Monday, March 26, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg and the Holocaust of the Internet

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Why is Mark Zuckerberg not in prison?

The answer is of course that Facebook was bankrolled by the NSA to provide a surveillance platform on people and the underlying objective of it all was to use bots to direct traffic to intelligence sources in promoting those Mockingbird assets for a complete police state control of online media.

From Bill Gates Microsoft leaving windows for the CIA to spy through, the NSA concluded to get a Jew to front for the ultimate malware trojan, in it suckers people to download spyware on their computers and like Google, it is all programmed into your cell phones so the NSA can record everything going on in your homes, work place and wherever you go.

That is why Facebook gets away with using bots to embezzle money, gets away with spying on you and yes gets away with holding your accounts hostage and terrorizing you in this multi billion dollar fraud.

FTC Confirms Probe of Facebook as Mark Zuckerberg Fights to Regain Trust

Mark Zuckerberg is guilty of what is termed CORPORATE ESPIONAGE. These are felonies. You do have a right to privacy, meaning even the police can not get into your accounts without a warrant. No company like a bank when you open an account, has the right to data mine your cell phone or turn on your phone and listen to your conversations.

Facebook is a criminal enterprise which should be seized by the government and put into receivership as Mark Zuckerberg is held for trial on charges of crime against humanity.

Mark Zuckerberg has made a concentration camp of the internet. Mark Zuckerberg has employed forced labor to exploit the masses in his Facebook concentration camp, where he has provided the final solution against the deplorables. There is ZERO difference between Mark Zuckerberg and the crimes of the Nazis in which  they were sentenced to prison and death by the Nuremberg trials.

It is time that Mark Zuckerberg face the people's courts to hold him accountable for addicting victims who committed suicide and for terrorizing people of their identities.

Where is Jeff Sessions in this, but protecting another deep state criminal asset.