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Viaz'ma an Historical Reality

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For this lesson in history, the Lame Cherry is not going to be politically correct, but will be blunt, which will cause most readers to think to themselves, that I have never held back and always been the sapper in the wire. In this, I this the Lame Cherry will be blunt, because the message is so vital for you to understand, as you NEVER want your American Soldiers to appear at Viaz'ma.

Most of you have  never heard of Viaz'ma and the reason  is the Nazi Germans were civilized and did not take war trophy photos of masses of dead. For those trying to find a flaw in that, the reality is it was the Americans who took photos of piles of dead forced labor inmates caused by Allied bombing, and it was Soviet propaganda taking photos of dead Germans, because it is hobby now in the Jewish holocaust propaganda for profit to cheer dead Germans with delight and to extract donations for piles of dead labors sent there by the Jewish elders and created by American B 17 bombers.

The subject here is Viaz'ma or Vyazma on the Russian border with Ukraine. It was here on Napoleon's retreat that the Russians caught the flank of the Grande Arme and  defeated it. It was there the Soviets intended to defeat the Germans, but in that the  Wehrmacht created two pockets in cutting off a half dozen Russian armies, and as Stalin ordered all those  who surrendered as traitors and their families would be executed, the Russians did not surrender, but engaged in fanatical attacks in attempting break outs to reach the last Soviet lines at Moscow.

It was  Arctic cold and the Germans were stunned in their civilities as to what Stalin and his generals were ordering in the mass obliteration of Russian troops in charges against German  fixed positions. It was horrendous for the Germans as they were being wounded and were going septic, as aid stations and hospitals were so far away and transportation was nil in the Russian mud.
Germans  were developing gangrene and amputation was the last resort of the doctors. Civilized warfare ceased once Europe met Stalin, in Franklin Roosevelt's best friend in the war.

Army  Group Center's General Bock was  euphoric about the Soviet losses  as Stalin was obliterating his own people. The scenario was always the same. The German Infantry and dug in. There were machine guns and artillery, and in the dark they  would hear the engines of approaching Soviet columns in tanks and men. The men often only had  rifles in the first wave, and the next waves were expected to pick rifles from the dead and continue on.
Sometimes there were so many Russians, that the German lines were  overrun and the Germans were trampled literally to death, as there were thousands of Russians concentrated on one point of attack.  At these points in break outs, the Panzers would roll in and cut swathes forward  and back in a sea of Russians, until the outbreak was contained.
Nothing like this would America experience until meeting the murderous communist Mao in Korea, where 105 howitzers were used to mow swathes through endless charges of Chinese troops.

The carnage was beyond belief. On October 13th, 1941 AD in the year of our Lord, 5th Panzer counted 2000 dead Russians in their front after one battle.
On the same day, Vietinghoff's 46th Panzers recorded 34.150 Russian POW's, 139 guns, 38 anti tank weapons, 4 tanks and 800 trucks captured or destroyed. Their Panzer corp had been at Viaz'ma attacked by an entire Russian army and beat it back.

A German anti tank gunner, H.E. Braun described in his journal what it was like to be overrun. The sounds of the movement of troops would come to them in the night. Flares would be fired and all  would be seen in the shadows. German firepower would cut swathes through the ranks. It would come in waves, all through the night, pause at dawn, when a final wave would appear and the Germans would obliterate that too.

When a breach occurred though, there was not any rear soldiers as all fought for their lives. Cooks fought with butcher knives and transport soldiers fought for their lives hand to hand.

A Russian teenager named Maria Denisova who brought water to the dying Russians before the German lines, and was never harmed, recounted that her father was shot as a terrorist, her mother killed by a hand grenade while hiding in a cellar, and when she emerged she stated that she walked on dead bodies as there were so many of them, as it was impossible to step on the ground. The bodies were in pieces and missing heads and limbs. The entire river bank was a mass of Soviet dead. The Russians to protect themselves built bunkers of dead bodies to hide behind and to fire at the Germans.
The river ran read with blood as so much was oozing out of the dead.

The Germans there were aghast at the destruction. The dead in their brown uniforms looked like so many rabbits slain on a hunt it was reported. Bodies were not moved and were snowed over in piles as there were too many to deal with. Those Soviets who died on the road, were simply driven over it was reported until they were flat as pancakes and were no more bumps in the road.

The German reaction  to Stalin's human waves was fury. They were losing friends in these engagements which were murdering thousands of Russians daily, and it came to a point that when Russians were found, even unarmed in groups, if  they did not surrender due to Stalin's propaganda, they simply were shot as the German's wanted revenge and thought the Russians deserved it.

Joe Stalin, in order to buy time for his communist regime, was obliterating dozens of Russian armies and in all honesty, using up American lend and lease supplies as they were free from socialist FDR. It was the most criminal act of the war up to that point, but Stalin was just beginning as he would have his piles of dead Germans  posed for propaganda photographs and later have his surround in murdering every German  Soldier who surrendered, as Stalin's hordes raped there way across Germany.

In this, this was secular communist Jews in control. Those who ran, were questioned by  Soviet intelligence, but often enough the Jews were sent back to the lines, and the Russians were exiled as traitors to Siberia to perish there.

There were 1.2 million Soviet soldiers at Viaz'ma on October 2nd, by October 14th, General Bock declared victory in almost 510,000 POW's , almost 900 tanks, 3000 guns, 465 anti tank guns, 255 anti aircraft guns and 46 planes captured or destroyed. It was an absolute disaster as Kiev was for the communist leadership months before.
It was not the Germans who created this holocaust, it was Joseph Stalin and his Bolshevik Jews who designed this and created one of the greatest genocide slaughters in history.

Those are the realities of the leftist Jew who like leftist Obama hides in blackness as they do in Jewry to thwart Truth coming out with charges or anti semitism and racism. As stated there just are not German photos of the victory of Viaz'ma in the holocaust perpetuated by Joe Stalin and his Bolshevik Jews, for a second time on Russians. The Germans were civilized and the carnage was enough to make them recoil, as they were in mourning over their dead.

This is one of the last places that any American President should ever be thinking about starting any type of war, as the Russia mud destroys humanity.  That is the warning which seems void on this American President  due to the junta he worships which controls the Trump House. It should be a matter at peace at all costs, as war costs everything in west Russia.

No  one in America in 2016 voted for any of the above for American Soldiers.

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