Friday, March 16, 2018

Roger Race T. Bannon

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is some personal stuff of revealing too much about me. See as a child I loved Jonny Quest, not the kid, but the cartoon. The main character was Race Bannon, who reminded me of my Beloved Uncle as they looked a great deal of alike. It has to do with my twin baby sister I absorbed in the womb, in she never left and we fought inside of me for years, and she was a blonde just like Race, like my toe head Uncle.
He hated me as a child, but I didn't like him, because I never had that Aryan fixation going on in blonde hair and blue eyes as I was repulsed by it.

I found a description of Race T. Bannon, as no one has named him, and I refuse to acknowledge that shit in the new anime, which has Race with a kid, and other shit going on which I will explain, I name his middle name as Theodore no weird shit, just a fine Christian Name of Roger Theodore Bannon with a nice American sound to it.

I will highlight what matters, forget the rest.

Roger T. "Race" Bannon is a special agent, bodyguard, and pilot from Intelligence One. After Dr. Quest's wife died, the government hired Race to protect Dr. Quest's son, Jonny. Governmental fears that Jonny could "fall into the wrong hands" resulted in Bannon's assignment to guard and tutor Jonny.
Race was born in Wilmette, Illinois, to John and Sarah Bannon. He is Jessie's father. He is an expert in fire-arms, judo, having a third-degree black belt as well as the ability to defeat noted experts in various martial arts, including sumo wrestlers.
Race is known for his charming wit, his white hair, and his button-flap red shirt. Race is not only the bodyguard for Jonny, but he also serves as tutor and care-giver. Race is also responsible with the care of Jonny's adopted brother, Hadji. It is thought that Race had a bit of a checkered past due to his romantic involvement with a woman known as Jade.
The character was voiced by Mike Road, with his design modeled on actor Jeff Chandler. The name is a combination of Race Dunhill and Stretch Bannon from an earlier Doug Wildey comic strip. The surname Bannon is Irish (from 'O'Banain') meaning "white".

First, I have had it with the shit of linking Mike Pence to Race Bannon as they both have white hair. Might as well link Pence to puss as that is white too for all they have in common.
Second, Race Bannon never had a sordid past, as he was above all of that, along with only having a wife that would stay married to him, so no bastard kids around or wacko ex wives or no slutty spies as Race was above all of that. See what happens when you get this sodomite shit involved in writing cartoons, you get all this broken home shit.

Lastly, we discover that Race Bannon is the original Laban of the Bible in meaning White, so God loves Race more than other cartoon characters, in Race is the model for the Alt Right, 4Chan and all things American.

Here is the real human that Mike Road based his voice character on in the 1950's leading action man, Jeff Chandler.

Finally, this is the shit of modern Race Bannon, probably with that bastard kid which is not his as he  was above all of that as he was Race Bannon.
Just look at that square head. Nothing but those hard edges to harden children so they blast up schools, like all those Batman characters now turned pscycho.

This is the original Race in all his glamour. You just knew you could trust Race and he would always win.

You can see the difference. Also Race would never have a mummy bandage on his head. He would when  wounded pull the bullet out of a cartridge, pour the powder on and light it on fire to sear the wound shut. Race Bannon was one tough mother.

"Ok you savages, you heathen monkeys run!!!"

That is Race Bannon in all his beautiful manhood. You could count on Race Bannon as one once could most American men.