Friday, March 9, 2018

Why don't you just park in the store!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We adore the Viking from Minnesota and that requires stating as he is what is the remnant of what is good about Minnesota, but then the Viking is out  of good Icelandic stock reared in the Canadian wilds and not what I bitch about when I say "Minnesotans". That is the preface because that is what I am about to bitch about to expose what a group of metropolitan self righteous menaces that state has become.

As a caveat in this I have family in Minnesota, on both sides, who are good as gold. I also have a sister who shitted that state up in her voting as she claimed she could "discern" what democrats would really do in office. Yeah that bullshit was NEA teacher's union shit where she was voting her paycheck as babies got butchered.
She though like all things Minnesota has now fled the state to retire to South Dakota, because it is cheaper to live there as those cow patties do not subsidize faggot sex  as Minnesota does.

To preface this, I had to do a long distance errand to Minnesota earlier this year for a medical situation of someone else. As soon as I crossed the border, sure as hell a highway patrol prick pulled me over and got me on  non moving violation to rob me. I did nothing wrong but that ass was going to cite me for something as that was the orders for the day.
Of course like all things Minnesotan, he stood  there lecturing me on safety, as if this was about safety, and not about him robbing poor people. That is what Minnesota now is, a group of delusional sycophants who talk themselves into how righteous they are to swindle you. My sister being a prime church pew sitting example.

So, somehow in our latest weather of snow and cold, we got a Minnesotan in our parking lot. So I parked out of the snowy way to not get ploughed into by some dumb ass, and was done grocery shopping with TL and was pushing the cart, when I noticed this goddamn Minnesota plate parked ON THE SIDEWALK, between cars parked on the side and the front.
I stood there looking at this woman as she just started her engine up, an TL finally arrived as I was glaring at this cunt, who was busy texting, oblivious to the world. Everything was slippery, it was hard for old people to move their carts (I helped an old couple with their sled dog cart) but this cunt had to park where people walked because it was convenient for her.......conveniently she left a pile of ice berg road slush on the sidewalk which I shoved out of the way so some old cripple would not break a hip.

She finally looked up as I was going to go in between a vehicle down from her's as she was in that spot that tight as IT WAS WALK WAY, when she looked up, an got the hint to get her ass the f*ck out of dodge.
She was the typical Minnesota vacuous glare just like my sister who forgives me for my sins so I will have to forgive her, as she phones up an orders me to the task, an it just infuriates me.

For those who have not been around Minnesotans of this era. They pass all these goddamn laws to prove how conscience they are of keeping people safe, and then they come to other states and pay no attention to the laws or even common decency. I mean who the f*ck parks  their vehicle on a sidewalk when the walking is impossible but some self centered cunt who births goddamn robber highway patrol pricks?
It is simply beyond the pale!!!


I once was behind for 20 miles in road construction a goddamn Minnesotan in a van.That son of a bitch would not drive 5 miles per hour over the 55 mile per hour speed limit. So I road their ass, and to be smart they flashed their brake lights, but I never backed off. See common sense is you drive about as fast as you can when road construction has things constricted on these one lanes on the interstate (at least not in BFI Iowa where those asshole highway dicks prey on out of staters too), because sure as hell you get 25 cars piled up behind these slow movers who are "obeying the law" and like my sister take such pride in their obedience that they tell you.........yeah as they won't take care of their own mother or are cheating on other laws  which is of course acceptable as they have decided they are above the law in those cases.

I just can not comprehend such asstards like this as they are pure pharisees in it never occurs to them how they are screwing up all the other people's lives.

I have bragged on the Viking before in a blizzard they had in how he helped people get out of the parking lot an scooped people out. He is not some kid either, as he is bionic in having bones replaced with metal, but as I stated he is Icelandic Canadian and he simply has common sense and common courtesy.

On the opposite, you that cunt in the parking lot or a host of these other Al Franken and Mark Dayton voters, importing Somali  rapists while telling White people to leave the state. That woman has ZERO awareness that what she did was a real crime against humanity, because she weighed the balance and she was the one who mattered while no one else did. I do not understand people like that and it never fails that they seem to cross my path with their brand new SUV's which they of course have, because they cheated on their Minnesota and federal income taxes all their lives.

Some days I really would like to be Heinrich Himmler's daughter, as that cunt would be in a gulag tonight, or more to the point, she would be out in the snow, looking in the window to see how well she could handle winter among the elements.

Below is what Minnesota women used to be. Above is what Minnesota women have become.