Friday, March 2, 2018

Lame Cherry Presents: RBH - Real Black History

Yum, Yum, Chris Matthews get me some!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that all that silly Martin King day has been forgotten, Obama is hiding from the FBI for Russiagate election meddling and Black history month is over, it is time for the Lame Cherry to honor RBH, Real Black History Month in celebrating the things that made Chris Matthews leg tingle, as like all little white boys who got beat up in school, they  turned to Black janitors and gardeners for advice on life and went home to Mammie their large breasted Black house cook, pretending to cry so he could do some motorboating in them big jugs keeping his tearful life afloat.

Yes this is the real Black history as associated with the Fondant Fags, or Pansies as they were called in Obama Chicago when Uncle Frank  Davis Marshall used to suck off rich democrats down on the south side, as their white bitchy wives would not suck dick.

Yes there was nothing like being Fondant Fag in New York City and going downtown Saturday night with your uppity Niggers treating you right in Harlem. Yes it was Harlem, and you just thought it was the Harlem Globetrotters, but no one cared about basketballs, as Harlem was the Cotton Club and other racist exploitation venues of Sodom an Gomorrah .


Sorry Curly, playing with your balls has lost it's shine

And these were the stars that made it big, not because of talent, but because a million bored white liberals got tired of Jew jokes in Yiddish stage acts in New York, as you just could not keep them in the ivory towers.

Yes they made a move about it in 1954, to draw even more whitey to Harlem to increase revenues, as they wanted to take this national, to bring all them Chubby Checkers to White Homes and sell all that Johnny B Goode for Elvis gyrations, that that them boys from Liverpool would bring mainstream in the Beatles and the Stones.

an evening of Harlem burlesque in 1954, complete with singers, baggy-pants comics and "exotic" dancers. Features such greats as George Wilshire, Dick Barrow, JoJo Adams, Tarza Young, Princess D'Orsay and many others. Bawdy blues singers, slick tap dancers, exotic showgirls in minimal attire… they are all here. Wait till you see the legendary comic Pigmeat Markham making an appearance in a clever, fast-talking sketch about a sex clinic. Also included as a bonus is a 1955 ALL-STAR SHOW from television with an all-black cast including Nat King Cole and Mantan Moreland.


The pristine allure of black tobacco and white flesh...


Yes gone were the days of real gorgeous dancers from the 1890's in Maude Adams, sponsored by Little Rhody plug tobacco in wholesome entertainment mingling Leave it to Beaver with the Marlboro Man in quality television, instead the urban Fondant Fag was only interested in going downtown on Saturday night.

Of course the Marlboro Man could beat up the Joe Camel Man!!!

So while you told your Bishop, you were just going down to listen to the tunes, you were really going down to get your wood over Black Royalty, and none was more sultry than Princess D'Orsay.

Princess D'orsay - Race Horse Profile RACING.COM

All the stats, form and information about race horse - Princess D'orsay available at RACING.COM - The first destination for Australian Horse Racing.

No not the race horse, but the real brown sugar on the Aunt Jemima flipping them flapjacks to tease the bacon off of any many or shemale like Michelle Obama, yes the real Princess D'Orsay.

Come deal my deck...

Princess D'Orsay - YouTube

Burlesque in Harlem 1949 - a Josephine Baker-style striptease/flapper dancer

Yes the Princess in her royal see through dress. She is not the only hotness  of dark chocolate. Here  is the hotness of Josephine Baker.

I make thigh sandwiches on white bread.......

And how about this wood maker in Tarza Young, the kind of beefy woman that Kim Kardashian and Beyonce will never grow up to be, as Kimmy just has ass fat and Beyonce is just not meaty, but fatty, but Tarza had it all going on in shaking that downtown to make it rock and roll.

Don't come a knockin' when that stage is a rockin'

Now you know why Ed Sullivan always was featuring them coons. I tell you man, West 57th was always down in Harlem, pretending to be scouting talent, but were busy looking at them black men sucking jazz on them saxophones and wanting them blues singers to grab their flesh mics and spit out a tune real close.

Man they wanted to bring that designer negro into every White America home to make it respectable so they didn't have to keep pets like Sammy Davis jr. around, but could have them around  to the house, where they would be bringing along them jiggling black dancers while the slummers in Gram Dunham would be off getting their Harry on their Belefonte.

 Harry I want to talk about your banana boat docking in Ed Town

Yes this is real Black history, 90 minutes of Brown Sugar to make you squirm while the dog is out trashing your old lady who won't give you a blow.
Now you know why Harry Belefonte was talking about tallying his banana, and it being daylight and wanting to go home, as the Black man had had enough unloading all night long.
Yes the 1950's were the era in girls to make you squirm and banana boat songs to sway to the beat.

Harry Belafonte - "Banana Boat Song (Day O)" - 1956 - YouTube

Harry Belafonte - "Banana Boat (Day O)" - 1956. Harry Belafonte - "Banana Boat ... "Day O" by Harry Belafonte Listen ad-free with YouTube Red; Show more ...

Some of them boys never did get enough of it, and are flaunting it in they don't have to go downtown to get some of that dark meat now.

 Once you had Bush you never go Black