Monday, March 12, 2018

World War Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a fact that most of you reading this naturally gravitate to those in charge in desiring to be them. You want to be the leader as that is where  the glory is and the validation. In war, you want to be the General and not the private. You want to fly jets and not walk on the ground. It is a natural tendency of the human primate.

From reading this blog, some may have noticed that what I gravitate to is not the statistical normal of the glory whore. Instead I deal with patterns,  forensic psychology, the reasoning behind of all things which is the  real power which generates the successes of those on top.

This post is meant to be a sobering one, as the Lame Cherry is going to point out to you what will be involved in the coming Great Eurasian War which Donald Trump is progressively moving toward with his McMaster, Kelly and Mattis, as Jewry Kushner seeks America to bleed for Greater Tel Aviv.

I am going to inform you at the start of this, that it will require in the next war 70 million Americans or foreign vermin in American uniforms to fight this war. That number reflects 20% of the US population, which is the effectual number of who served in World War II.
 In simple combat, 4% of the above will die in war, accident, suicide and disease in 3 million dead.

 Probably as many as 18–20 percent of Americans alive in 1945 had served at some point during that War.

Number of Americans who served in World War II: 16.1 million
Average amount of time each U.S. military serviceman served overseas during World War II: 16 months
Estimated number of people serving in World War II worldwide: 1.9 billion
Estimated number of U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines killed in battle during World War II: 292,000
… of U.S. troops who perished outside of battle during World War II: 114,000
… of U.S. troops wounded during World War II: 672,000
… of deaths, in total, sustained by U.S. forces during World War II: 405,000

Do not believe the statements that the next war will be over in days or weeks, because war is animal where attrition destroys the first units who fight, disables the high technology, and then appears the mud and blood slug fest where after an appropriate time of desperation someone begins firing off gas bombs or in this case nuclear bombs to "gain the edge on the front".

 This escalation will then become warfare on civilian centers of production which is the real fire bomb of Dresden and Tokyo destruction.

Estimated number of deaths sustained worldwide during World War II: 72 million

72 million humans died of disease and firebombs in an iron bomb war. At 4 times that number it approaches 400 million dead on earth in World War IV. Amplify those numbers with more effective bombing, a modernized society which no longer has capacity to survive without electricity, an biological and nuclear weapons, coupled to natural typhus plagues, and the disruption of the societal ant hill, indicates 4 billion dead are a statistical probability. The Bible actually points to numbers as these in the End Times.
Likewise when the Bible points to a 200 million person army at Armageddon, north of Jerusalem, that number of infantry is not out of the scope of probability as 1.9 billion served in World War II.

Estimated number of people serving in World War II worldwide: 1.9 billion

Amplified for WW IV, it is a reality that 5 billion would be in uniform in the Great Eurasian War.

You have made a mistake in this in these large numbers as you equate them with power and pristine military and troops, when the fact is that the United States military will require a draft of 70 million cannon fodder. This fodder will reflect the Vietnam era draft of  1/3rd good Soldiers, 1/3rd shiftless and 1/3rd cowards. 2/3rds of this military will be incapable of following or fulfilling orders.

If this group survives the Eurasia hordes, it will require a complete end of freedom and property in the United States to maintain it in feeding it and arming it. As FDR Nazified the United States in the 1940's, the same Nazi Conglomerate will be required to feed this behemoth.

Again, this progresses out to known American realities. In World War I, the Veterans were fired upon by thee DC regime  as they wanted jobs. In World  War II, the Veterans were bribed to stop a revolution. In the next world war, this group of 50 million armed malcontents noting a Nazi society of socialist control, in a nuclear scorched earth of America, will face the same reality of the former Veterans and will have to be bribed or this military will seize control of Washington and every state capital.

Do you appreciate where this is going, as this has all, already been factored in, in the war games, and every nation from Russia to China is fully aware of this pandora, along with the disaster of the vermin populations rising up which will have to be neutralized with extreme prejudice as the pretty weapons will  have all worn out, and the world will have returned to blunt objects in the mob clubbing those uniform wearers to death.

A reasonable soul would  conclude to not fight this war, but it will be fought as that is where this is being driven and it will escalate, with  the hopes that a defeated army returns home to destroy it's political structure and the political structure hoping their hordes die in mass on the walk home.

As a Quatermaster, my interest is in mobile warfare,  the Union living off the Confederate land, the Wehrmacht living off Russia, as the factor is in an invasion of America by China or Russia, with the discontent in the American population, they in promising Vichy America, would have allies, and in that there are tens of millions of arms and billions of rounds of ammunition to sustain  or supplement an invading military. The old ruse of Americans were the reason an invading military would not invade as it would be cut down by the militias, is now a factor that the people may seek to relieve themselves of their DC oppressors in looking to Russia, the way Washington looked toward France in 1776.

The dynamics of warfare evolve and are never static. What if a Russian landing was viewed by Americans with the same joy that Eastern Europeans welcomed Hitler's divisions liberating them from Moscow.

This blog desires you to consider realities and to think, as your leaders are deliberately deceiving you, and your misconceptions are not the reality of what the next world war will become.

The world after this would be an armed police state of Nazi societal control. Genius would cease as the need for succoring the police state would manifest. It is not deemed a statistical reality that a drone or robotic state could evolve to keep control of the mob, by the few, and this entire structure would begin decentralizing within a generation. It is a statistical probability that the world would plunge into another dark age period. Unless the People have a purpose to build their own lives, the regimental order will collapse it, once a war initiates of such proportions that the state seizes complete control, and then culture goes into retrograde collapse.

Humanity by this cannibal economics and control has reached it's zenith and is on the verge of genocide not recorded in any history. You trust in your military and not God. This is the projected outcome which is now in process of being fulfilled.

It it was not World War Trump, it would be World War Clinton. It is where the cartel is moving this with the known realities.