on foul language: ... "I'm just not going to do it. I'll never do it again, actually, and I'll never even copy what somebody asks me to say. ...

Donald Trump is now validating Kim Jong Un, without any sure returns of nuclear disarmament from North Korea, in more Clinton Obama policy.

Trump Blasts ‘Fake’ News Media for Negative Coverage of Upcoming Meeting With North Korea

Then there is DACA Don in Pennsylvania.

Trump Swerves Sharp Left on Illegal Immigration in Pennsylvania: We Need DACA Illegals Because They’re ‘Good People’ and ‘We Need Good, Great Workers’

 How about this in who is running America's economic situation? He is not even an American!!! He is though an enviro nut and a member of the globalist CFR. This is Gary Cohn internationalist.
Thee most important job in taking back America's economy and Trump picks a Rockefeller globalist who is not even American.

A native of New Zealand, Liddell has served as director of the New Zealand Rugby Union.

He was chairman of Project Crimson, a conservation group, and is active in a number of environmental projects in New Zealand, such as the restoration of Rotoroa Island and the Abel Tasman National Park.
He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
 And who is Donald Trump replacing Evangelicals with? Yes sodomites.

Trump Sends Congratulations to Homosexual Republican Group ...

WASHINGTON -- President Trump recently sent a congratulatory letter to a homosexual Republican group to acknowledge its 40th anniversary---a letter that cites a

Then there was Donald Trump's Florida gun ban which begins the process of opening all of your private medical records for examination before you buy a gun, as Mr. President bans 18 to 21 year olds their rights to own firearms.

Donald Trump praises Florida for bill arming school faculty ...

President Trump on Thursday praised Florida's legislature for the gun bill it approved this week, and took credit for provisions that would allow some ...

And Donald Trump's police state continues to spy on you.

Trump signs NSA surveillance extension bill into law

The Senate approved the bill Thursday after it cleared the procedural 60-vote threshold needed to restrict debate ... Student tells Trump at Florida anti-gun rally: ...

NONE of those policies is from 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, and none of those policies are Ronald Reagan Republican. Those are all Obama Clinton Bush positions, and this is what Donald Trump is engaged in.
Remember Donald Trump praising that fugly Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota a leftist over Republicans. Remember Donald Trump helped destroy Judge Roy Moore for baby butcher, Doug Stone, and how Trump is now in Mississippi trying to wipe out another Tea Party Republicans for another Luther Strange fraud.

Donald Trump is now on a mission by his actions, in destroying the party of Ronald Reagan by shattering the base and scattering it to the wind.
Obamacare is still the law of the land, remember that. That was Trump's doing, just like Trump lied about no one paying income taxes if they earned under 50,000 dollars. Just like Trump lied about peace with Russia, as Trump is now engaged in the preliminary stages of world war, as he is initiating a trade war.

And the target is not China, but American allies.

Trump Unloads on European Union Who Treats ‘the U.S. Very Badly on Trade,’ Threatens to Tax Foreign Car Imports if They Don’t Remove Their Restrictions, Tariffs on U.S. Goods

And who Donald Trump has ordained to lead the American Right is another zero starter to go down to defeat. I would not put it past what is in store in picking nowhere Ben Sasse to lead the GOP to Whig oblivion fringes.

Jeff Flake: Trump Needs To Be Challenged In GOP Primary

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