Friday, March 9, 2018

Perceptions of Nikolas Cruz

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The Right Scoop which was #NeverTrump in 2016 for the election of Hillary Clinton posted the following concerning Nikolas Cruz based upon a New York Post article.

In my mind this is just more proof for prosecutors to demand the death penalty. Cruz not only planned the shooting, but it sounds like he was trying to make sure his friend wouldn’t be in the line of fire when he started shooting. And he was already gloating about it before it even happened.
What a demented scumbag.

And what was the basis for this psychological conclusion based upon as the Post indicated nothing of  "demented"? It was that Cruz or someone was texting the son of the people he was staying with.

Cruz first asked what class the teen son was in and who his teacher was, Lewis said.
When the teen told Cruz his teacher was one of the coaches, Cruz asked him to ask the coach if he remembered Cruz. The coach was not among the dead.
Minutes later, Cruz texted to say he was going to see a movie.
He then “made some kind of comment that, ‘I’ve got something big to tell you,’” Lewis told the Palm Beach Post.
When the teen son questioned what the news was, Cruz replied: “No big deal. Nothing bad.

The inference in this is by the Right Scoop, is that Cruz was finding out where the son was to keep him out of the line of fire and somehow Cruz was gloating about it by texting that it was something "big".

There is a reality though with Nikolas Cruz in the official time line, as in Uber driver drop off, that Cruz somehow made it across a school campus, carrying a heavy bag, got dressed in full police armour gear, climbed several floor and then started shooting in less than 2 minutes.
That is an impossible magical bullet, along with the fact that Cruz was reported walking with a girl who is now part of the Brat Pack which was ostracizing other children at the school, and he was not reported sweating from all that exertion and when mentioned by the student that she thought it might be him, he was puzzled and said, "Huh?"

Those are realities which can not be explained away. There are though explanations for Cruz's actions which are not sinister in the least. Until there is evidence that Cruz actually was in possession of this phone an engaged in texting, concluding this was Cruz is not evidence, but conjecture.
One can as readily explain that was going to see a movie which he thought he was a part of, in this attack upon the school. It would not be a big deal and it would not be anything bad, because it was a movie in his mind that he was the central figure in.
Conjecture would be that someone in the groups from Michael Bloomberg to the Sheriff's office who fostered this with the FBI ignoring warnings could be the coordination behind this for a gun control issue to exploit.

There is an English study which cites the reality that children with Autism are often bullied, taken advantage of and most importantly can be manipulated by others to get them to do things they would not normally do.

'My son cannot distinguish banter from bullying and thinks it's ok that his so-called 'friends' call him names or 'accidently' hurt him or get him to do things for their amusement, but he's just trying to fit in.

Do you comprehend the full meaning of thee above? Nikolas Cruz in suffering from Autism could have been conditioned by those treating him or those behind this, in who really was in that body armour, in Cruz could have been told he was involved in a movie, which was something big, and what happened was not bad as it was not real, and that he just had to play his part in showing up at the campus, leave the campus to be arrested, and then confess that he had done the deed.

In a report the day previous, Nikolas Cruz was reported as restless, and laughing for not any reason.

Nikolas Cruz, accused Parkland shooter, 'restless' in ...

He was heard laughing at one point, ... But three weeks in solitary confinement in a Florida cell hasn't ruined accused Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz's appetite, ...
Laughing of course is interpreted to be sinister, but if one understands that Nikolas Cruz is a diagnosed Autistic child, one understands that Autistic children do break out in laughter for absolutely no reason. Literally the police surveillance of Nikolas Cruz is proving that Nikolas Cruz is mentally handicapped and suffering from Autism, so he is not in control of his own actions in human emotions.

An Autism Mystery: Why Does My Child Laugh and Cry for No Reason?

New patients at my center commonly report bouts of laughing or crying for no apparent reason. I often compared my young son with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) to the ...

This electronic lynching is deplorable as much as ignorant. There are too many funded websites which are posting a narrative which is denying a fair trial to Nikolas Cruz and thereby justice to the families of the slain.
The legalized murder of Nikolas Cruz solves nothing, no more than gunning down Lee Harvey Oswald with that conspiracy left uncovered and no more than the kangaroo media lynching of James Earl Ray for the murder of Martin King nor Sirhan Sirhan for the murder of Bobby Kennedy.

James Earl Ray - Wikipedia

The jury also affirmed overwhelming evidence that identified someone else, not James Earl Ray, as the shooter, ... Ray, James Earl, Who Killed Martin Luther King?:

Robert Kennedy's Killer Sirhan Sirhan Says He Was Brainwashed ...

A lawyer for Sirhan Sirhan, the confessed assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, plans to present new evidence at a parole board hearing suggesting that he did not act alone ...

Why is it that some funded websites are calling for Nikolas Cruz death as Marco Rubio was before a trial even has begun? What is so important in this that Cruz should be dead, without a complete psychological examination, and before a real investigation explains just how a non winded Nikolas Cruz was walking outside a building where someone with body armour had been murdering people moments before.

The attorney told the newspaper that prior to the Feb. 14 rampage, “There was nothing to give any clue that this was about to happen.
No bad feelings about anybody’s school. No bad feelings about Douglas in general.”

Just remember what is being one to Nikolas Cruz can be done to you, because there are enough examples in Oswald, Ray and Sirhan, proving that there is a deep state which has a proficient practice of framing people, paying people in the media to hang them, and then getting away with it.

The only proof in any of these stories is Nikolas Cruz is an Autistic and there is evidence of other's involved, and more to the point, there are indications that Nikolas Cruz was manipulated into being on that campus to be a patsy as others have been.

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