Friday, March 16, 2018

Putin puts Trump on a Leash

 РС-28 Сармат

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Being the last expert on nuclear warfare is a field which no one will be interested in until they realize their end is incoming, and I doubt that will provide enough time to fire off a donation to me. This though is the introduction of your death in the Russian Satan class of missiles.
The RS 28 II is a creature of beauty with four solid fuel rockets which burn in flames so hot, they are not blue, but violet.
The Satan is fast, maneuvers, and is not trackable on the ground or able to be shot down in flight. It is the perfect doomsday machine


This is the weapon's platform which had Donald Trump scurrying to meet with Kim Jong Un in order to try and please President Putin who is in ill humor over the American leadership humiliating Russia since HW Bush looted Russia after the wall fell.

Russian General Valery Gerasimov told the nation’s state-run media this week that a follow-up to December’s testing of the RS-28 Sarmat “Satan 2” — a rocket with a  range of nearly 7,000 miles and the ability to carry about to 16 warheads — will happen in soon.
“With a mass of more than 200 tonnes it has a shorter active phase of flight and better ability to penetrate missile defenses and can carry warheads of larger mass and enormous yield,” Gen. Gerasimov said Tuesday.

So you will comprehend what the Satan is capable of in not just obliterating France, the red dots represent a thermonuclear 150 mile kill zone.

To provide you the idea of reality, this is 3 Satan missiles deployed against the United States. As you can comprehend, this would wipe out the majority of the American population and ability to wage nuclear war.

As previously stated here in Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive, due to the concentration of cobalt deposit stores and cobalt in various batteries, the thermonuclear effects of the Satan would create a 5 year cobalt poison zones in these areas where all life would cease.

It is possible with 3 Satan missiles to eradicate the majority of life in the United States and 10, or 480 warheads of 150 mile kill zone would eradicate 99.8% of all US life.

Couple this with the nuclear power plants in meltdown there are areas in the United States which would not be inhabitable for 50 years. Certain localities would not inhabit life for 1000 years.

Again to remind you in the Putin Doctrine, only covered here in Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter. The Satan is the American neutralization weapon. There is a hypersonic cruise missile to eliminate all forwards US assets around the world, and a final kill shot in stealth cobalt nuclear torpedoes designed to wash over the American coasts a death wave of 5 years.

As this blog has been the only one warning of this in all this Trumptopia, in why by God's Grace I created a time line of Russian American peace for Christian East and West protection, as the death nail draws nearer in you might begin weighing just what a son of a bitch you really are as you appear before Jesus Judgment Throne, it now is a matter which matters to you in all of these American geniuses with their own bunkers are going to be in them, and you are going to have Satan's raining down on you.

Your reaction now to this grande event will be to recoil in rejecting the information and wipe it from your mind. Mr. Putin still remembers though, and now it is a matter of memory for Donald Trump in how much he can bend over to please Mr. Putin to keep this all from happening.

I hope you have enjoyed spending my donations which you have not donated to me as you continue to rob me as the account is coming due. Oh well all those sins and slights add up in that Great Tribulation and cup of wrath thing. Satan always comes to collect on debts and this time it actually has a missile named after it. Lot's of sinner debt in this world.

Even Vladimir Putin's police state is more attractive than Donald Trump's. That Putin has it all missiles and long legs, lots of long legs.

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